Tips for a happy long-distance relationship

Be happy in long-distance relationship

With the changing times, relationship patterns have also changed a lot. The number of couples in long-distance relationships is increasing year by year. The trend is rising. But how are they coping? While longing for partnership and counting the days to be with one another is a major concern, keeping the relationship without any disturbances … Read more

Love or blind infatuation: What do you have?

Couple showing love symbol

Almost everyone comes across this question in mind during their teenage. The sensations that develop in the body could hint at your infatuation. But the strong feeling you have as an emotion might tell you that it is true Love. But how to find out whether it is Love or infatuation? Both Love and infatuation … Read more

Are you in a one-sided relationship? | Red flags of your relationship

Are you in a one-sided relationship? Red flags of your relationship

Does your relationship feel more demanding, and you think you are nursing it like a mother? Do you feel increasingly uncomfortable with your partner and unable to understand why? Are you the one who is profoundly trying to make the relationship happy for both of you? Then, it would also be you alone, who is … Read more

How to deal with lies in a Relationship?

Is your partner telling lies often?

It is a common scenario to see someone or the other lying in our daily lives. Nobody bothers if this is a white or harmless lie. But what if our partner lies to us often? What if the relationship gets strained because of these lies? What if your peace is lost? Yes, lies in a … Read more

Philophobia: Fear of Relationships – What to do?

Fear of Relationships

Fears are always specific. One can only make them disappear only by focusing on what exactly causes the fear of relationships. In other words, being aware of your fear helps you devise a plan to overcome it, considering the situation’s specifics. How we react to our fear in our first instinct may only sometimes be … Read more

What is ghosting in a Relationship – How to react?

Relationship Issues

Ghosting in relationships has been among the essential topics of concern these days. It is a way of ending a relationship by stopping all communication with them without any prior information. Ghosting in a relationship refers to one-sided access to the person causing the dissolution of the relationship, either suddenly or gradually. Ghosting is commonly … Read more

Signs that you are not ready for a relationship | Premarital Advice

Relationship Issues

In this awry world of competition and rat race, relationships have lost its meaning somewhere for many. Relationship has become a commonplace existence of extreme struggle and strain accompanied by lack of bonding and trustfulness. It is not that everyone is of the same opinion but many are equipped with the idea that things may … Read more

Why Do Some People Take Things So Personally? | Are You Getting Hurt Very Often?

We come across some people who feel that others are “mistreating” them when, in fact they are not. If they were not invited to a party, they feel they were not wanted; if someone forgets to call them, they feel the other person does not care; if someone does not talk to them, they feel … Read more

Open up to cope with lock down

Since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic, many of us, even those who have not been infected by the virus, have been asked to quarantine ourselves in our homes for several weeks. Mandated work from home, canceled travel plans, prolonged isolation, panic over scarce resources, and information overload have become … Read more

Is Marriage Counseling Right to Go through? | What Could be the Outcome of Marriage Counseling?

“Breaking up is hard to do” but staying together can be just as challenging.The number of couples seeking counseling has increased in these recent years as the stigma surrounding the practice of counseling has faded. And it’s not only women who are consulting for a therapist these days. Men, too, are increasingly seeking outside help … Read more