What if the job you thought you would love and enjoy more turns out to be a struggle and hell? Maybe,
you are just trying to get along as you know that you need to work, though this wasn’t the ideal. You
might be having the ideas of jumping to some other job or place, but what if that too happens to be the
same as this? So, we suggest you to work on making the same job and place, to make it a better place
for you.
Well, for that you need to have a determination to renew it. As you’re already reading this, it shows that
your first step towards making your work place better is already taken!!

Here are a few things that you need to focus on to make yourself fall in love with your job
Why this Step?
Firstly, remind yourself the reason why you took this job in the first place. What was your idea back then
and what made you take this decision? Try to fill up your mind with positivity and encourage yourself
towards your goal.
Make that List
Make a list of things on what you like the job about and what you don’t like. Now, write a few steps on
what needs to be done to improve those you don’t like. Take some time for this and step away from
biases. Think if there are some other ways to work on them and list them too. Find the simple and easily
approachable way.
For instance, that probing micro management system could be really bothering as you are unable to
focus on what you are doing as you need to give continuous feedbacks. Take out some example
instances that prove this and find your boss in cool mood to grab a personal moment to explain the
things. In some companies, HR manager can be the efficient person in solving them. Step according to
that ease.
De-clutter the Desk

The place where we work affects the way we think. It should be clean, tidy and inspirable. If your desk is
having all the files, papers and other materials scattered, this could eventually disturb your mood and
affect your concentration while working. Clean it up. Put all those necessary files in a drawer and those
unnecessary things in trash can. Sorting the things up could prepare you to sort your work too.
In the same way, put your desktop clean. Sort all those files scattered on the desktop into different
folders and keep it simple and clean with minimum number of icons. Change the wallpaper to a serene
one if it finds fresh and inspiring.
Address It
It is commonly found people whining about their job or boss. Please stop being a victim and do
something about it. Address to the concerned person. Be it an issue in the work or maybe in the work
For example, your desk being near to that entrance or washroom could be distracting. Don’t be silent.
Speak to the concerned official like your supervisor or the HR manager about shifting to somewhere
Make a Gratitude List
If your company is offering salaries and incentives on time without fail and if your company is providing
a stimulating work environment and giving you continuous challenges to grow, enhancing the
opportunities to learn something, be thankful. Prepare a list of things that you should show gratitude
for. This makes you think about the positive aspects of your company and you work environment.
Realistic Goals
Any employee should have some short-term and long-term goals towards his career in the company. Set
your goals to be realistic. If you can finish off a work in a span of 30 days, then announce some 35 days
as your target time. But try to finish it in 28 days. This gives you an immense pleasure in finishing the
work on time and you could also work stress-free.
If your company expects you to work more and sets some unrealistic expectations on the output with a
short time span, make sure you speak with your supervisor to make yourself clear on how unrealistic
those targets are. Clearly state how the effectiveness of the output would be decreased. Then, sit and
work with your supervisor to set realistic goals.
Seek Help
If you’re over-whelmed with your work, never hesitate to discuss with your superior and seek some help
from your colleagues. See if your work can be delegated and schedule tasks so that your workload is
more balanced
Plan a Leap

Try to look out for new advances in your designation. Plan to write an internal exam or join a course so
that you can step ahead in your career. Add worth to what you bring to the job. This would obviously
increase your employer’s respect for you.
Dream Vs Reality
In case you are having some dream job in your mind, give a description of it. Note down the significant
points and compare with your current one to understand how many are already there. See if how many
of the others can also be implemented. If you feel that there is a scope of implementing one or two
ideas of your ideal company, suggest them to your supervisor or HR. If your dream job entails more
responsibilities that you’re not qualified yet, work on that.
If your work feels frustrated or boring, give it a fresh feel. Before starting your day at work, take 5mins
and take a deep breath. Imagine a nice scenic place with all those fresh flowers and their sweet scent
and those waters flowing beside. Imagine yourself being there and fill that feeling in your heart. This
elevates your mood to work.
If you feel tired of doing some boring things in work, you may volunteer to help someone. Try to know
other things and increase the scope of your work. Raise your hands for new assignments and accept
more responsibilities and make your work challenging and get yourself engaged.
In case you feel that work at your workplace is killing away your time and keeping you unproductive,
take permission to work from home. Change your place of work and give yourself a break from the
routine. Work from home or your garden with no boss hovering over you. This lets you finish your task
in a better way.
Find Joy
Mingle with your colleagues and find joy around the edges. Try to form a musical /extra circular
activity/sports group and spend some extra time on improving your other skills. Having some time for
emotional wellbeing is very important for any person.
Expand your network
Get to know other people in your office, meet the people from other departments. You will see how
many others are also facing the same issues in your company. Interact with them to know how they are
dealing with those issues and see if those tips could be useful for you.
Kick it

Kick the stress with a Thai massage. If your health insurance covers or your office’s employee health
policies offers some massage, acupuncture or gym memberships, go ahead and avail them. There might
be benefits that you are not aware of. Use them and feel good.
Stay in Present
To keep yourself from getting cornered or centered in your office, be mindful at your work. Keep
focused and be away from social media during your work hours to be an efficient employee. Before
expecting something in return from the office, you should give your cent percent performance, right?
Hence be focused and turn off all your distractions.
Laugh More
Last, but not least. Laugh more and be happy all the while. Take compliments and give generously to
your colleagues. Let not that smile on your face fade away. Be confident and maintain positive attitude.
In case you are going through any stress, anxiety or depression, and if you need any emotional support,
to help you come out of it, our adept psychologists are always available. Book an appointment to seek
an expert help.

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