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3 Top Results that Mindful Meditation Brings in

August 3, 2018 By admin


3 Top Results that Mindful Meditation Brings in | Wellness Hub


This is definitely a bzzusy busy world, isn’t it?  Multi-tasking has become the order of the day wherein you are caught between doing things always and do not have some ME time at all.  As a result you are longing to have some mental peace and get out of your emotional upheavals.  There is a whole lot of planning that goes on for the day, for the kids and for the weekend.  Amidst all this confusion there is every chance that you are losing out your connect with the present…totally missing out on your feelings and the things you love to do most.

Mindfulness therefore has to be brought into your routine.  What is it all about? 

It is a practice of purposefully focusing all your attention on the current and present moment. 

It is found to bring about a lot of change in the way you can perceive your life and feel good about it.  This is found to be the key ingredient in happiness.  After all, why are we battling it all out?  We want to lead a happy life, don’t we?  And what is the use at all when you are not able to feel happy and satisfied with your life!

Ancient roots in Buddhism

Mindfulness has its origins in Buddhism.  Not confined to that religion alone, we have some form of prayers or meditation techniques that help people shift their focus from their daily preoccupations,

5 Don’ts When you are Dealing With Your Children

August 3, 2018 By admin


Would any parent get into bad parenting?  No!  Well, that is what it appears to be apparently but in effect, parents are getting more and more involved into bad parenting.

As a parent each one of us is extremely ambitious to give the society a well mannered, well educated individual who will make a good name for himself as well as for his parents.  Most importantly the struggle is to get a good name for ourselves.  But do we at all in the first place think of how we were as children?  Were our parents really as strict with us as we are now with our children?

In this struggle to make the child an ideal person in every sense, parents are committing a series of mistakes that are leaving an indelible mark in the tender minds.  What are these mistakes that parents are continuously committing?


5 Don’ts When you are Dealing With Your Children | Wellness Hub


  1. Is your child lying to you in numerous instances?

If you have detected this recently, then ponder as to why he is doing so.  Take some time out and retrospect.  You must have overreacted to the mistakes that he has committed in the past.  So, in order to avert your anger the child is choosing an easy way out…telling you lies and getting away with the situation.  Now, you ascertain for yourself if it is to be encouraged or discouraged. 

6 Deadly Effects Social Media has on Mental Well-being

August 3, 2018 By admin


You may be wondering as to the kind of link that may exist between social media and mental well being.

Do they have an impact at all?  Are they connected at all? 


Effects Social Media has on Mental Well-being | Wellness Hub


You would in fact be surprised to know that social media has tremendous impact on the mental well being of people.   No doubt this is the same platform that has helped connect back with our old friends and also maintain relationships that were severed long back.  You may be connected with people who are living in the same house as you do, with people who are on the other side of the world, and with people whom you just know by face.

Social media allows for pictures to be posted and status messages be updated.  The pictures most of the times cut across an idealized and hunky dory mood, happily ever after mood which has the capacity to arouse feelings of inadequacy amongst the people who are seeing it.  A friend’s honeymoon photos may seem definitely a far away picture for a few and this can make them feel insecure and dejected with the way things are going on in their lives.  Feelings of loneliness, despair and dejection will engulf the person.

We tend to unconsciously measure ourselves, our lives and ascertain our sense of worth.  No doubt, the virtual platform can be used to stay in touch with everyone but one should not miss out on the real pleasure that comes in when you meet and talk to people around you. 

7 Reasons Why Online/Chat Therapy is an Ideal Solution to Overcome Your Emotional Hurdles

August 3, 2018 By admin


How important are our emotions to us?

They mean a world to each one of us because it is these very emotions that decide the way we feel, act and behave.


Overcome Your Emotional Hurdles | Wellness Hub


Man is a social animal…a very clichéd but extremely true statement.  We are subject to diverse range of emotions because of our interactions with people hailing from diverse walks of life.  We love a few; we gel well with a few, have conflicts with a few and hate a few.  We tend to think about a few very intensely to the extent that they start ruling our lives and our very existence.  Sometimes, the person is pushed into states of confusion, anger, depression or anxiety.  How would you deal with such situations?  As a layman, you would be perplexed with the predicament you have been pushed into.

But, there is nothing to worry as we have the Psychologists who can help us with our emotional problems and psychological distress.  Again a but!  When do you get to meet a psychologist?  You need to take a prior appointment.  And what if it is not convenient for you at that particular time?  You continue to battle with your emotional issue, feeling even more frustrated than earlier.  Putting an end to all such appointment issues, traffic issues and time issues, we have the online/chat therapy which brings in expert advice to your finger tips and into your hands!

Adolescence: Why The Challenge Of Parenting Is At Its Peak?

August 3, 2018 By admin


Adolescence: Why The Challenge Of Parenting Is At Its Peak | Wellness Hub


Parenting practices generally have three main goals.

  • First is to ensure the safety and the health of the child.
  • Second is to prepare the child for future life and,
  • Third is to ensure that as an adult he transmits good cultural values.

A superior quality relationship between the children and parents is extremely essential in order to achieve the above mentioned goals.

Why is the challenge of parenting at its peak?

During the development span of a child, it is the adolescence or the teen years that pose great challenge to both the parents alike.  There is a huge confusion because there are numerous hormonal changes setting in and the world around them is becoming even more complex.  The children themselves are confused and unable to understand their own feelings and parent’s feelings too.

As a result, the children feel easily irritated, angry and lonely too when they are accosted with such complicated issues of growth and development.  There are issues about peers, drugs, identity, sexual behavior and many more.  They no longer are interested in responding to parental authority.

Parents too are perplexed because their earlier parenting methods are no longer working now.  The parents are also in a helpless situation and often end up in arguments with their child regarding the choices that he is making in life. 

Best Techniques for Stress Management

August 3, 2018 By admin


Best Techniques for Stress Management | Wellness Hub


There are basically three phases of Stress:

  1. Alarm phase: This is a phase where an emergency signal is sent to the brain.  Various parts of the body coordinate their functions for fighting or fleeing from the danger.  Tension is clearly visible on the face.  There is accelerated heart beat, sweating and fast breathing which may lead to indigestion and high blood pressure.
  2. Resistance Phase: When there is no relief in the first stage, the person feels a dip in his energy levels.  But, the danger is still there and you are still fighting it.  There is exasperation that sets in even over trivial matters.  Sleep is hampered and you find the resistance too breaking.
  3. Exhaustion phase: When the stress continues for a longer time than the second phase, exhaustion sets in.  You are totally sapped out of energy.  You do not feel like doing any of your tasks.  There is a breakdown of the entire system and a loss of equilibrium.  This stage usually becomes the ground for blood pressure, heart diseases and ulcers.

How do people cope/manage with stress?

There are both healthy and unhealthy coping strategies that can help in reducing stress.  The healthy ones may bring the individual out of the situation but the unhealthy ones may prove to be more dangerous in due course of time.

Effectiveness of Mindfulness Exercises: For Having a Better Feeling ‘YOU’

August 3, 2018 By admin


Effectiveness of Mindfulness Exercises | Wellness Hub


A better brain within a span of eight weeks??

Does it sound impossible to you?  But, it is possible!  A meditation study showed visible changes that are associated with stress and awareness post mindful meditation.

The study was conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital by a team of Harvard affiliated researchers.  It was published in the Psychiatry Research:  Neuroimaging Journal and is touted as the first of its kind as far as documentation of facts related to meditation-produced changes over a certain period time in the gray matter of the brain is concerned.

Here are the interesting facts and findings of the study as documented in the journal:

The study proved that participation in a mindfulness meditation program for eight weeks can bring about changes that can be quantified in specific brain regions.  The positive effects were found in the areas of stress, memory, empathy and sense of self.

It has been known from time immemorial that meditation brings in a lot of peace and relaxation for a person.  However, practitioners have been claiming that it can also bring about psychological as well as cognitive benefits that better the functioning of an individual.

Previous studies showed structural differences in the brains of the experienced meditation practitioners and people with no experience in meditation.  They observed a thickening in the cerebral cortex especially in those areas that are pertaining to emotional integration and attention.

Effects of Stress on the Body

August 3, 2018 By admin


Effects of Stress on the Body | Wellness Hub


There are different systems in our body that are responsible for the smooth functioning of the same as a whole.  When stressed, there are different systems that get affected.

Here are the reactions that the different systems of the body undergo when a person is subjected to stress:

Musculoskeletal system:  Under stress, the muscles tense up, a mechanism against pain or injury.  The muscles relax when the stress eases out.  That may be the case in acute stress and it may be episodic, in the episodic stress but the tautness of muscles may continue for a long period in chronic stress.  Relaxation techniques have proved to reduce this tautness and tension in muscles.

Respiratory system:  Breathing becomes hard, especially for those people who have lung diseases or suffer from asthma.  In some instances, death of a close person may trigger off such attacks too.  Stress also causes rapid breathing.

Cardiovascular system:  Acute stress may bring about increased heart rate as well as stronger muscular contractions of the heart.  There is dilation in the blood vessels that direct blood to the heart.  The blood that is pumped into the body is increased and there is an elevation in blood pressure too.  This is generally called the ‘fight or flight’ response.  Once the acute stress episode passes away, the body regains its composure.

In chronic stress cases,

Facebook: Does it Connect People or Increase the Gap?

August 3, 2018 By admin


Facebook: Does it Connect People or Increase the Gap | Wellness Hub


The advent of computers has revolutionized the way technology progressed.  The advent of internet has brought in more luxury to the users.  We should acknowledge the power internet has exerted over people’s lives and the way these technological advancements have drastically changed almost all realms of functioning.  Yes, social media networking is one amongst the many revelations that has completely touched everyone’s life without an exception.  Social Media has thrown open newer avenues to people, at the personal front and at the professional front.

Talk of social media and the first thing that comes to mind is Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild.  Is this a boon or a bane to the users wherein most of them are on the verge of getting branded as addicts and a sizeable percentage of them are already neck deep into it!

Facebook has caught on like fire for the kind of features it came in with and became a huge hit with all age groups.

What does it basically do?

This social networking platform facilitates the users to send friend requests to known and unknown people after they have created a user profile.  Posting statuses, photos, sharing videos and playing games…there are so many things people can do on this platform.  One could join groups and also conduct business too!  As more and more number of people are creating their accounts in Facebook,

Strategies for a Better Mental and Emotional Health

August 3, 2018 By admin

Mentally and emotionally healthy people have a fairly good control over their behavior as well as their emotions.  They are in a position to face the different challenges that life poses them.  They are also able to build strong relationships with people whom they come across.  Just as it is important to maintain good physical health, it is also equally important to maintain good emotional and mental health as it helps you lead a good quality of life.  When your mental health is improved, you experience a great sense of satisfaction and achievement in your life.

What is mental health?

Well, it refers to the psychological well being of a person.  It encompasses the feelings you hold towards your own self, your ability to be able to manage a myriad range of your feelings, your ability to deal with challenges and your ability to deal with relationships in life.

It is not the absence of any kind of mental health problems that reflects your mental health.  It is a lot more than just being free of different kinds of psychological issues.  It refers to the kind of positivity that you experience as an overall being.


Strategies for a Better Mental and Emotional Health | Wellness Hub


People with good mental wellness experience:

  • A great sense of happiness and contentment.
  • An enthusiasm for living life to the fullest
  • An ability to bounce back after experiencing a setback in their life
  • An ability to bounce back after experiencing a setback in their life
  • An ability to strike a perfect balance between work,