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Best Speech Therapy Services in Hyderabad

Our curated team of speech therapists at Wellness Hub provides best therapies for various speech-related issues catering to clients from Kukatpally, Hi-Tech City, Jubilee Hills, Kondapur, Madhapur, Gachibowli, Miyapur, Manikonda and all across Hyderabad


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What is Autism?

What is Speech therapy?

Speech therapy is the assessment and treatment of speech disorders or delays and communication problems. It involves the process of assessing, diagnosing, designing and implementation of treatment plan for any kind of speech-related issues. Speech and Language Pathologists or SLPs or Speech therapists treat speech disorders or speech delays that might have caused due to various issues.

Symptoms that someone might need Speech therapy

If you’re unable to decide if your child or family member needs speech therapy, you may check for the following red flags. In case, you observe some of the below symptoms or signs in them, then it is recommended to consult a speech therapist.

Signs and Symptoms of Autism - Has poor maintenance of eye-contact or avoids it

Being unable to express basic wants in speech

Signs and Symptoms of Autism - Shows abnormal interest in objects/ toys rather than people around

Not talking though he/she is in appropriate age

Signs and Symptoms of Autism - Has touch-sensitivity towards certain objects

Talking to self or murmuring in a song-like tone

Signs and Symptoms of Autism - Spins round objects and feels distressed if disturbed

Unable to follow instructions given

Signs and Symptoms of Autism - Displays unusual attachment towards certain objects

Not responding for a question or when called

Signs and Symptoms of Autism - Lacks the ability to share their feelings like sadness, happiness, or anger

Babbling with word-like sounds like during months of age

Signs and Symptoms of Autism - Lacks social and emotional reciprocity

Not answering when trying to initiate a conversation

Signs and Symptoms of Autism - Has high resistance towards changes in routine

Making unusual sounds or using alien-speech like words

Signs and Symptoms of Autism - Prefers playing alone or sometimes with adults

Using words or phrases with perfect-timing but without any expression

Signs and Symptoms of Autism - Has delayed speech or distorted speech

Making grunt-like sounds or shrieking and crying when trying to say something

Signs and Symptoms of Autism - Doesn’t respond when called or behaves as a deaf person

Doesn’t respond when called or behaves as a deaf person

Best Speech therapy services

Our curated team of speech therapists provides best therapies for various speech-related issues. Wellness Hub provides best speech therapy services, at KPHB, Hyderabad.

Early Intervention Services for Speech Therapy in Hyderabad

Speech issues can occur in children even during months of age, the effects of which can be reduced if identified and treated as early as possible. Our Early intervention services for Speech problems in Hyderabad are designed for the toddlers from 6months to 3yrs of age, in developing their speech and language skills from the early age. This reduces the effect of any other disorders on the child.

As per the studies, early diagnosis and the early intervention programs, show major long-term positive effects on symptoms and later skills. Speech and language therapies are helpful if the intervention program is started as early as the symptoms are identified.

Best Speech Therapists in Hyderabad for ASD

Individuals with Autism Spectrum disorder or ASD need special care and attention from well experienced and trained professionals. Wellness Hub at Hyderabad offers you the top speech therapists that are empathetic, patient and goal-oriented. Along with the children having other disorders like stuttering or stammering, Dysarthria, learning disabilities, etc., those with autism also need speech therapy. The curated team of professionals offers the best speech therapies depending upon the needs of the client.

Speech therapy at Hyderabad for all types of Speech disorders

Depending on the type of speech or language disorder, different types of speech therapy techniques are used to improve communication. Some of the speech-related therapies include articulation therapy, stuttering therapy, and therapy for Dysarthria. There are also speech and Language therapy for developmental disabilities like Down syndrome, learning disability, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders, and mental retardation, or any other speech and language delay or disorders.

Best Speech Assessment Techniques in Hyderabad – Wellness Hub

Speech disorders need best assessment techniques to find out the exact speech and language issues that should be treated. Speech problems can occur due to a variety of reasons such as delayed development, autism, hearing loss, cognitive deficits, syndromes, cerebral palsy, stammering, articulation disorders, learning difficulties and others. When the type of issue is best assessed, the treatment given can show great results.

Why do you need Speech therapy?

Speech therapy can be an effective solution for many of the speech related issues. Speech-Language Pathologists or SLPs treat various speech disorders or delays that might have caused due to various issues. Such problems can include speech-related issues like fluency, articulation, and voice issues and language-related issues such as understanding language, expressing and social communication etc. and other issues like swallowing. An intervention plan for speech therapy is designed keeping the necessities of the client, in view.

Speech therapists design the treatment plan according to their requirements and also work closely with their parents, other family members, friends and relatives who are associated with the person getting treated.

What is done during intervention?

Whenever a child is brought for speech assessment, the speech therapists initially check if the child is able to hear. Because, it is very important to have good hearing ability in order to learn to speak. All the aspects of speech issues of the child are learnt by observing the child and also by collecting necessary information from the parents or caretakers. Educating and training parents and other important people in the client’s life is necessary for making a therapy successful. Speech language pathologists or speech therapists design the treatment plan according to the requirements of the client by working closely with the parents and the people associated with the client.

Types of Speech and communication disorders

Along with verbal speech, the disorders such as developmental delays, mental retardation, Autism, various syndromes, articulation disorders, cognitive and learning difficulties can affect communication in people. These disorders include the following.

Articulation Disorder

Stuttering/ Stammering

Learning Disability

Aphasia or Stroke

Auditory and Verbal issues for hearing impaired

Cerebral Palsy

Voice issues

Down Syndrome

Autism Spectrum Disorder


Mental Retardation /Intellectual Disability

To know more about these speech-related, language-related and communication-related problems, their assessment and their treatment methods, read more.

Knowing how speech is produced and how the sounds are generated can explain various speech disorders and speech delays. Read about the speech chain.

What are the Speech therapy techniques used?

Educating parents and training other important people in child’s life are pivotal in successful therapy. If the person is completely unable to speak, the speech therapists can suggest alternative ways to help them communicate.

The speech therapy techniques can include the following.

Using picture boards with words, by helping them understand the meaning of the words

Pronouncing the words intended repeatedly with expressions for them to understand

Improving articulation of speech by exercising facial expressions, and lips

Signing or typing words

Using electronic talkers

Using sounds to which the person is over-sensitive or under-sensitive to expand or compress

Making individuals sing a rhythm to compress and expand the words

Such techniques help an Autistic child to improve the speech and language skills. These can be done at home with the support and guidance from of a speech therapists and the child’s pediatrician.

Outcomes of a Speech Therapy

The goals of Speech therapy aim to help the individual with Autism to achieve the following

Communicating both verbally and non-verbally

Understanding other’s intentions well

Articulating words to match the scenario

Initiating a conversation

Exchanging ideas

Regulating oneself

Developing conversational skills

Enjoying communicating, interacting and playing with others

Knowing the proper time to greet others or to initiate conversations

These are all can be achieved slowly with a regular practice of speech therapy under the guidance of professionals. Intensive and individual treatments can help lessen the affect of social communication disability.

Autism Therapy Services at Hyderabad ExpertEase

How do I Proceed with Speech Therapy at Wellness Hub?

If you are just beginning, choose a free consultation with one of our Speech Therapists

Schedule a Speech Assessment as required/suggested

Book sessions with the best Speech Therapists in India at your convenient time

Autism Therapy Services at Hyderabad Social Skills Training for Kids at Hyderabad - Wellness Hub

Prefer Online Speech therapy Services?

Many out there now prefer online speech therapy services for all kinds of speech and language related disorders and delays, which have many benefits that online interaction provides, besides being as effective as a face-to-face communication. Our team of best speech therapists / SLPs / Speech-Language Pathologists is here to offer best speech therapies online to cater the speech needs of the client.

It is a great choice to prefer online speech therapy services if you have no speech therapy center nearby. We suggest you start with our free Speech Consultation service to know about the speech issue, in detail. Our therapists might recommend Online Speech assessments to assess the level and intensity of speech-related issues and then would design the online speech therapies that are needed for the client.

Autism Therapy Services at Hyderabad Social Skills Training for Kids at Hyderabad - Wellness Hub

Best Speech Therapy Near Me

Speech Therapy sessions for Stuttering, Autism, Apraxia, Aphasia, Dysarthria, Late Talkers, and those with Language and Expression Problems, Swallowing Difficulties, Voice Related Issues, and Learning Disabilities are offered at Wellness Hub.

Select from India’s top Speech and Language Therapists/Pathologists and book a session at your convenient time.

Best Online Speech & Language Therapists for clients in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, and other parts of India and Indians all over the World.

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Autism Therapy Services at Hyderabad Social Skills Training for Kids at Hyderabad - Wellness Hub

Best Speech Therapy – Wellness Hub

Speech Therapy at Wellness Hub is driven by India’s best Speech & Language Therapists enabled by robust Video Conferencing and intuitive Whiteboard tools

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While checking for a best speech therapy near me, I found this. I myself have personally checked if people there are genuine. All the speech therapists, behavioral therapists, occupational therapists, and special educators are available and are working as a team for different issues. This is a great place. My son has Asperger’s syndrome and he needs speech therapy. The therapists here are so friendly and patient that they trained him in all speech and language related issues. He is really better now in his communications.

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