Is Online Marital Counselling Best Therapy? | Uses of Online Marital Counselling

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 27, 2021

Online counseling services are the provision for psychological health services via internet and telephone. The use of online counseling services has become far more popular of social media, online business and
virtual employment. Currently technology has been the biggest boon for everyone in every aspect. Lately, a large number of people have been seeking relationship advice online.

There are various counseling websites offering advice regarding relationship queries, Q&A sessions and video consultations as well. But one question that looms everyone’s mind is, “Will it work? Would it make the situation much worse? Will it be effective? Or will it be time consuming?”

Why is Online Marriage Counselling the Best therapy?

Now-a-days, online counseling has become much more convenient. Both the therapist and the client would have convenience in responding to each other without any difficulties at a range of variant times. This type of counseling would definitely be hassle free in scheduling and setting appointments. This also makes the counselor to being able to extend their services.

Comparison of Online vs. In-Person Marital Counseling

FeatureOnline CounselingIn-Person Counseling
AccessibilityHigh (accessible anywhere with an internet connection)Limited (subject to geographical constraints and availability of therapists in the area)
ConvenienceFlexible scheduling allows for sessions to be booked at times that suit the couple’s lifestyle, including evenings and weekends.Fixed scheduling, with appointments typically during regular business hours, requiring couples to adjust their schedules accordingly.
ComfortSessions can be conducted from the comfort and privacy of the couple’s home, potentially making it easier to open up about personal issues.Therapy takes place in a clinical setting, which may not feel as comfortable or private to some individuals, potentially affecting their willingness to share.
AnonymityOffers a greater level of privacy, as there is no risk of being seen entering or leaving a therapist’s office. This might encourage more people to seek help.Less private, as attending therapy in person can lead to concerns about being seen by others, which might deter some individuals from seeking necessary help.
CostOften lower due to reduced overhead costs for the therapist (e.g., no need for physical office space). This can make therapy more accessible to a wider range of people.Often higher due to the therapist’s overhead costs, such as rent for office space, which can be a barrier for some couples seeking help.

To make your online counseling work, the partners need to take care of the following things.

Woman taking Online counselling
Woman taking Online counselling
  • Always make sure that you take up sessions for counseling from a professional trained in relationship counseling. Because many fresh graduates have great knowledge theoretically but practical wise they lack in the area. Henceforth, an experienced psychologist is the best medication to all the psychological illnesses.
  • Always need to be anonymous, which gives you more confidence in sharing problems, without being scared to be judged by the societal norms.
  • Don’t start too late which would lead the couple away from the path as time is everything to bring back the relationship to the right path.
  • Nothing can change unless the couple has the urge on its own to go to counseling and the result of session only shows when the couple works on after counseling sessions.
  • Take few sessions before deciding whether it’s working or not. Jot down the after session developments in the relationship which shows and give a sincere try out.

Discover the benefits of online family counseling for addressing broader relational issues.

Does Marriage Counseling Work?

In every aspect, it’s a huge question, but it is a dependent question in reality. There are so many factors considered that, even if we considering to answer in general whether marriage counseling works or not. Even though people said, “Yes, marriage counseling does work out for a relationship”, there are still people who would say a no.

Most of the couples after huge arguments when they drift apart, this common question always crops up. All relationships have ups and downs. It’s hardly known whether it’s a rough phase in a relationship or it’s rather a very serious matter that isn’t going to change on its own.

Marriage counseling does becomes a requirement when;

  • There are longstanding patterns where the partners trying to change the differences and arguments, it again goes back to same old situations.
  • When there is repeatedly a failure in being empathetic towards each other. Unable to understand and unable to emotionally support each other.
  • When there is relationship crisis, which can be a situation to either of the partners a traumatized one.
  • When productive communication becomes dominant in the relationship.
Counsellor providing online counselling
Counsellor providing online counselling

Success Factors for Online Marital Counseling

CommitmentBoth partners must be fully committed to the counseling process for it to be successful. This means being willing to participate in sessions regularly and keep an open mind towards the advice and strategies provided by the counselor.
Active ParticipationActive engagement in the therapy process is crucial. This includes not only talking during sessions but also actively listening to one’s partner, participating in exercises or homework assigned by the therapist, and being willing to explore different aspects of the relationship in a constructive manner.
Open CommunicationA key to effective counseling is the ability to share feelings, thoughts, and concerns openly during sessions. This transparency allows the therapist to understand the dynamics of the relationship fully and tailor advice and strategies that address the couple’s unique challenges.
Follow-throughThe effectiveness of counseling doesn’t end when the session is over. Couples need to apply the strategies, tools, and insights provided by the therapist in their daily interactions. Consistent follow-through on these action items is essential for seeing tangible improvements in the relationship.

Process of Marriage Counseling

The process of marriage counseling is where the couples during their counseling process open up and vent out their feelings, insecurities, and their specified areas of happiness. Counselor also focuses on nature of interactions while presenting the issues to the partner and also attempting in dealing to help out with the problems.

In area of process of counseling, the counselor basically assesses the effectiveness in aspects of communication with each other and efficiency in problem solving

Know more about the Relationship Counselling Online

Dynamics of Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling or Divorce counseling or any other factor considered for counseling varies for each couple.

Variation in personal and practical factors: In this level, how understanding and receptive you are to your partner, after attending sessions with the marriage counselor and how good the partners are saving the marriage.

Arising of problems from disagreement: In this situation, marriage counseling would only work, when, the couple would attend marriage counseling with the intention of discovering what has caused the problems to drift apart from each other.

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Counselor seeking out the cause of the problem: Intention of any counselor would be to find out the root cause and fix the problem. The marriage counselor would basically examine all the reasons thoroughly. This is being done so that the false assumptions made by the partner are being checked out to be true or not. The marriage counselor tries to find out if there is any way to save the relationship.

Counseling leads both back to the previous stage: Many marriages fall apart due to illness, gap in communication or depression, etc. If both the partners think that they can commit to the relationship and make it work irrespective of all the difficulties, then the marriage would definitely work out.

It is often heard between a couple having issues that “We know the problem but don’t know how to fix it.” Well, it’s certainly time to take expert help. An experienced marriage counsellor can help you get your situations better. Although you are unable to find out where the problem is, a good counsellor can make you realize what is lacking in your relationship that can make you a great couple.

Our wellnesshub experts are here to help you make your marital life more meaningful. Undergoing online counseling can be the best medicine you both should have. You may now make a free instant call and talk to a therapist if you really need marital counseling, or you may also book an appointment at your convenient time. Go ahead and make your dreams come true.


Online marriage counseling is like a helpful friend on the internet for couples who are having a tough time talking to each other or feeling happy together. Think of it as chatting with a wise person who knows a lot about solving friendship problems, but you can do it from your cozy living room couch!

The Wellness Hub is a special place on the internet where this wise person (the counselor) can chat with you and your partner. It’s great because you don’t have to travel anywhere; you can just turn on your computer and start fixing things in your relationship. This friend (the counselor) has learned a lot about helping people get along better, so they can give you good advice and fun activities to try together.

Remember, it’s like when you and your friend are trying to build a lego castle together; both of you need to agree on what you’re building and share the bricks. The counselor is there to make sure you both have fun building your castle (your relationship) and find the best way to do it together.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Online Marital Counseling?

Online marital counseling is a modern approach to therapy that allows couples to receive professional relationship advice and support via the internet. It includes video consultations, Q&A sessions, and other digital communication methods, offering a convenient and accessible way for couples to work on their relationship issues.

2. How Effective is Online Marital Counseling?

Online marital counseling can be highly effective, especially when both partners are committed to the process and actively participate in the sessions. It offers the flexibility to communicate with a therapist at convenient times, making it easier to address and resolve relationship issues.

3. What are the Benefits of Online Marital Counseling?

The benefits of online marital counseling include convenience, flexibility in scheduling, anonymity, and access to a wide range of experienced therapists. It allows couples to seek help without the constraints of traditional face-to-face sessions, making therapy more accessible for everyone.

4. How Do I Choose the Right Online Marital Counselor?

Choosing the right online marital counselor involves looking for a professional trained and experienced in relationship counseling. It’s important to select a counselor who is a good fit for both partners, ensuring that they feel comfortable and supported throughout the counseling process.

5. Can Online Marital Counseling Save My Marriage?

While online marital counseling has the potential to help couples resolve their issues and save their marriage, success largely depends on the couple’s willingness to work on their relationship and follow through with the therapist’s recommendations. It can provide valuable tools and insights, but the outcome also relies on the couple’s efforts outside of sessions.

6. How Long Does Online Marital Counseling Take to Show Results?

The timeline for seeing results from online marital counseling varies depending on the couple’s specific issues and their commitment to the therapy process. Some couples may notice improvements relatively quickly, while others may require more time to work through deeper issues. Consistency and open communication with the counselor are key factors in achieving positive outcomes.

7. Is Online Marital Counseling Confidential?

Yes, online marital counseling is confidential. Reputable online counseling platforms and professionals adhere to strict privacy policies and use secure communication channels to ensure that all sessions and shared information remain private between the counselor and the couple.

8. How Can I Get Started with Online Marital Counseling?

To get started with online marital counseling, research reputable counseling platforms or professionals specializing in marital therapy. Look for services that offer the flexibility, confidentiality, and experienced therapists you need. Most platforms will guide you through the process of setting up an initial consultation or session.

9. What Should I Expect During an Online Marital Counseling Session?

During an online marital counseling session, couples can expect to discuss the issues affecting their relationship in a safe, supportive environment. The therapist may ask questions to understand the couple’s dynamics, communication patterns, and specific challenges. Sessions typically involve open dialogue, with the therapist guiding the conversation and providing tools and strategies to help the couple improve their relationship. The format can vary, including video calls, voice chats, or messaging, depending on the platform and the couple’s preference.

10. Are There Any Drawbacks to Online Marital Counseling?

While online marital counseling offers many benefits, there are potential drawbacks to consider. These may include challenges related to technology, such as internet connectivity issues or limitations in expressing emotions through digital platforms. Additionally, some couples may find it harder to establish a personal connection with their therapist online compared to in-person sessions. It’s important for couples to weigh these factors and choose a counseling format that best meets their needs and comfort levels.

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