Children are the most enthusiastic and energetic beings in the world. Parenting is not a simple thing. When it comes to handling children, a parent should be as patient as possible. With the modern day busy life, ideal parenting has become a big issue. The deadlines at office, the cleaning to be made at house, arranging the things for guests, bringing the groceries, fueling the vehicle, paying the bills and so on are the numerous issues that bother a parent while handling kids is actually a bigger responsibility. Kids are meant to be active but their activeness should never be a headache for the parents. Being a parent one should learn how to handle hyper-active children. But if they are wayward and show up temper tantrums, it’s better to take an expert help in handling the kids. Counselling helps a parent to raise kids in an effective way while it helps in mending the behavior of the kid.

Online Counselling on Child Parenting | Wellness HubIf time doesn’t permit you to go and visit the counselor in person, you can opt online counseling which has been the best modern day medicine for all psychological issues. When you want to seek help for your problems, why not take it from an expert in child counseling? Online counselling can be usually done through email, video conferencing, online chat or real time chat, messaging or internet phone etc. Online counseling or online therapy has other names like cyber counseling, e-counseling e-therapy and tele-therapy. This is as effective as face-to-face counseling.

Counseling the Parents

Being a parent, often reminds you of your parents, the patience they had in bearing your craziness, the love, care and attention they showered in bringing you up. You might be aiming to offer more to your kids than you personally got. There could be issues in our life, that bother us most of the time. But being a parent, it is our duty to allot much time to the needs of our children.

Issues like having arguments in the house, non-cooperative spouse, aggression, substance abuse like smoking or alcohol consumption, hurting egos and self-esteem of each other, family tensions, marital infidelity, separation or divorce etc. could affect your child’s behavior and development a lot. A child’s pattern of thinking, emotional reactions and outbursts, behavior are all affected by the ambiance of the house.

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So, if you are looking to build a better future for your kid, while coping with all the issues in your life, an expert counselor could be your bosom friend.

Counseling can be helpful to the parents those who suffer from marital issues like

  • Marital infidelity, financial issues, other family issues like conflicts with in-laws, spouse etc.
  • Mental health problems like depression, stress and anxiety which either of the parents suffer from or some other mental health problems the elders in the house are having
  • Health problems that could be temporary or permanent like the ones occurred due to accidents or any chronic illness that cannot be cured or so
  • Loss of a family member especially the ones with whom children are more attached like the demise of a grandparent etc.

A parent can be guided by a doctor, a psychologist, a prominent member of the community, school or even workplace, to visit a consultant psychologist. Otherwise, the parent personally can seek a professional help in handling the issues with children.

Counseling children

Growing children has many needs. In most of the cases, both the parents being employed and busy with their schedules, the time spent with children gets reduced and this increases the waywardness in children. They put all their talent in drawing the attention of their parents towards them and display various kinds of tantrums. It really becomes a test of patience for the parents.

In some cases, one of the parents works from home or stays being a home maker, while the other works. Children who spend most of the day with one parent, tries to drag the attention of the other. “It always surprises me how my 4-year old kid complains about the kids around. But his mom says that he loves to play with them and never has any problem. Later on, I found that it is only then that I pay much attention to him, when he says how he has to fight with someone. Feeling very ashamed of me being the reason for my son’s cooked up stories, I started to spend more time with my hyper-active kid. He’s absolutely fine now. Thanks to my online counselor for the rapid solution.” says a father with gratitude.

Online Counselling on Child Parenting | Wellness Hub

You might have observed some children displaying sudden emotional outbursts or too much of temper tantrums that are too tough to handle. This could be because of the encouragement they were given the first time of such behavior. Behavior psychology says that the consequences of a behavior determine whether the behavior is repeated or stopped. The temper tantrums of kids get repeated when they are attended. It is most usual that the kids use tantrums to win their wants from parents, which when encouraged get continued.

When your kid is a single child, it becomes really hard to accept a sibling who shares the love of parents which belongs to him/her solely till now. On the contrary, if you are a single parent it would be tough for you to handle your kid, who misses your spouse. It is a better idea to seek an expert help in such issues. Also, without knowing the essence of brotherhood and friendship, children at a very young age are getting affected by severe emotions these days. With the growing attitude, they are developing the thoughts of harming a person, due to various provoking reasons. Fighting with the co-children or siblings could sometimes lead to life-threatening situations. Such behaviors should be stopped at a very early stage. Psychological counselors can help your child to quit such behaviors. The techniques and psychoanalytical methods used by our experts at Wellness Hub gains the trust of our clients, whose information is always kept confidential under any circumstances.

For the adolescents and growing teenagers, issues such as getting bullied at school about the looks when puberty hits, irking their temper and questioning their ego on their social status, friends making fun of them, handling their bodily changes etc. could be a major problem. Adolescent online counselling can help them get out of these issues.

Children with special needs – autism, dyslexia etc

Counseling is also helpful for the children with special needs, like the ones suffering from Autism, Dyslexia, Schizophrenia etc. Such children need expert help as early as possible to make them join the normal stream of other children.

Online Counselling on Child Parenting | Wellness Hub


ASD (Autism Spectral Disorder) or Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder that occurs in first three years of life.  Children with autism have social, communication and language problems. Social problems like having focus with a same person, sharing toys, making friends etc., communication problems such as losing words or gestures that they are used to before, difficulty in following directions or having conversations etc. They might use tantrums to tell you what they want or don’t want. They also have restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior, interests or activities.

Autism cannot be cured by medication. Therapies that are started as early as possible will help in treating the core symptoms of Autism. We at Wellness Hub have a special section for treating the children with Autism with renowned experts of child counseling.


Dyslexia is a reading disability that affects the areas of brain that process language. Due to this, the children affected with dyslexia, find it difficult to relate the letters and words they are listening. Reading also becomes difficult for them due to the problem in identifying speech sounds.

Apart from these, anxiety disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), eating disorders, mood disorders, schizophrenia etc. are the most common mental disorders prevailing in children of this modern age. Such disorders can be resolved if proper psychological procedures are followed during the treatment. It is hence recommended to seek the help of an expert to make your child’s mental health better.

Making parenting a piece of cake!!

Psychological counselors interact with both the parents and the children, together and separately to know the problem completely. They should know everything regarding the child’s behavior and development, the family issues that could affect them etc. for treating the children. Every detail of every client is kept confidential. After analyzing the problem, the mode of treatment will be decided by the consultant psychologists. The techniques and tips given by them for both the parents and the children are to be followed for better results.

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Take an online counseling session so that you may contact your counselor from your own room, while the children are playing in the next room. The thought of seeking a right help for your problem makes it half-solved. Learn the ways to improve your parent-child relationship and contribute for the all-round development of your child, by booking a session with one of our experts.


Prof. Madhu Kosuri

I have completed 30 years of teaching and research in psychology at the Department of Psychology and Parapsychology, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India.


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