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7 Reasons Why Online/Chat Therapy is an Ideal Solution to Overcome Your Emotional Hurdles

June 13, 2017 By admin

How important are our emotions to us?

They mean a world to each one of us because it is these very emotions that decide the way we feel, act and behave.

Man is a social animal…a very clichéd but extremely true statement.  We are subject to diverse range of emotions because of our interactions with people hailing from diverse walks of life.  We love a few; we gel well with a few, have conflicts with a few and hate a few.  We tend to think about a few very intensely to the extent that they start ruling our lives and our very existence.  Sometimes, the person is pushed into states of confusion, anger, depression or anxiety.  How would you deal with such situations?  As a layman, you would be perplexed with the predicament you have been pushed into.

But, there is nothing to worry as we have the Psychologists who can help us with our emotional problems and psychological distress.  Again a but!  When do you get to meet a psychologist?  You need to take a prior appointment.  And what if it is not convenient for you at that particular time?  You continue to battle with your emotional issue, feeling even more frustrated than earlier.  Putting an end to all such appointment issues, traffic issues and time issues, we have the online/chat therapy which brings in expert advice to your finger tips and into your hands!

Yes, online therapy can take place on the World Wide Web and even on your smart phone. 

Effectiveness of Mindfulness Exercises: For Having a Better Feeling ‘YOU’

July 3, 2016 By admin

A better brain within a span of eight weeks??

Does it sound feasible at all? Yes, it is possible! A meditation study showed visible changes that are associated with stress and awareness post mindful meditation.

The study proved that participation in a mindfulness meditation program for eight weeks can bring about changes that can be quantified in specific brain regions. The positive effects were found in the areas of stress, memory, empathy and sense of self.

The results have been reported by Harvard affiliated researchers’ team post the conclusion of their study. It is in fact a first of its kind wherein reports related to meditation produced changes have been documented.


It has been known from time immemorial that meditation brings in a lot of peace and relaxation for a person. However, practitioners have been claiming that it can also bring about psychological as well as cognitive benefits that better the functioning of an individual.

Previous studies showed structural differences in the brains of the experienced meditation practitioners and people with no experience in meditation. They observed a thickening in the cerebral cortex especially in those areas that are pertaining to emotional integration and attention.

In the current study, MR images (magnetic resonance) of the brain structure were taken of the 16 participants, before and after they were a part of the 8 week program. The sessions included practicing mindful meditation. Additionally they were also provided with audio recordings that guided them as to how meditation has to be practiced.

Parenting in the Most Challenging Years of a Child’s Growth: The Adolescence

July 3, 2016 By admin

Parenting practices generally have three main goals. First is to ensure the safety and the health of the child. Second is to prepare the child for future life and third is to ensure that as an adult he transmits good cultural values.

A superior quality relationship between the children and parents is extremely essential in order to achieve the above mentioned goals.

During the development span of a child, it is the adolescence or the teen years that pose great challenge to both the parents alike. There is a huge confusion because there are numerous hormonal changes going on and the world around them is becoming even more complex. The children themselves are confused and unable to understand their own feelings and parent’s feelings too.

As a result, the children feel easily irritated, angry and lonely too when they are accosted with such complicated issues of growth and development. There are issues about peers, drugs, identity, sexual behavior and many more. They no longer are interested in responding to parental authority.

Parents too are perplexed because their earlier parenting methods are no longer working now. The parents are also in a helpless situation and often end up in arguments with their child regarding the choices that he is making in life. Hence, the teenager ends up becoming the focal point of conflicts at home.

Here are the areas that conflicts between parents and adolescents generally arise:

  • Time spent with family vs.

Better Mental and Emotional Health: For a Psychologically Fitter YOU

July 3, 2016 By admin

Mentally and emotionally healthy people have a fairly good control over their behavior as well as their emotions. They are in a position to face the different challenges that life poses them. They are also able to build strong relationships with people whom they come across. Just as it is important to maintain good physical health, it is also equally important to maintain good emotional and mental health as it helps you lead a good quality of life. When your mental health is improved, you experience a great sense of satisfaction and achievement in your life.

What is mental health?

Well, it refers to the psychological well being of a person. It encompasses the feelings you hold towards your own self, your ability to be able to manage a myriad range of your feelings, your ability to deal with challenges and your ability to deal with relationships in life.

It is not the absence of any kind of mental health problems that reflects your mental health. It is a lot more than just being free of different kinds of psychological issues. It refers to the kind of positivity that you experience as an overall being.

People with good mental wellness experience:

  • A great sense of happiness and contentment.
  • An enthusiasm for living life to the fullest
  • An ability to bounce back after experiencing a setback in their life
  • Strike a perfect balance between work,