Past Tense Verbs – Home Based Speech Therapy Activity

By Rajini D

Last Updated: May 25, 2024

Embark on an exciting journey with Past Tense Time Travel, an imaginative and educational home-based speech therapy activity designed to introduce your child to the realm of past tense verbs. Tailored for children aged 3 to 4, including those with developmental disparities or special needs, this activity invites exploration and understanding of actions that have already occurred.

Setting the Stage for Past Tense Learning

Prepare a captivating play area where you and your child can immerse yourselves comfortably. Gather an assortment of toys and items that symbolize past activities, such as a toy car, a doll, or a ball. This setup fosters an environment ripe for past tense exploration.

Demonstrating Past Actions with Toys

Start by illustrating simple past actions using the available toys. For example, roll a ball and say, “I rolled the ball.” Encourage your child to replicate the action and articulate it using the past tense.

Reflective Storytelling with Past Tense Verbs

Engage in reflective storytelling by reminiscing about a recent fun activity or outing, describing it using past tense verbs. Encourage your child to contribute by sharing their own past experiences using past tense language.

Picture-Based Past Tense Practice

Use pictures from books or family photo albums. Point to an image and describe the action depicted using the past tense. Encourage your child to do the same with other pictures, fostering language development through visual cues.

Addressing Potential Concerns

Difficulty Grasping Past Tense

If past tense verbs pose a challenge, simplify them and concentrate on common regular verbs. Employ repetitive exercises and emphasize the past tense form to reinforce understanding.

Mixing Up Tenses

In instances of tense confusion, gently correct your child while offering clear examples and repeating the correct past tense form. Utilize visual aids to solidify comprehension.

Limited Engagement

Maintain your child’s engagement by relating past tense verbs to their interests or recent activities. Foster interactive and enjoyable learning experiences to sustain interest.

Objective of the Past Tense Activity

Past Tense Time Travel aims to enrich your child’s comprehension of past tense verbs, a vital component of language development. It facilitates the connection between language learning, memory, and personal experiences.

Closing and Additional Tips

Encourage your child to recount their day or past activities using past tense verbs. Celebrate their efforts and provide gentle corrections as needed. Embrace this expedition through time with language, transforming learning into a delightful adventure!

About the Author:

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