Online counseling services are the provision for psychological health services via internet and telephone.
The use of online counseling services has become far more popular of social media, online business and
virtual employment.
Currently technology has been the biggest boon for everyone in every aspect. Lately, a large number of
people have been seeking relationship advice online. There are various counseling websites offering
advice regarding relationship queries, Q&A sessions and video consultations as well. But one question
that looms everyone’s mind is, “Will it work? Would it make the situation much worse? Will it be
effective? Or will it be time consuming?”
Why is Online Marriage Counseling the Best therapy?
Now-a-days, online counseling has become much more convenient. Both the therapist and the client
would have convenience in responding to each other without any difficulties at a range of variant times.
This type of counseling would definitely be hassle free in scheduling and setting appointments. This also
makes the counselor to being able to extend their services.
To make your online counseling work, the partners need to take care of the following things.
 Always make sure that you take up sessions for counseling from a professional trained in
relationship counseling. Because many fresh graduates have great knowledge theoretically but
practical wise they lack in the area. Henceforth, an experienced psychologist is the best
medication to all the psychological illnesses.
 Always need to be anonymous, which gives you more confidence in sharing problems, without
being scared to be judged by the societal norms.
 Don’t start too late which would lead the couple away from the path as time is everything to
bring back the relationship to the right path.
 Nothing can change unless the couple has the urge on its own to go to counseling and the result
of session only shows when the couple works on after counseling sessions.
 Take few sessions before deciding whether it’s working or not. Jot down the after session
developments in the relationship which shows and give a sincere try out.

Does Marriage Counseling Work?
In every aspect it’s a huge question but in reality it is a dependent question.
There are so many factors considered that, even if we considering to answer in general whether
marriage counseling works or not. Even though people said, “Yes, marriage counseling does work out for
a relationship”, there are still people who would say a no.
Most of the couples after huge arguments when they drift apart, this common question always crops up.
All relationships have ups and downs. It’s hardly known whether it’s a rough phase in a relationship or
it’s rather a very serious matter that isn’t going to change on its own.
Marriage counseling does becomes a requirement when;
 There are longstanding patterns where the partners trying to change the differences and
arguments, it again goes back to same old situations.
 When there is repeatedly a failure in being empathetic towards each other. Unable to
understand and unable to emotionally support each other.
 When there is relationship crisis, which can be a situation to either of the partners a
traumatized one.
 When productive communication becomes dominant in the relationship.
Process of Marriage Counseling
The process of marriage counseling is where the couples during their counseling process open up and
vent out their feelings, insecurities, and their specified areas of happiness. Counselor also focuses on
nature of interactions while presenting the issues to the partner and also attempting in dealing to help
out with the problems.
In area of process of counseling, the counselor basically assesses the effectiveness in aspects of:
 Communication with each other
 Efficiency in problem solving

Dynamics of Marriage Counseling
Marriage counseling or Divorce counseling or any other factor considered for counseling varies for each
 Variation in personal and practical factors: In this level, how understanding and receptive you
are to your partner, after attending sessions with the marriage counselor and how good the
partners are saving the marriage.
 Arising of problems from disagreement: In this situation, marriage counseling would only work,
when, the couple would attend marriage counseling with the intention of discovering what has
caused the problems to drift apart from each other.

 Counselor seeking out the cause of the problem: Intention of any counselor would be to find
out the root cause and fix the problem. The marriage counselor would basically examine all the
reasons thoroughly. This is being done so that the false assumptions made by the partner are
being checked out to be true or not. The marriage counselor tries to find out if there is any way
to save the relationship.
 Counseling leads both back to the previous stage: Many marriages fall apart due to illness, gap
in communication or depression, etc. If both the partners think that they can commit to the
relationship and make it work irrespective of all the difficulties, then the marriage would
definitely work out.

It is often heard between couple having issues that “We know the problem but don’t know how to fix
it.” Well, it’s certainly the time to take an expert help. An experienced marriage counsellor can help you
get your situations better. Although you are unable to find out where the problem is, a good counsellor
can make you realize what is lacking in your relationship that can make you a great couple.
Our wellness experts are here to help you make your marital life more meaningful. Undergoing online
counseling can be the best medicine you both should have. You may now make a free instant call and
talk to a therapist if you really need marital counseling, or you may also book an appointment at your
convenient time. Go ahead and make your dreams come true.

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