It is often said that “ A circle of strength, founded on faith, joined in love is called a family, which is
gifted by god”. Family is where the home is. The tranquility that makes the mind rest with complete
trust and happiness is what a family ensures. When the peace of such a beautiful home is being broken
by some factors which could be external or internal, it’s our sincere duty to repair them and set
everything. Any fissures that are affecting the foundation of love that’s keeping this home together are
to be attended as immediate as possible.

Need for counseling

It could be the ego, anger or the pressurized circumstances that could result in harsh words or actions.
Such unwanted reactions could affect the healthy environment a lot. Be it the differences between
siblings, between parents or between parents and children or the other family members, the resultant
effect will be the same, an inconvenient air that suffocates the bonding. This is where the need of
counseling arises. Counselling is a form of talk between the client (person seeking help) and the
counsellor (the person providing professional psychological services). Counseling is a discussion about
the problems faced by the client and is aimed at finding solutions and helping the client cope with the
associated stress. Family counseling helps in resolving the issues in a family with the co-operation of the
family members. The clients are the family members with whom the counselor prefers to discuss one to
one and together also, depending upon the problem they face. Consultant psychologists or Counsellors
are the professional experts who suggest best techniques and ways to solve any kind of psychological
issues in a family.
It is very common for every human being to discuss a personal problem with the friends or family or any
trusted person whom they would like to seek a solution from. But if such ways didn’t work, it’s the time
for seeking a professional help. A professional psychological counsellor is the one who has no prejudice
on the client issues and who provides a genuine help by protecting the anonymity of the client.

What is Family Counseling?

Family counseling is a form of psychotherapy that intends to reduce the distress and conflict that affect
the psychological health of the family by improving the systems of interaction between the family
members to solve family problems, understand and handle special family issues like death of a closed
family member, serious physical and mental issues, child or adolescent issues etc.
The issues in your family can affect all areas of your family member’s lives. When it feels that the
problems are getting too big to handle, it’s better to consult a family psychologist, to seek the help to
manage struggles, conflicts and challenges. “In our home, we used to argue with each other rather than
talking. After counseling sessions, we learned to communicate better than before, without hurting each
other’s feelings and building a home together” says a happy family man. Counselors help the family
members recognize their patterns, build their strengths and develop alternatives, by interacting
separately with all the family members and knowing where the problem is!!


“My son always used to argue with us and treat us like enemies. We being parents always used to worry
about the bonding in our home. With the help of family counselling, we now understood how to look at
the adolescent issues from all the perspectives. Our family is happier than ever” admits a mother.

Why is Online family counselling helpful?

Counseling helps to unite the family. Online counseling is helpful if all the family members are at
different places and need to talk to the counselor together. If someone out of the family, who has an
influence on the family, needs to be approached, then online counseling provides a way to get
connected with that someone so as to discuss a point, being at a remote place.
The issues that arise in a family could be like
 Conflict between the family members: A miscommunication that arises in between an
argument could mean something else to the receivers and could hurt their feelings. This could
give raise to further harsh talks, which finally may result in the breakage of bonds.
 Financial problems and issues: Few things may seem important for someone in the family while
some other things might seem urgent for someone else. While everyone has their own ideas on
spending the monthly income, the real needs might not be attended. But differences of opinions
and the urge to have the favorite things could create financial issues in the family.

 Difficulties between siblings in house: Siblings are always messy and pugnacious in nature. But
when such silly fights become serious that they start hating each other and express it in face, or
one child suffers the monopoly of the other, it’s better to take an expert help in resolving those
issues without getting the order-like parenting thing in between. This saves the peace and
hormony in the family. Child counseling can also be suggested by the psychologists if they feel
the necessity.
 Caring for a family member with special needs: When you have a family member who has
special needs to be attended all the time, there will be issues like unable to go out frequently or
take some sudden decisions or having issues with privacy of other family members or inviting
friends etc. that everyone won’t be willing to accept.
 A family member’s mental illness or death in family: A sudden demise of a closely knitted
family member or the head of the family, or may be a sudden accident which made a close
family member mentally ill or physically paralyzed, is a great and sudden blow to the family. It
affects the family financially, emotionally and even socially sometimes. A psychological
counselor can help you to come out of that melancholic thoughts and get back into your normal
 Difference of opinions: It is a common thing that no two people have same opinions everytime.
We usually compromise or calculate what’s logical or better for that moment and go
accordingly. But if these differences of opinions are drastically far beyond any expectations, like
almost the north and south poles, then there’s going to be a conflict in every silly issue. Mostly
when it hits the ego of the individuals or when both are stubborn on their views or ideas.
 Substance abuse and addiction: In most cases, when the father or any other member of the
family gets addicted to drinking or smoking, the family has to bear a lot of issues like health and
financial issues. Smoking affects the health of family members too. Addiction and substance
abuse like using drugs, weed, coke etc. by teenage kids is also a big problem, which could be
treated by counselors during initial levels.
 Infidelity: Unable to resist the temptation or attraction towards opposite sex could let you into
numerous family problems. Mostly, no parent likes to be a bad example for their kid. If you are
unable to control thoughts towards a particular person in your locality or work place or
somewhere around, or if you got addicted to watching porn much, it’s very helpful to seek an
expert help, where you get a perfect solution as anonimity and confidentiality are completely
maintained here.
 Separation or divorce (issues for single mom or dad): Handling a major change like seperation
or taking divorce from your spouse could leave you shaken. If you are a parent, this could be
even more tough to handle, because of the mixed feeling going in you. Have a word with a

psychological expert who could help you come out of it, without having any kind of pre-judices
and categorizing you.
 Children behavioral problems: Children could change their behaviour as they are getting
exposed to the world each day. Some grow to be arrogant while some to be careless. Some start
neglecting the parents and studies while some neglect everything and do as they like. There
could be many factors like puberty, society, hormonal changes, social media, friends etc. that
affect them. Child counseling or Adolescent counseling will be beneficial in handling such cases.
 Communication issues etc.: Communication between the family members, if is not being
proper, could break the bondage in family making the home like hell. If miscommunication,
yelling and complaining are being the daily routines, a psychological counsellor could help your
family get reunited again. Family counseling helps a lot in bridging the gaps.

Online family counseling could help you seeking the advise of an expert counselor while being at your
comfort place. An online family counseling is helpful when all the family members are at different places
and you cannot make out time to go down to meet the psychologist in person. Any problem gets
intensified, when procrastinated. Any rigid issue gets easily solved with the help of an expert counselor.
Reach Wellness Hub for any kind of family issues.

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