Speech, Language, and Communication Tests: A Parent's Guide

Ensure your child's speech and language development is on track with our expert-designed tests. Each test helps you identify age-appropriate milestones and spot potential speech delays.

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Speech, Language, and Communication Tests

Understanding the Tests

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What Are These Tests For?

As a parent, it's natural to wonder if your child's speech and language development is on track. Our Speech, Language, and Communication Tests are designed to give you peace of mind by helping you identify key developmental milestones in your child. Each test is tailored for specific age groups from 1 to 7 years old and serves as a simple tool to recognize potential speech delays or communication issues.

The Tests cover essential areas like:

  • Speech Clarity: Can your child pronounce age-appropriate words clearly?
  • Vocabulary Growth: Is your child using a growing number of words?
  • Sentence Structure: Are they able to form sentences and ask questions?
  • Social Interaction: How does your child respond to social situations?

Identify any red flags early, and get personalized recommendations on whether your child may benefit from speech therapy.

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Why do you need Speech therapy?

Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?

Speech and language issues can be challenging to spot early on. Our Speech, Language, and Communication Tests will help you identify any concerns in your child's speech development. Here are some common signs that indicate your child may benefit from speech therapy:

  • Speech Clarity Issues: If your child is difficult to understand even at age-appropriate milestones.
  • Limited Vocabulary: If your child's vocabulary is smaller than expected for their age.
  • Trouble Following Instructions: If your child struggles to understand and follow simple instructions.
  • Inconsistent Sentence Structure: If your child isn't using age-appropriate sentences or struggles with grammar.
  • Lack of Social Interaction: If your child shows little interest in communicating with others.
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What are the Speech therapy techniques used?

How Do You Test for Speech Therapy?

If your child shows any of the above signs, it's time to consult with a speech therapist. Our online speech therapy services make it easy to access expert guidance right from your home.

How to Test a Child's Speech

Our comprehensive teste for ages 1 to 7 will help you:

  • Diagnose potential speech problems
  • Check for age-appropriate speech milestones
  • Determine if your child needs further assessment

Take the Next Step

Start by using our age-specific teste to identify where your child's speech stands today. Then, explore our speech therapy services to get them on the path to clear and confident communication.

Online Speech Therapy Services

Curated and Delivered by the best Speech Therapists

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Discover speech solutions with a free consultation. We'll evaluate speech strengths, areas for growth, and set the stage for effective therapy. Schedule your free consultation today and take the first step towards effective communication.

Speech Assessment at WellnessHub

Speech Assessment

As low as ₹1500

Tailored assessments to pinpoint speech and language challenges. Our detailed analysis leads to a customized treatment plan for you. This critical step ensures a targeted intervention plan, paving the way for successful speech development.

Online Speech Therapy Session booking

Online Speech Therapy

45-minute Sessions, Each @ ₹ 750

Engage in convenient, at-home speech therapy. Our online therapy sessions are personalized, interactive, and designed to meet the challenges of speech and communication head-on.

Choose from India’s Best Speech Therapists for your Child

At Wellness Hub Hyderabad, you are pairing your child with a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced speech and language pathologists who are passionate about helping children unlock their full communication potential.

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Proven Experience

Our Speech Therapists have helped countless children make significant progress in their speech and language development.

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Specialized Expertise

Each therapist brings a unique specialization to our team, ensuring that we can address a wide range of speech and language challenges.

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Compassionate Care

We understand the unique needs of children and approach therapy with empathy and patience.

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Customized Support

Our therapists create customized therapy plans for each child tailored to their strengths and challenges.

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Multi-disciplinary team

Our Speech Therapists work with behavioral and occupational therapists and special educators to provide the highest quality care and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to know if your child needs speech therapy is to monitor their speech, language, and communication development using our comprehensive age-specific tests. If you notice consistent challenges like unclear speech, limited vocabulary, or difficulty understanding instructions, it's advisable to consult a speech therapist for an assessment.
Online speech therapy offers a flexible and convenient way to support your child's communication development. During a 45-minute session, a licensed therapist will conduct a personalized assessment, provide tailored exercises, and work with your child to improve their speech clarity, vocabulary, and social communication skills.
A speech assessment typically involves:
  • Reviewing your child's developmental history
  • Observing their speech, language, and communication abilities
  • Engaging them in age-appropriate speech exercises
  • Providing feedback and recommendations based on the results
Our tests are designed by speech therapy professionals and offer a valuable starting point for understanding your child's communication skills. However, they are not a substitute for a professional assessment. If you have concerns, it's best to consult a speech therapist for a detailed evaluation.
If you want a comprehensive assessment done, consider taking our Speech Assessment for as low as ₹1500. The assessment process includes evaluating language comprehension and expression, identifying the extent and nature of language delays or disorders, and providing a detailed diagnosis to plan an effective intervention.
The frequency of therapy sessions depends on your child's specific needs and the recommendations of the speech therapist. Typically, children benefit from weekly sessions to ensure steady progress.
Yes! Our therapists provide practical exercises and activities that you can do at home to reinforce the skills learned during therapy sessions. This helps accelerate your child's progress.
It's never too early to start supporting your child's speech development. If you notice any delays or concerns, early intervention can make a significant difference. Our tests are designed for children as young as 1 year old.
Speech assessment is done before making a therapy plan for the child. It helps the therapist to get a clear picture on the areas that need to be worked on. Speech assessment enables us to have a perfect therapy plan and therapy goals.
All our therapists are licensed under RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) guidelines and are eligible to conduct speech assessments. In case, you already have a report of an assessment conducted in the past 6 months that would be sufficient. However, it is always at the discretion of our expert therapists to decide on this.
The speech assessment session takes place after the initial consultation. This initial general consultation is not a replacement for assessment.
A general consultation or initial consultation is a session that covers detailed case history taking. Here all the details are discussed, and no particular focus is made on a specific area.
But the speech assessment involves crucial clinical observations about the speech and language skills of the child and the speech development milestones. Speech assessment becomes the baseline in structuring a therapy plan for the child.
It is important to check the qualification and experience of the therapist to get an idea if they are the right suit. Well, you have an option to view all the therapists on our speech therapy page, each with a separate card to click on. It redirects you to the therapist’s page wherein you get all the necessary details of that therapist. You may comfortably make your choice.
Your therapist will formulate short-term goals, long-term goals and a therapy plan custom tailored to your child’s needs, before starting therapy sessions. These goals are your target measure to check the improvement. Periodic review sessions enable you to interact with the therapist regarding the progress and to discuss what can be done.
The number of sessions depends on the child’s specific needs. Book a free consultation to get a tailored therapy plan with an estimated session count.
If you are thinking about how to get started, please contact us immediately for further assistance.

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