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Revolutionizing Online Speech Therapy: The Synchronized Whiteboard from Wellness Hub that Every Speech Therapist Should Know About.


Last Updated: December 21, 2023


In a world where technology meets healthcare, Wellness Hub stands at the forefront of innovation, especially for those requiring mental health and developmental support. Our commitment to enhancing the therapeutic journey has led to the creation of our Synchronized Whiteboard, an interactive online tool tailored for professionals and clients engaging in speech therapy and autism-related therapies. This article delves into how the Synchronized Whiteboard is setting new standards for online speech therapy and therapy for autism, making these services more fun, educational, and engaging.

The Synchronized Whiteboard: A Game-Changer in Speech Therapy

The Synchronized Whiteboard by Wellness Hub is not just another digital tool; it is a comprehensive ecosystem designed with a deep understanding of therapy needs. Designed to bridge the gap between therapists and clients, it facilitates real-time collaboration, allowing for instant feedback and a more hands-on therapeutic session. This synchronized approach is particularly effective for speech therapy, where the nuances of language and pronunciation can be explored and corrected on the spot. Every tool needed for a successful session is seamlessly integrated. This includes a video, audio, and text conferencing system that runs in parallel with an interactive synchronized whiteboard.

Key Features of the Synchronized Whiteboard

Interactive Video, Audio, and Text Conferencing:

Wellness Hub Whiteboard: Interactive Video, Audio, and Text Conferencing
  • Benefit: This feature ensures a seamless and immersive connection between therapist and client. It facilitates clear communication, essential in speech therapy, where nuances in sound and pronunciation are critical. The inclusion of text conferencing also caters to different communication preferences and enhances understanding, especially in complex sessions.
  • Impact: Enhances the effectiveness of remote therapy by replicating the nuances of in-person interaction, ensuring that no aspect of communication is lost in the digital medium.

Multi-functional Whiteboard:

Wellness Hub Whiteboard: Multi-functional Whiteboard for Online Speech Therapy
  • Benefit: The ability to draw, write, create shapes, upload pictures, and play videos in real-time offers an interactive and engaging therapy experience. It aids in visual learning, which is crucial for clients who benefit from seeing concepts graphically represented.
  • Impact: Transforms traditional therapy methods into an interactive digital format, making it easier to explain concepts and engage clients, especially younger ones or those with learning differences.

Session Planning Tools:

Wellness Hub Whiteboard: Session Planning Tools
  • Benefit: These tools allow therapists to structure sessions with visual schedules, enhancing organization and predictability, which is particularly helpful for clients with autism. The rewarding system motivates clients by providing immediate positive reinforcement, essential in building confidence and encouraging participation.
  • Impact: Promotes a structured and rewarding therapy environment, boosting client engagement and progress.

Integrated Flashcards:

  • Benefit: A diverse range of flashcards supports various therapy sessions, making learning more dynamic and retention-friendly. They are particularly effective in language acquisition and memory exercises.
  • Impact: Enhances the versatility and effectiveness of therapy sessions, providing therapists with ready-to-use resources that cater to diverse learning styles.

Direct Access to Educational Apps:

Wellness Hub Whiteboard: Direct Access to Educational Apps
  • Benefit: Therapists can access specialized apps like Autism Basics and Speech Basics during sessions, which offer games and activities synchronized with the therapy goals. This direct access streamlines the therapy process, making it more efficient and cohesive.
  • Impact: Integrates specialized therapeutic content into sessions, enriching the learning experience and ensuring consistency in therapy approaches.

Engaging Therapy Games:

Wellness Hub Whiteboard: Engaging Therapy Games
  • Benefit: Therapy games like spin the wheel, dice and board games, clock games, and pop the balloon provide a fun, interactive way to achieve therapeutic goals. These games aid in developing fine motor skills, cognitive functioning, and speech-language milestones while keeping the atmosphere light and enjoyable.
  • Impact: Combines therapeutic goals with fun activities, enhancing client engagement, especially in children. It helps in building essential skills in an enjoyable and stress-free environment.

The Role of the Synchronized Whiteboard in Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Tools, Games, and Materials

In the journey of therapy, particularly for children and those with autism, engagement is key. In speech therapy, the right tools and materials are crucial. The Synchronized Whiteboard acts as a comprehensive digital toolkit, offering resources like flashcards, games, and visual aids, which are essential for various types of speech therapy. Whether it's articulation exercises, language intervention, or voice therapy, the whiteboard's resources are invaluable.

Innovative Speech Therapy and Autism Therapy Apps

Our Speech Basics and Autism Basics apps, integrated within the whiteboard, offer a suite of games and activities that target specific speech therapy goals. From building first words to enhancing memory and sequencing skills, these apps are tailored to support speech therapy for autism and other developmental challenges.

Autism BASICS App:

A Family-Centric Approach to Autism Therapy
Wellness Hub's Autism BASICS App

Autism BASICS is more than just an application; it's a comprehensive tool designed to support families navigating the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder. It stands as a beacon of support, engaging children while empowering parents and caregivers with the necessary resources to foster development.

Lessons and Exercises for Holistic Development:

Our app presents an extensive range of lessons and exercises—amounting to tens of thousands of carefully curated activities. These components are crafted to guide your child through a comprehensive learning journey, covering essential developmental milestones.

  • Engaging Learning Games: The exercises within the app include a variety of interactive games. These are thoughtfully developed to both educate and reinforce new skills, catering to Behavioral, Academic, Sensory, Self-Help, Communication, and Social skill sets—critical elements of early childhood development.
  • Visual and Interactive Lessons: Through videos and pictorial content, the app introduces new concepts, from mastering first words to adopting good manners. With visually rich media and positive reinforcement mechanisms, the learning experience is transformed into an enjoyable adventure.
  • A Spectrum of Skills: Autism BASICS encompasses a wide range of educational categories, including "First Words, Alphabets, Spellings, Pre-Math, Math, Memory, Matching, Body Parts, Time, Yes-No, Sequencing," and more, all designed to be accessible and beneficial for the child's growth.

Speech BASICS App:

Empowering Communication
Wellness Hub's Speech BASICS App

The Speech BASICS app is not just a tool—it's an extension of a Speech Therapist's hand, crafted with expertise to support every child's communication journey, whether they're on the autism spectrum or simply learning their first words.

An Expert-Backed Resource for Language Development:

Developed by qualified Speech and Language Pathologists, Speech BASICS is dedicated to teaching foundational vocabulary—spanning various categories from Animals to Emotions and Vehicles to Colors.

  • Comprehensive Learning Categories: With a broad spectrum of words and pronunciations that are pivotal for a child's early language acquisition, this app includes diverse categories like Animals, Fruits, Vegetables, Relations, Emotions, Action Items, Vehicles, Body Parts, Food, Shapes, Colours, Numbers, Toys, Places, and more.
  • Voice and Speech Recognition Technology: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the app provides real-time feedback, making the learning process interactive and responsive to the child's needs.
  • Rewards and Positive Reinforcement: The application incorporates a reward system with balloons, stickers, and applause, motivating children to engage with the content actively.
  • Accessibility and Security: Approximately 30% of the app's content is available for free, with the rest accessible via an affordable subscription model. The payment process is secure, ensuring a safe environment for both parents and children.
The ABA Therapy Connection:

Speech BASICS not only facilitates word recognition and pronunciation but also aligns with practices similar to ABA therapy. By mimicking the words and receiving feedback, children experience positive reinforcement, akin to what is recommended by therapy experts worldwide.

Building a Robust Language Foundation:

The app serves as a bridge for children to learn to pronounce, understand, and use everyday language. It enriches the child's word bank and enhances their listening and speaking abilities by creating lasting mental images through the use of vivid pictures and interactive content.

Speech Therapy at Home

The convenience of having access to professional tools for speech therapy at home cannot be overstated. For many families, particularly those in India and other regions where resources may be scarce, the Synchronized Whiteboard provides a lifeline, bringing the expertise of a speech therapist into the home environment.

Planning Online Speech Therapy Session on Wellness Hub’s Whiteboard

The apps' content, created under the guidance of speech therapy experts, is designed to mirror the structure and strategies used in professional settings. This approach brings a level of expertise to home-based therapy that was previously only available in clinical environments.

Parents play a critical role in their child's development. The Synchronized Whiteboard enables parents to be active participants in their child's speech therapy sessions. This involvement not only fosters a supportive learning environment but also equips parents with the skills and knowledge to reinforce therapy goals outside of sessions.

By providing speech therapy at home, we create a safe and nurturing space for children to learn. This space is free from external pressures and distractions, which can be particularly beneficial for children who may feel anxious or overwhelmed in unfamiliar settings.

Customization for Individual Needs

Each client's journey is unique, and our whiteboard is designed to be adaptable. Therapists can customize the session according to the individual's specific needs, ensuring that the therapy is as effective as possible.

Comparing Synchronized Whiteboard with Mainstream Options

While mainstream whiteboards cater to general needs, the Synchronized Whiteboard is built for the specific demands of online speech therapy. It excels in areas where others offer just the basics, proving to be an indispensable tool for speech therapists and clients alike.


Wellness Hub's Synchronized Whiteboard is pioneering the future of speech therapy and autism-related therapies. By providing an all-encompassing, interactive, and client-centered platform, we are redefining what it means to access and provide therapy in the modern age. With this innovative tool, we are breaking down barriers and opening up a world of possibilities for both therapists and clients alike.

Expert Insights (Professional Opinions on Revolutionary Therapy)


Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in developmental speech/language disorders and adult rehabilitation. Passionate about communication and therapy.

A speech therapist needs to see and hear a child during speech therapy. Initially, it was difficult to get the child's attention, but after a couple of sessions, the child became interested in watching the screen as we showed them rewards like sparkles, balloons, etc.

By incorporating interesting activities, we help grab the child's attention towards us, and the child does pay attention to the screen and gradually to the therapist.

This video-based, interactive way of service delivery has sparked interest among parents; they can easily track progress from the previous session to the present as the sessions are saved.

It has also been helpful in online speech evaluation. We display pictures of various lexical categories and pictures to test grammar, etc. A PDF of picture descriptions, available in the whiteboard gallery, makes it easy for the therapist to assess language at every level and plan goals.

This approach is making the therapist's job easier, as it offers various activities and flashcards, as well as progress tracking. Otherwise, the therapist would have to create everything themselves, which is very time-consuming and laborious when done for each child. We also create custom-made activities for each child and provide counseling to the parents, in addition to the activities available on the whiteboard.

The use of a variety of digital and hands-on activities, homework, and counseling for parents helps both the therapist and the parents with better follow-up and carryover on days when therapy is not conducted.

This interactive whiteboard, with its built-in features, greatly aids in online speech therapy. It engages children with digital materials customized to each child's speech therapy needs and goals.

When parents see these features, they become very motivated, feeling that more is happening than just talking. We also incorporate hands-on activities into our online sessions with the help and support of the parents on the other end. It's a highly effective and evidence-based protocol. Children show interest in learning, and it also provides input for parents in creating resource materials.

My students eagerly anticipate their highly interactive online sessions, and parents can even sit in on the sessions with their children to learn how to generalize activities at home. This is also useful for adults. I have been using the whiteboard with stroke clients (Aphasia); for expressive Aphasia, all the materials and activities available on the whiteboard are aiding in language learning. Using all the widgets, we work towards goals that make it interactive. We can also assign tasks to them, play games through which conversational activities are carried out.

It is mainly time-saving, affordable, accessible, engaging, educational, and playful. By this, we could reach many clients across the world.

Online Speech Therapy Services

Curated and Delivered by the best Speech Therapists

Online Speech Therapy Session booking

Online Speech Therapy

45-minute Sessions, Each @ ₹ 675

Speech therapy is a training program for communication problems and speech disorders. Speech-language pathologists, or SLPs, work with people who have problems with speech

Speech Assessment at WellnessHub

Speech Assessment

As low as ₹1500

Are you having any speech-related issues? The following problems might be your indicators. Having slurred or choppy speech, Voice being airy, hoarse, and tight

Free Speech Consultation - Wellness Hub

Free Speech Consultation

Absolutely free

Free Speech Consultation is an introductory kind of consultation for speech and language-related issues. The initial consultation includes screening the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, interviewing the caretaker, observing, and interacting with the client

Take a look at the reviews below from people who have used the Whiteboard and found it helpful.

Is Online Speech Therapy effective?

Understanding the Impact of Digital Intervention: The transition to digital platforms for health interventions, especially speech therapy, has prompted an essential question: Can online speech therapy be as effective as in-person sessions? Let's delve into the data and user experiences to explore the effectiveness of this modern approach.

  • Research-Backed Efficacy: A growing body of research suggests that online speech therapy can be just as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy for a variety of speech and language disorders. Studies have found that with the use of high-quality video and audio, along with interactive features like those found in Wellness Hub's Synchronized Whiteboard, clients can achieve similar, if not better, outcomes.
  • Goal-setting and Real-Time Progress Tracking: One of the significant advantages of online speech therapy platforms is their capability to set clear, measurable goals and track progress in real time. With digital tools, therapists can update goals immediately based on the client's performance during sessions. Clients and their families can access these progress trackers online at any time, providing a transparent, ongoing record of achievements and areas that need more focus. This constant availability of data reinforces a sense of accomplishment and keeps the client motivated toward their speech therapy objectives.
  • Flexibility and Consistency: Online speech therapy offers unmatched flexibility, allowing sessions to be scheduled more frequently and at times that are most convenient for clients. This flexibility can lead to greater consistency in therapy, which is a crucial factor in the success of speech therapy programs.
  • Access to Specialized Therapists: For many individuals, especially those in remote or underserved areas, online speech therapy provides access to specialized therapists that may not be available locally. This access ensures that clients can receive high-quality care tailored to their specific needs.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Digital tools, such as interactive games and flashcards, can make sessions more engaging for clients, particularly children. The Synchronized Whiteboard, with its suite of engaging apps and tools, enhances motivation and can lead to improved outcomes due to increased client engagement.
  • Parent Involvement: Online platforms facilitate greater involvement from parents or caregivers in the therapy process. This involvement is a significant factor in the success of pediatric speech therapy, as parents can reinforce strategies and exercises outside of sessions.
  • Client Testimonials: The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Anecdotal evidence from clients and therapists alike points to the success of online speech therapy. Testimonials often highlight the convenience, ease of use, and positive progress made through online sessions.

Conclusion: Embrace the Future of Speech Therapy

While online speech therapy may not be the best solution for every individual, it offers a viable and effective option for many. The key to its effectiveness lies in the quality of the digital tools used, the skill and adaptability of the therapist, and the commitment of the client to the therapy process. With tools like the Synchronized Whiteboard, online speech therapy is not just a mere alternative but a forward-looking solution to speech and language therapy needs.

Experience the Transformation: Whether you're a therapist seeking to revolutionize your practice, a parent looking for effective solutions for your child, or anyone in need of speech therapy services, the Synchronized Whiteboard is designed for you. With its advanced features, intuitive design, and user-friendly interface, it brings the future of speech therapy to your fingertips.

The Wellness Hub Commitment:

At Wellness Hub, our commitment is to make speech therapy accessible, affordable, and effective for every child who needs it. We believe that every voice matters and that every child has the right to express themselves clearly and confidently. Our Synchronized Whiteboard and accompanying apps are a testament to this commitment, ensuring that speech therapy is not a privilege but a reachable goal for children everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Synchronized Whiteboard is a comprehensive online tool that facilitates one-on-one sessions between therapists and clients, featuring live video, audio, and text conferencing along with an interactive whiteboard and many therapeutic games that helps in the therapy.
It enhances sessions by allowing therapists and clients to interact in real-time using tools like drawing, writing, flashcards, and integrated therapeutic games, all synchronized to ensure both parties are engaged in the same activity simultaneously.
Yes, the whiteboard is versatile and can be used for various types of therapies that require interactive, visual elements, including behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, or even online counseling sessions.
Absolutely. The whiteboard and its integrated apps are designed with the needs of children with autism in mind, offering engaging activities that support learning and development.
These apps can be directly accessed on the whiteboard during a therapy session, allowing therapists to utilize their educational games and exercises in sync with the child's interactions.
All you need is a computer or tablet with internet access, a webcam, and a microphone to start using the whiteboard for therapy sessions.
Yes, we prioritize the privacy and security of our clients. Our platform uses encrypted connections to ensure that all communications and interactions are secure.
You can access the whiteboard through our website or app after signing up for our services.
Yes, we offer a range of free speech therapy tools and games to ensure that our services are accessible to everyone.
The reward system lets therapists assign stars, diamonds, or thumbs-ups to children during sessions, providing positive reinforcement and motivation. All the sessions have a record of the session timings, duration, and activities done during the session, along with the rewards earned. All of the records can be accessed on our website.
Definitely the whiteboard is designed to be user-friendly so that parents can engage their children in therapeutic activities at home.
Progress can be tracked through session data recordings, therapist notes, activities done, and rewards earned, which are available in the client's account on our website.
No special training is required. The interface is intuitive, but we also provide guides and customer support to help you get started.
Yes, therapists can customize the tools and games to match the therapeutic goals and needs of each child.
For Experts(Therapists): You can sign up through our website. Just click on the 'Sign Up' button and follow the instructions to get started.
For clients: You can subscribe to our services and book sessions, and that's it. A link will be shared with you by your therapist, and you can join the session at the allotted time.
For Experts(Therapists): We offer various subscription plans to fit different needs and budgets. Some content is available for free, with premium features accessible through paid subscriptions.
For clients: It's absolutely free; you can book paid sessions with the therapist, and the therapist will share a link to the whiteboard. So, you only pay for the session and not the whiteboard.
We provide comprehensive support, including technical assistance, user guides, and customer service, to ensure a smooth experience.
Yes, as long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can access the whiteboard from anywhere in the world.

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