Top 7 Best Speech Therapy Apps for Android (Parents & Kids)

Discover the leading Android apps designed to support children with speech and language challenges. Our carefully curated list emphasizes user-friendly and effective tools for parents, caregivers, and therapists aimed at fostering speech development and overcoming language disorders.


Last Updated: May 14, 2024

Best Speech Therapy Apps curated for parents, kids, and therapists, at a Glance

BEST OVERALL for Speech and Language development

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Empowering Journey Towards Overcoming Stuttering

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Language Therapy for Children

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In today's digital age, technology offers innovative solutions for children facing speech and language issues. With a plethora of apps available on the Android platform, it becomes crucial for parents and therapists to choose the best ones that are not only engaging but also effective in promoting language development. This article explores the top 7 speech therapy apps for Android, designed to assist children with various speech and language disorders, including speech delays, articulation disorders, Down Syndrome, stuttering, apraxia of speech, speech sound disorders, autism, lisps, and language disorders. These apps provide interactive and personalized learning experiences, making speech therapy accessible and fun.

Criteria for Selection:

When compiling our list of the top speech therapy apps, we focused on several key factors to ensure that they meet the needs of children, parents, and therapists:

  • App Credibility and Services Offered: We selected apps developed by reputable organizations and professionals in speech therapy, offering a range of services from basic pronunciation practice to comprehensive language development programs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Apps with intuitive designs make it easier for both children and parents to navigate, ensuring a stress-free learning experience.
  • Technological Tools and Resources: We looked for apps incorporating advanced technologies, such as speech recognition and interactive activities, to facilitate effective learning.
  • Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Feedback from other users provided insights into the app's effectiveness and user satisfaction.
  • Cost and Payment Options: We considered the affordability and various subscription plans to accommodate different budgets.
  • Availability and Scheduling: Apps that offer flexible usage times were preferred to fit into the child’s and family’s routine.

For Kids:

  • Interactive and Engaging Content: Activities like games, puzzles, and stories keep learning enjoyable and stimulating.
  • Personalized Learning Paths: Adaptive difficulty levels and activities cater to the child's unique needs and progress.
  • Visual and Auditory Feedback: Immediate corrections and cues help children understand and improve their speech and language skills.
  • Rewards and Motivation: Incentives encourage regular practice and engagement with the app.
  • Safe and Ad-Free Environment: A secure, distraction-free setting ensures focus on learning.

For Parents or Caregivers:

  • Progress Tracking and Reports: Insightful analytics allow parents to monitor their child's development and identify areas of improvement.
  • Customizable Settings: Tailoring difficulty levels and focus areas enhances the learning experience to match the child's needs.
  • Educational Resources: A library of articles and tips supports parents in reinforcing language development outside the app.
  • Communication with Specialists: Some apps facilitate direct contact with professionals for personalized guidance or teletherapy.
  • Privacy and Security: Compliance with privacy laws and robust security measures protect sensitive information.
  • Accessibility and Ease of Use: An intuitive interface and multilingual support accommodate diverse learning needs and abilities.

By focusing on these comprehensive criteria, we've ensured that our selection of apps not only enhances speech and language skills but also supports the overall development and confidence of children facing communication challenges. Stay tuned for our detailed list of the top 7 speech therapy apps for Android, each chosen for its ability to make a significant impact on the lives of children and their families.

Our Top Picks for the Best Speech Therapy Apps for Android (Parents & Kids) in 2024

Compare the Best Autism Apps for Android (Parents & Kids) in 2024

Provider Subscription Cost Rating Number of downloads Link
Speech BASICS - Logo


$3.99 per month
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Stamurai - Logo


$3 per month
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Language Therapy for Children - Logo

Language Therapy for Children

$199 Lifetime Subscription
Star Star Star Star Star


Speech Blubs - Logo

Speech Blubs

$14.99 per month
Star Star Star Star Star


Otsimo - Logo


$13.99 per month
Star Star Star Star Star


First words for baby - Logo

First words for baby

Star Star Star Star Star


Articulation teacher - Logo

Articulation teacher

$2.5 per month
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Best overall for development and skill-building - Speech BASICS

Best overall for speech and language development


Cost: $3.99 per month

Star Star Star Star Star


Unlocking First Words with Ease and Fun - An Innovative Tool by Experts for Parents and Kids

Speech BASICS stands out as a leading app designed by expert Speech & Language Pathologists specifically for children learning their first words and those facing speech and language challenges. From animals to emotions and action items, this app covers a comprehensive range of vocabulary including vehicles, body parts, and more, setting a solid foundation for early language development.

Features That Make Learning a Joy:

  • Wide Range of Categories: Explore a vast library of words across multiple categories like fruits, vegetables, relations, and emotions, to name a few. Each word comes with clear pronunciation and a concise description to facilitate learning.
  • Interactive Games: Delve into engaging games focusing on alphabets, spellings, pre-math, and nouns, among others. These games are designed to reinforce concepts learned, making education both fun and effective.
  • Expert Guidance: Created under the guidance of professional speech therapists, Speech BASICS is a reliable tool for children needing assistance with pronunciation, speech, and language.
  • Support for Various Needs: Whether it's late talkers, those with language disorders, or children requiring basic support for conditions like Aphasia or Cerebral Palsy, this app offers tailored assistance.
  • Engaging Learning Experience: With an interactive interface, beautiful pictures, and voice recognition technology, learning becomes an immersive and enjoyable process. Rewards like balloons and stickers further motivate and encourage children.

Parent-Friendly Features:

  • Affordable and Secure: Enjoy a pocket-friendly solution to your child’s educational needs. With free access to about 30% of the content and affordable subscription plans, Speech BASICS ensures learning doesn’t break the bank.
  • Privacy and Safety: A secure payment process and a safe learning environment mean parents can trust the app with their children’s early education journey.
  • Award-Winning Pedigree: The creators of Speech BASICS have been recognized with the Google Play Store Award for Good in 2023 for their Autism BASICS app, underlining their commitment to creating impactful educational tools.

The Advantages of Speech BASICS:

  • Effective Learning Methodology: Mimicking pronunciations, receiving feedback, and positive reinforcement align with ABA therapy principles, promoting significant learning progress.
  • Comprehensive Word Bank: With an extensive collection of essential words, the app strengthens listening and speaking skills, enriches vocabulary, and fosters meaningful learning through visual representation.


Speech BASICS is not just an app; it's a holistic approach to early childhood speech and language development. Designed with care by experts, it offers a fun, engaging, and effective way for children to conquer their first words and beyond, while providing parents with a secure, affordable, and easy-to-use tool to support their child's journey.

Stamurai - Logo

Your Path to Fluent Speech


Cost: $3 per month

Star Star Star Star Star


Empowering Journey Towards Overcoming Stuttering

Stamurai stands as a beacon for individuals grappling with stuttering, offering a tailor-made stuttering therapy app that caters to all ages. It's a unique platform created by individuals who understand the journey, reinforced with professional insights from speech-language pathologists and therapists.

A Comprehensive Approach to Stuttering:

This app is more than just a tool; it's a companion on your journey to fluent and confident speech. With over 30 speech exercises, including diaphragmatic breathing, slowed speech, and light articulatory contacts, Stamurai equips users with the techniques to tackle stuttering head-on.

Key Features That Set Stamurai Apart

  • Personalized Daily Practice: Customizable options allow for a daily, at-home practice routine tailored to your needs, complete with reminders to ensure consistency.
  • Guided Meditations and Breathing Exercises: Learn coastal breathing techniques and practice controlled exhalation to enhance fluency.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in reading aloud sessions, record your speech, and pinpoint disfluencies with the app's guided assistance.
  • Community Support: Participate in moderated group sessions, sharing techniques and experiences with fellow users worldwide in a supportive environment.
  • Progress Tracking: Follow your journey with tailored weekly and monthly plans, monitoring advancements through daily app interaction.

Why Choose Stamurai?

  • User-Friendly Design: A straightforward app interface makes navigating through your therapy regimen seamless.
  • Customized Treatment Plans: Therapy plans are specifically designed to address your speech disorder, providing a structured pathway to improvement.
  • Evidence-Based Techniques: Incorporating Fluency Shaping, Stuttering Modification, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) methods, Stamurai offers a rich collection of proven strategies.
  • Global Recognition: As the world's largest digital therapy app for stammering, Stamurai is trusted by over 50,000 individuals in more than 180 countries.

Transform Your Speech With Stamurai:

Whether you're learning to manage your stuttering or seeking to express yourself with newfound confidence, Stamurai provides the tools, guidance, and support necessary to face tough situations with ease. With a holistic approach to stuttering therapy, including fluency exercises, counseling tools, and group calls, Stamurai is your dedicated partner in speech therapy, ready to help you fight stuttering and express your feelings confidently.

Mita - Logo

Language therapy for children


Cost: $199 Lifetime Subscription

Star Star Star Star Star


Unlock Language Skills with Clinical Validation

Language Therapy for Children, powered by Mental Imagery Therapy for Autism (MITA), stands as the only language therapy application with proven effectiveness through clinical research. In a landmark 3-year study involving 6,454 children with autism, those using MITA showcased a 2.2-fold improvement in language abilities compared to peers who didn't, a result both significant and promising.

A Comprehensive Tool for Cognitive and Language Development:

MITA is not just another app; it's a decade-long journey of unlimited language and cognitive exercises tailored for children with language delay, including those with ASD. Celebrated as the Best Autism App by Healthline and utilized by over a million children worldwide, it offers multilingual support in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and several other languages.

Innovative Educational Activities:

MITA’s activities are meticulously designed to enhance mental integration and language from basic vocabulary to complex language structures including adjectives, verbs, and syntax. These activities leverage:

  • ABA techniques for visual-visual and auditory-visual discrimination.
  • Language therapy strategies for following increasingly complex directions.
  • Pivotal Response Treatment focusing on responding to multiple cues.

Key Features That Foster Growth:

  • Adaptive Learning: Exercises adapt in real-time to match your child's developmental level, ensuring personalized learning.
  • Diverse Curriculum: From identifying colors and patterns to tackling arithmetic and logic, the exercises cover a broad spectrum.
  • Engagement Through Play: Rewards after playtime sessions keep learning enjoyable and motivating.
  • Offline Accessibility: No Wi-Fi is needed, ensuring your child can learn anytime, anywhere.
  • Ad-Free Environment: A safe and uninterrupted learning experience without distractions.

Developed by Experts for Maximum Impact

The creation of MITA is led by Dr. A. Vyshedskiy, a neuroscientist from Boston University, alongside R. Dunn, a Harvard-educated specialist, and a team of MIT-educated developers, award-winning artists, and experienced therapists. This collective expertise ensures that the app not only supports language development but also nurtures imagination, logic, and reasoning skills, making it an invaluable supplement to traditional speech therapy.

Why Choose Language Therapy for Children?

MITA is more than an app; it's a comprehensive support system for children with ASD, PDD, IDD, Down syndrome, and other neurodevelopmental disorders. By integrating advanced educational methodologies and long-term developmental strategies, Language Therapy for Children offers a robust foundation for language acquisition and cognitive development, promising a brighter future for children and their families.

Speech Blubs - Logo

Pioneers in language therapy

Speech Blubs

Cost: $14.99 per month

Star Star Star Star Star


Award-Winning and Expert-Approved

Speech Blubs is an award-winning, voice-controlled speech therapy app that's making significant strides in helping individuals across a wide age range to master new sounds and words. With features spotlighted in Thrive Magazine, Autism Parenting Magazine, and several others, plus an endorsement from Facebook’s Start Program, Speech Blubs has earned its place as a highly trusted resource in speech development.

Why Speech Blubs Stands Out

Jennifer Marron, B.S., SLP-A, praises Speech Blubs for its engagement and effectiveness, especially with articulation students struggling to produce specific sounds. This app is celebrated for:

  • Utilizing video modeling, a scientifically proven method for speech development.
  • Offering over 1500+ engaging exercises, activities, and fun elements like funny hats and videos.
  • Constantly updating with new, exciting content on a weekly basis.
  • Featuring 25 diverse activity themes, from Early Sounds to Animal Kingdom, catering to a broad spectrum of interests and needs.

Interactive and Engaging Learning Experience

Speech Blubs isn’t just about speech exercises; it’s designed to be a fun, interactive learning journey. Features include:

  • Voice-activated functionality that enhances the learning experience by making it more interactive.
  • Real-time special effects, including funny hats and masks, using facial detection to boost engagement.
  • Sticker collection to reward progress and encourage continual use.
  • A variety of themes and activities designed to initiate conversation and learning.

Scientifically Proven Techniques

Backed by research from UCLA and published by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), Speech Blubs leverages the power of mirror neurons activated by video modeling. This method is highly effective in speech development, providing an immersive environment for learners to mirror the actions and sounds of peers.

Content That Never Gets Old

What sets Speech Blubs apart is its commitment to regularly releasing new content, ensuring learners always have something fresh and exciting to explore. With a vast library that’s continually expanding, users never run out of options to aid their speech development journey.

Flexible Subscription Options

Embark on a speech development journey with Speech Blubs by starting with a 7-day free trial. Subscription options are designed to be flexible, with monthly or annual plans available through GooglePlay, ensuring easy access to the app’s full range of practices and activities.


Speech Blubs represents a blend of fun, education, and technology, designed to support speech and language development for users of all ages. From toddlers to elders, it offers a comprehensive platform for learning sounds, words, and effectively enhancing communication skills, all within a stimulating and engaging environment.

Otsimo - Logo

Transforming Special Education with Fun and Interactive Learning


Cost: $13.99 per month

Star Star Star Star Star


Award-Winning Excellence in Educational Gaming

Otsimo shines as a beacon in the realm of educational apps, specifically designed to cater to individuals with learning disorders, attention deficit disorders, autism, Down syndrome, Asperger's, and other special needs. Celebrated with accolades such as the Mom's Choice Awards, Parent's Pick Awards, and the Academics’ Choice Mind-Building Media and Toys Award, Otsimo Special Education is recognized globally for its impact, including its selection for the HundredED Global Collection for three consecutive years. Its stature as the best autism app across various autism publications underscores its effectiveness and appeal.

A Co-Creation with Experts and Families

Developed in close collaboration with parents, psychologists, and special education teachers, Otsimo offers a suite of assistive games that enrich fundamental education. These games are designed to foster cognitive, communication, and motor skills development, using well-researched methods. Categories span across:

  • Social stories
  • Numbers and letters
  • Vocabulary and words
  • Emotions and feelings
  • Colors
  • Music and singing
  • Animals and environment
  • Vehicles, and much more.

Why Otsimo Stands Out in Special Education

  • Personalized Learning Path: Tailored curriculums adjust to the individual's progress, offering a custom-fit educational experience.
  • Customizability: Full control over game and difficulty settings to meet the unique needs of each learner.
  • Ad-Free Learning: A strict no-ads policy ensures an uninterrupted learning environment.
  • Progress Tracking: Comprehensive reports provide insights into performance and progress, showcasing the skills developed through gameplay.

Otsimo Premium: Unlocking the Full Potential

While Otsimo offers a selection of free games, upgrading to Otsimo Premium unlocks the full spectrum of over 100+ educational games and features, including:

  • Regular content updates
  • A personalized curriculum designed to cater to the individual's needs
  • Daily and weekly report cards to track progress
  • Cross-platform support for seamless learning on any device
  • Multiple user profiles, allowing for individualized learning paths within a single account
  • An offline play option, ensuring access to educational content anytime, anywhere.

Subscription Options and Flexibility

Otsimo Premium provides various subscription plans, from monthly to lifetime access, offering flexibility to fit different needs and preferences. Subscription management is user-friendly, with easy options to cancel or adjust auto-renewal settings via the App Store.


Otsimo Special Education revolutionizes the learning experience for individuals with special needs by blending educational rigor with interactive fun. Its wide array of games, coupled with a commitment to an ad-free environment and detailed progress tracking, makes Otsimo an indispensable tool in special education. By unlocking the premium features, parents and educators can offer learners a broader, more enriching educational journey tailored precisely to their development needs.

First Words for Baby - Logo

Unlocking a World of Words for Toddlers

First Words for Baby

Cost: Free

Star Star Star Star Star


A Gateway to Early Vocabulary Development

First Words for Baby is an enchanting and educational app designed to introduce your little ones to the vibrant world of words. Tailored for toddlers aged 1 to 3 years, this app stands out as a premier choice among baby learning games, making it an ideal tool for early childhood education.

Features That Fascinate and Educate

  • Extensive Vocabulary Collection: With over 120 carefully selected words across 11 categories including Pets, Vehicles, Farm Animals, Food, and Toys, your child is set on a path to a rich vocabulary.
  • Engaging Flash Cards: Bright, colorful flash cards capture your toddler’s attention, facilitating effortless learning of basic words.
  • High-Quality Imagery and Sounds: The app boasts vivid pictures and authentic sounds, including animal calls and vehicle noises, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Professional Pronunciation: Words are pronounced clearly by professionals, ensuring your child learns correct articulation from the start.
  • Interactive and Intuitive: Designed with young learners in mind, the app is simple to navigate, making learning fun and accessible even for toddlers.
  • Animation and Real Sounds: The use of charming animations and real-life sounds keeps the learning process lively and engaging.

Designed for Toddlers and Parents Alike

First Words for Baby is not just a learning tool but also a bonding experience for parents and children. Its user-friendly interface ensures that toddlers can navigate the app independently or with minimal guidance, making it perfect for cooperative play.

Why Choose First Words for Baby?

  • Versatile Learning Ages: Ideal for 1-year-olds and captivating enough to hold the attention of toddlers up to 3 years old.
  • Educational and Entertaining: Merges the fun of games with the fundamentals of language learning.
  • Mobile Learning: Whether at home or on the go, this app keeps your toddler engaged and learning in any setting.
  • Foundation for Future Learning: Early exposure to vocabulary sets the stage for advanced language skills and fosters a love for learning.


In the vast sea of baby learning apps, First Words for Baby shines as a beacon of early education, perfectly blending entertainment with educational value. By turning the process of learning first words into a fun, interactive experience, this app not only enriches your child’s vocabulary but also ignites a lifelong passion for learning. With its comprehensive set of features tailored for young learners, First Words for Baby is the go-to app for parents seeking to give their toddlers a head start in language development.

Articulation Teacher - Logo

Mastering Sounds Through Play and Practice

Articulation Teacher

Cost: $2.5 per month

Star Star Star Star Star


A Trusted Tool for Speech Development

Articulation Teacher emerges as a distinguished app in the sphere of speech development, crafted under the expertise of a Speech Language Pathologist. It offers a tailored approach to enhancing articulation and pronunciation in children, building on the success of the SpeakEasy: Home Speech Therapy app, which has facilitated early language development for over 100,000 families.

Personalized Learning Experience

With Articulation Teacher, parents and caregivers can select specific sounds for improvement, ranging from early sounds like 'D' and 'T' to advanced sounds like 'L' and 'R'. This customization ensures that each child's unique needs are addressed, promoting focused and effective learning.

Interactive Games and Home Activities

The app is packed with interactive games and home activities, all based on evidence and research, to make learning both fun and educational.

  • Games: Engage your child with games such as 'Splat', 'Name It!', 'Sound Check', and 'Space Match', designed to reinforce articulation in an enjoyable manner. These can be played together or independently by the child.
  • Home Activities: The app also offers five activities for each sound, designed to integrate speech practice into everyday life. From using videos and songs to leveraging the world around you, these activities make speech development a part of your daily routine.

Comprehensive Sounds and Letters Coverage

Articulation Teacher covers a wide range of sounds:

  • Early Sounds: B, P, M, D, T, N, and Vowels
  • Intermediate Sounds: K, G, W, F, S, SH, and Multisyllabic Words
  • Advanced Sounds: L, Final -L, R, R Blends, S Blends, and TH

This comprehensive coverage ensures that children at different stages of speech development can benefit from the app.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Learning

  • Intro Videos: Learn how each sound is made with introductory videos, providing a solid foundation for practice.
  • Cue Cards: Digital and printable cue cards offer visual reminders for sound pronunciation, fitting into the cueing hierarchy to aid memory and recall.
  • Developmental Milestones: Track your child's progress with milestones and access free learning articles to further understand articulation development.

Designed for Parents and SLPs

While primarily aimed at parents looking to support their child's speech development at home, Articulation Teacher is also a valuable resource for Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) during sessions. Its integration of cues into games and activities makes it an indispensable tool in articulation practice.


Articulation Teacher transforms speech development into a dynamic and engaging journey, offering a bridge between professional therapy and daily practice at home. With its user-friendly design, comprehensive sound coverage, and engaging learning methods, it stands as a pivotal resource for parents, caregivers, and SLPs dedicated to nurturing confident communicators. Download Articulation Teacher today and take the first step towards empowering your child's speech and language skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

While these apps are excellent tools for supporting speech and language development, they are designed to complement, not replace, professional speech therapy. They can be used as part of a home practice routine recommended by a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP).

Many of the apps are designed for early childhood development, suitable for children as young as 1 year old. However, the appropriateness of each app can vary based on the individual needs and development stage of the child. It's important to choose apps that match your child's age and skill level.

Consistency is key when it comes to speech and language development. A regular daily practice of 10-20 minutes can be beneficial, but the exact duration and frequency should ideally be advised by a Speech Language Pathologist, considering the child's specific needs.

Yes, many of these apps are designed with various speech and language challenges in mind, including more severe disorders. They offer customizable settings and personalized learning paths to cater to the unique needs of each child. However, for severe cases, direct consultation with a professional is crucial for a tailored therapy plan.

Absolutely! These apps are also beneficial for typically developing children as they offer engaging ways to enhance vocabulary, pronunciation, and language skills. They can be a fun and educational supplement to a child's learning journey.

Parents and caregivers can support their child's learning by actively participating in the app activities, encouraging regular practice, and providing positive feedback. Additionally, extending learning outside the app through conversation, reading, and play can greatly enhance outcomes.

Yes, some apps like "First Words for Baby" offer free versions with basic features. These can be a good starting point to explore the benefits of speech therapy apps. However, for more comprehensive features, a subscription or purchase may be required.

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