Relationship factors: 10 things that are more important in a relationship than sex

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: January 29, 2023

Have you ever wondered about what keeps a relationship running smoothly? People often wonder why some relationships fail while some stay strong for years. But we often forget that little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Sex is one of the ten most important things in a relationship than sex. All these together essentially form the basis of a relationship. A couple’s relationship becomes stronger when all these elements are focused on.

You might question me, “What if there’s a lack of sex in a relationship?” Sexless marriages or relationships are troublesome, but even that relationship gets stronger if certain important things are taken care of. The chances of improving your sex life also improve when these things are focused on. Hence these things become more important than sex in a relationship.

What is important in a relationship?
What is important in a relationship?

These things are more important in a relationship than sex

Of course, sex is important in a relationship. Couple relationships often get strained due to the lack of sex. But there are other things as well that needs maintenance for a happy relationship. Let us have a look at them.

1. Open communication

Be free and frank with your partner. Share as much as possible and exchange ideas often to better understand. For lasting happiness, the relationship should be as close as possible without restricting the other. Our unspoken rules and attitudes towards certain things send a kind of restricting message to our partner. If open communication exists, such blockages will not suffer the relationship.

2. Happiness in relationship

In a relationship, mutual happiness is important. Happiness is never complete without having your partner relish it completely. Become aware of your happiness and share it with your partner. Tell how you feel and why it makes you feel so. This enjoyment gets doubled if shared and enjoyed together.

3. Sticking to each other

We don’t mean that you should do everything absolutely together. Every person in this world is different in certain aspects from others. Commonly, our partner has varied interests. Even though you have zero interest in that genre, you can always support your partner. You can give importance to your partner’s ideas and interests. A relationship needs to have a mutual feeling of support for each other.

4. Befriend your partner

People often say that you should marry a friend. But being friends with your partner helps your relationship in the long run. No relationship issues would occur if you could be a team and cooperate well like best friends. Understanding and cooperating make you the best pair.

5. Relationship is Trust

In case there is any kind of infidelity issues between you both, it becomes difficult to trust your partner. But if there exists a doubt that your partner might cheat on you in the long run, that becomes a problem. Having blind faith is often helpful for both. Trusting your partner is important in a relationship.

If there are any infidelity issues, it is good to talk to each other openly. Arguments will not work at all. An argument involves emotions, while a discussion involves sharing information. If it gets difficult for you to trust your partner and to handle the tensions, then make sure to take the help of a psychologist or relationship therapist.

Important things in a relationship than sex
Important things in a relationship than sex

6. Gifting New experiences

During the initial days of a relationship, it is common to experience the feeling of butterflies. But as the days go on, this feeling gets weaker and weaker. We start taking the existence of our partner for granted. With this, we don’t feel like adding any extra effort to make the evenings special. But surprising the partner with small gifts occasionally and gifting new experiences can rejuvenate the relationship.

7. Listen more

For a good relationship, empathy towards your partner is important. Whenever a difference of opinion arises, try to think from your partner’s perspective. It helps you understand what they mean when they say something. Listening more is a good habit for a better relationship. Also, rather than arguing your point, say it calmly, logically and analytically to make your partner understand.

8. Laugh together

Having a good time with your loved ones will increase mental peace and efficiency. A good sense of humour attracts people around. Having fun moments with family or your partner can increase bonding. Make it a point to keep everything vibrant and active when you are around. It is important to keep the people in our life happy. And, when you both share laughter, those moments get brighter.

9. Never take them for granted

Once people get into a committed relationship, they think the partner will stay there for them, anyways. Giving importance to career and other things can often decrease a partner’s interest. And this slowly makes you drift towards any other way, which can lead to cracks in a relationship. Hence it is important to feel grateful for having them in your life. Developing gratitude can help you to understand their perspective in a better way. Such an understanding keeps the relationship healthy.

10. Apologize when needed

Many couples fight due to ego issues. If an argument arises and a person knows inside that there could be some mistake on their part, they should apologize. This apology need not be so dramatic. Rather, it should be analytic. You can clearly explain why you felt so and what has happened. In the same way, the partner should be able to patiently wait and listen to understand and approve the apology. The relationship suffers if the ego comes in between and nobody wants to draw their foot back.

If you think it is impossible to have a good relationship though you do all this, you need to understand where the issue lies. A relationship expert or a relationship therapist can help you in this regard. Every relationship needs some work from both partners. Know what you need to do for the betterment of your relationship. Book an appointment with your relationship expert soon!