Does he have feelings for me? Signs that indicate

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 14, 2022

If you don’t know this, you might develop the zing things for him while he falls for the other, which means heartbreak for you! If not, you might not think that way while he roams around having feelings for you, while you might pass the time believing you both are simply close friends. So, it is important for you to know if he has feelings for you. Thinking how you would know? Don’t worry; we are here for you!

Signs that indicate

Here are some signs that indicate he is interested in you!

  • We commonly remember things that matter the most to us rather than other daily activities. Your partner might remember the day you spent a long time ago. Does he never miss something that relates to you?
  • Though you have more things in common to discuss, you will find an end for a topic to stop generally. But do you think he tends to prolong the talk more often?
  • He likes to spend more time with you. He might try asking you out for a coffee or your help on some simple task, indicating his interest.
  • He might hint his interest in you to a person who is a common friend to you both. He does this on purpose so that the word reaches you.
  • Does he try to exchange a smile often? You can probably sense his smiles and the glow on his face when he sees you.
  • His looks change, and you can sense it. You can observe a change in how he looks at you which says he is interested in you.
  • People show special attention to others when attracted to the person. They may dedicate some pampering to you, listen while you speak, and be gentle. You may also check that he is the first to wish for your birthday.
  • He treats you differently compared to others. He may be aware of your presence and act differently, but it seems normal. Others can mostly notice this.
  • He mostly prefers to be with you. He might also avoid important commitments with friends and family, to spend time with you.
  • Men talk about their feelings too. It doesn’t have to be a big declaration of love. But just like you, he probably wants to know what he’s up to with you.
Couple laughing with love, together
Couple laughing with love, together
  • He is always active for you on social media. He will be the first to like your posts and updates on social media.
  • You also find him responding to your calls or messages as immediately as possible. The same might not be the case with others.
  • Are you getting “Good morning” and “Good night” texts every day from him? Is he in continuous contact, messaging you whenever possible? You may check if he even talks to you at night from the bed as these actions may reflect his attraction.
  • Experts say that people who are attracted to each other align their bodies facing each other. If you both unconsciously make this happens when you converse, that indicates something interesting!
  • You can read between the text messages he sends to learn about his views and feelings. You realize even more when you arrange to meet in video chat.
  • He will be jealous if you speak to some other men for long. Jealousy is rarely good, like here, when it is within limits. Though he manages, you can understand that he is feeling possessive.
  • If you think you have been rude to him the last time you spoke, you need not worry. By the time you call him again, he might have long since forgiven you.
  • He will gradually let you meet his friends, cousins, or family. He will introduce you to other significant people to let you know you are important to him.
  • He calls you by a nickname which would be like a sweet secret between you. Calling so will never make you feel odd, bad, or teased.
  • If he has true feelings for you, he will love to see you smile and do anything for that. He likes to think up surprising experiences for you.
  • He can wait though you are late. He wants you to be comfortable and plans everything keeping your comfort in mind. He ensures your comfort, even if it is a hug or kiss or maybe a bit more intimate moment.
  • When a man is interested, he tends to lean towards you when talking. He would defensively cross his arms or legs as he does with strangers. This kind of body language indicates interest towards you.
  • His friends would already know if he is interested. So you can pay attention to different signs if you spend time with them too. For example, a comment or a knowing look at each other when you arrive says something.
  • He leaves you some obvious messages that he finds you interesting. He compliments you often, saying, “You look so beautiful today” or “This dress flatters you”. You can observe to understand that it is not common for him to compliment everyone he meets.
A lady imagining and smiling
A lady imagining and smiling

Do you have feelings for him?

If you are too worried to know if he has feelings for you, it is equally important to check if you have feelings for him. What does your gut feeling say about it? Take a deep breath and reflect on your thoughts. Deep down, you probably know the answer already.

How to go about it?

You can observe him and check for some of these signs. If you already have a feeling that he is interested in you, you could be biased. It is not always easy to check these signs. So, take the help of someone very close to you whom you can trust. Let it be a close friend who doesn’t hold any biases. If not, you can take the help of a relationship counsellor. Speaking to a professional can help you get some clarity.

A personal conversation can help.

However, no amount of information would be helpful if you have no clarity on what it feels like. So, apart from signs and signals, try to address the topic directly to get to a conclusion. By doing so, you can be clear about the person’s feelings.
Such conversations must be held in private but not in the presence of others. Also, choose a comfortable place and time before you speak about this, as having a peaceful mind is essential.

He has no feelings for me – what can I do?

It is a truly painful realization that he has no feelings for you. In this situation, there is an option to either accept this or try to get him to notice you. Sometimes, you might need some time before you conclude what you feel. But, as it is clear that you won’t have a future as a couple, there’s no point in pondering over what has happened. Let this take some time to sink in. After all, you cannot force someone to love. It is time to move on. Once you get your head out and refresh your life, you will know something more wonderful is still waiting for you.