Good habits for your relationship

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 26, 2022

Are there any determinants that can reveal if you will be happy in your relationship? To answer this, many of us try to put in our ideas. People suggest having a good time together, working on similar interests, having fun, having mutual respect and understanding and so on. Yes, of course! They are all crucial factors that contribute to a great relationship. Well, what are these good habits that we are discussing? How will these good habits of a relationship help us? Let’s go on to explore.
Building a solid and harmonious relationship requires daily maintenance for that relationship. In our everyday life, some things fuel the relationship for smooth running. Suppose, you bring every necessary item in the house, but systematically “forget” to thank your wife for a deliciously prepared dinner, or even don’t appreciate its taste. Then, such a habit of yours will sooner or later play a cruel joke on you. Yes, for a better relationship, what you do daily is essential. It is what we call a Habit. Some good habits are necessary for your relationship.

Which habits are suitable for your relationship?

We all have a bunch of habits that we carry out unnoticing. As they say, whatever we perform daily turns into a habit which shapes our character. Our character, in turn, designs our destiny. Hence, our habits make our life, making our relationships meaningful.

A couple having a conversation over coffee
A couple having a conversation over coffee

With a Good day

Saying hello or bye just from lips is different from hugging the person and wishing it heart fully. You may notice the difference in the glow of their eyes. You may try it all by yourself to realize the change it brings. If you can make this a habit, it can increase your emotional and physical connection.

Need Something?

Make it a note to ask your spouse or partner if they need your time or if something needs to be done. See if a little help you do can make their day. These questions help them feel so supportive. Also, if you need anything, develop the habit of putting it straight. No criticism, comments, sarcasm, indirect hints, nothing but straight request that you need something. Because nobody wants to be clueless in a relationship, better communication is necessary.

Have a talk

When both of you find time, it is good to open up and express what you have accumulated during the day. This habit will allow you not to accumulate negative emotions and feelings in a relationship. It is good to solve everything on the spot. But for this, both of you need to communicate correctly with each other.

Together in Bed

Never sleep apart. At least, as much as possible, sleep together in the same bed. No, this is not about sex. Being so close to each other, cuddling, and having small talk before bed, releases chemicals like oxytocin that improve your emotional closeness. It is necessary for a relationship.

Say Thanks!

Suppose your partner has prepared a delicious lunch, cleaned the room, folded your washed clothes, or mopped the floor; never forget to thank them. It is important to make a habit of thanking even for the little things. There will always be a reason!

Say Sorry!

If you have hurt your partner, don’t hesitate to apologize. If your partner needs some explanation, even if you did nothing wrong, explain with patience. Never argue. Because raising your voice would never make a statement right!

Couple having a good time
Couple having a good time

Say Hello!

Let your partner know that you’re thinking of them. If you are at your office, you may ask your partner if they had lunch when you are about to have it. Just a mere remembering won’t do. The affection will be conveyed if you send a message or simple emoticon. Give them something to recall about you now and then. But, of course, overdoing is never good.

Take a Walk

Walking hand in hand is a good habit. It inspires a sense of togetherness. When you both walk along, walking in the same sequence of steps, helps to adapt to the other. It creates a feeling of togetherness in both.

Is it New?

If your partner is going to do something for the first time or taking up a new project, wish them all the best. Make it a habit of asking them not just how they are doing, but also how he or she feels about what they are doing. Even if it is about their daily job or routine task, it is good to have them talk about it. Such talks reduce mental stress if they have any, which means being free of emotional burdens.

Holiday together

Every couple needs their private space. Though you have children or maybe you are in middle age, ensure that you spend some time together. Have a vacation once every six months. Everyone deserves a happy time!

Plant a fun note!

Do something funny or surprising for your partner, once in a while. From planting a kiss on the cheek suddenly to writing a love note to them or giving a surprising twist to their daily tasks, they would make a day! Be cheerful and keep them happy too.

Shower Compliments

Whenever it is apt, shower compliments on your partner. Make a habit of complimenting genuinely and wholeheartedly. Enjoy the blush!


Make it a habit of playing together at least once or twice a week. Have some fun, fool around, relax, laugh together and have a happy time. Taking such breaks once in a while is essential for mental health.

Bright side

Make it a point to focus on your partner’s good deeds rather than their mistakes. Even if you discuss the mistakes, let that be a smooth suggestion, not a hurting sarcasm. Focusing on their positive side creates a feeling of inner gratitude and a deep sense of security.

Handle Conflicts

Everybody has differences from the other person. But never let a conflict of opinions affect the person or the relationship. That conflict should get confined to that particular aspect only. Make sure that whatever differences are present, always let your partner know that you love, appreciate, and respect them. Be proactive in making mutually agreeable amendments.

Plan it together

Always plan your future plans together. Never do it alone or pass an order that you’re going to do something and it is perfect. Try to discuss things and share both of your ideas. Basically, whatever it is, plan it together.

A Couple planning finances together
A Couple planning finances together

All these are various good habits for a relationship. Along with them, having quality time together, talking about good times, and communicating properly can help you both improve your relationship. Communication doesn’t only mean speaking about something. It includes both verbal and non-verbal communication. Improve how you express your love, care, and concern towards your partner verbally and non-verbally. Improving your habits towards your relationship can make it stronger day by day. If you have any relationship issues and are still unable to resolve them, never hesitate to approach a relationship counsellor.