Boost Listening Skills: Fun Home Based Speech Activity for Kids

By Rajini D

Last Updated: February 16, 2024


Doing without listening would never serve its purpose, especially when it comes to following commands. Children of high activity tend to ignore what the parent says and will be engrossed in their playful world. So, please allow us to introduce “Listening and Doing,” a purposeful and enjoyable activity designed to enhance the ability of children, especially those with Autism and special needs, to respond to verbal requests. This activity focuses on developing crucial listening skills and the capacity to follow verbal instructions, which is pivotal in fostering effective communication and cognitive development.

The Core Activity

The essence of “Listening and Doing” lies in its simplicity and adaptability. It begins with straightforward, one-step requests that align with the child’s comprehension and ability levels. The language used is clear and simple, ensuring that the child can grasp the instructions without any difficulty.

Scene Description: Imagine a cozy, welcoming space where you and your child interact. Now, you can, with a gentle and encouraging tone, ask for an object, like a ball, using phrases such as “Please give me the ball.”

In instances where the child does not immediately respond, you can aid the comprehension by pointing to the object while repeating the request. This demonstration acts as a gentle guide, helping the child understand and respond.

Scene Description: Picture yourself pointing to the ball and repeating the request. The child, after a moment of contemplation, picks up the ball and hands it over to you. Your face lights up with a smile, offering abundant praise and positive reinforcement.

Variations to Enhance Engagement

As the child grows more comfortable with responding to simple requests, the activity evolves. The requests gradually become more complex, like asking the child to place a toy in a box, challenging and encouraging further development.

Incorporating playful elements into the requests adds an element of fun and engagement. Requests like “Can you hop like a bunny to the door?” not only aid in fulfilling the activity’s objective but also bring joy and laughter, making the learning process delightful.

Scene Description: Visualize the child’s glee and enthusiasm as they hop like a bunny in response to the parent’s playful request.


The primary goal of “Listening and Doing” is to enhance the child’s listening comprehension and their ability to act on verbal instructions. These skills are fundamental to effective communication and are essential in the child’s overall cognitive development journey.

Materials Needed

This activity does not require any special materials. Everyday objects found around the home can be seamlessly integrated into the activity, making it easily accessible and practical.

Interactive App Boosts Your Child’s Communication Skills

Besides our Autism Basics app, Wellness Hub offers an interactive app for your child named Speech Basics app that helps the child improve their communication. In the Speech Basics app, scenarios are designed to mimic real-life situations, offering practical language use and enhancing a child’s ability to navigate daily interactions. The examples will be explained using pictures and videos. The concept of child modeling is also used to help the child learn new words that are helpful in daily life.


Patience and positive reinforcement are the cornerstones of “Listening and Doing.” It’s crucial to celebrate each success, no matter how small, and provide gentle guidance when needed. This activity transcends mere compliance with requests; it’s about laying a solid foundation for effective communication and mutual understanding. Enjoy and cherish this enriching experience with your child!

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