How do You Know You’re Marrying the Right Person?

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 27, 2021

Is it okay to learn that the person you married isn’t good enough for you, or if you are not the right pair or maybe this marriage can never work for you both once you are married? I’m sure this would be one of the worst nightmares for anyone that would be looking forward to getting married soon. Be it the person whom you are already dating or the one that you have known for many days, it generally triggers a slight fear or kind of inhibition on what your life will be like after the marriage.

Marrying the right person is not just about finding love but about building a partnership that can withstand the tests of time, challenges, and changes that life inevitably brings. It’s about finding that one person who complements you, shares your dreams and values, and stands by you, making the journey of life richer and more fulfilling.

In many places like India, people often marry the person whom their parents want them to. After having many checks like caste, creed, and financial status etc. parents also check their children’s horoscopes to see if they match to help the marriage be better and stay longer, in fact, forever. But, we keep hearing about the instances where the marriages end up in fights and tears. Why does this happen? What can you do to avoid such situation in your life? Well, the best solution to break down such a big hurdle that blurs your future is pre-marital counseling.

Couple rings showing a marital commitment
Couple rings showing a marital commitment

Understanding the Essence of Marriage

When we think of marriage, our minds often leap to the splendor of the wedding day—the vows exchanged under a flower-laden archway, the clinking glasses at the reception, and the first dance under a canopy of lights. Yet, the essence of marriage transcends these fleeting moments of celebration. It’s the quiet mornings shared over coffee, the whispered secrets in the dark, and the steadfast support through life’s inevitable trials. Marriage is about the journey that begins after the last guest has departed and the wedding dress is carefully stored away. It’s about building a life together, not just a day.

Envisioning a shared future is at the heart of this lifelong partnership. It’s about dreaming together, setting goals that extend beyond the individual to the collective. Whether it’s buying a home, traveling to distant lands, or nurturing a family, these shared visions form the blueprint of your life together. They guide your steps through both the joyous dances and the challenging storms, imbuing your journey with purpose and direction.

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The Foundation of a Healthy Relationship

The true strength of a marriage lies not in the grandeur of its beginning but in the foundation on which it’s built. This foundation is comprised of trust, respect, honor, and commitment—each element crucial in its own right. Trust is the assurance that you can be vulnerable with your partner, knowing your heart is safe in their hands. Respect is the acknowledgment of each other’s inherent worth, ensuring that every interaction is infused with dignity. Honor is the steadfast commitment to uphold the values you cherish together, even when faced with temptation or strife. And commitment is the unwavering dedication to walk through life together, come what may.

However, laying such a foundation is not without its challenges. This is where the role of pre-marital counseling becomes invaluable. It offers a safe space to explore the strengths and areas for growth within your relationship, ensuring that your foundation is as robust as possible before you embark on the journey of marriage. Counseling can help couples understand and appreciate their differences, communicate more effectively, and plan for the future with clarity and confidence.

Build a solid foundation with Wellness Hub’s counseling services

At Wellness Hub, we recognize the importance of this foundational work and offer counseling services designed to support couples in building strong, healthy relationships from the start. Whether you’re just beginning to consider marriage or are already engaged, our pre-marital counseling services provide the tools and insights needed to ensure your partnership is built on a solid foundation.

Compatibility and Shared Values

When embarking on a lifelong journey with someone, it’s crucial to ensure that your compasses point in the same direction. This doesn’t mean you must agree on everything, but having aligned life goals and values is like laying a strong foundation for a skyscraper—it’s essential for stability and growth. Why is this alignment so important, you ask? Because these are the very threads that will weave the fabric of your shared life.

Conversations on Life’s Big Questions

Before you take the plunge, it’s important to dive deep into conversations that matter. Do you both dream of having children? If so, how do you envision raising them? What roles do religion and spirituality play in your lives? Are your financial values in harmony, and how do you see yourselves living day-to-day? These discussions can be eye-opening, revealing not just shared paths but also how you might navigate the differences that every couple encounters.

Couple having intimate moments
Couple having intimate moments

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Comparing Values and Goals

Value/Goal AreaDiscussion Prompt/Question
ChildrenHow many children, if any, do we envision having?
FinancesWhat are our goals for saving and spending?
LifestyleWhat kind of lifestyle do we aspire to live (urban, suburban, rural)?
ReligionHow important is religion in our lives and how do we practice it?
CareerWhere do we see ourselves in our careers in the next 5-10 years?
EducationWhat value do we place on education for ourselves and potential children?
RecreationWhat hobbies and leisure activities do we enjoy individually and as a couple?
Health and FitnessHow do we prioritize health and fitness in our daily lives?
Family ObligationsHow do we balance our time between family obligations and our relationship?
TravelHow often do we wish to travel, and what are our dream destinations?
Home OwnershipDo we aspire to own a home, and if so, what does our ideal home look like?
RetirementAt what age do we envision retiring, and what do we imagine our retirement to look like?

The Joy of Togetherness

Imagine your life as a tapestry, woven from threads of shared moments, laughter, challenges, and achievements. The joy of togetherness lies not just in the grand adventures but in the quiet moments that fill the spaces in between. It’s in these moments that the strength of your bond is truly tested and proven.

Cherishing Each Other’s Company

The significance of enjoying each other’s company cannot be overstated. Whether it’s a passion for the outdoors, a love for culinary adventures, or simply finding peace in each other’s silence, shared activities become the milestones of your journey together. They are opportunities to create memories, learn, grow, and, most importantly, to understand each other on a deeper level.

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Friendship: The Heart of a Romantic Relationship

At the core of every enduring romantic relationship is a profound friendship. This is the sanctuary where you find support, understanding, and an unbreakable bond. A true friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you’ve forgotten the words. In love, this friendship means accepting each other wholly, celebrating each other’s successes, and standing together in the face of challenges.

Communication and Emotional Intelligence

In the tapestry of marriage, the threads of communication and emotional intelligence are golden. Effective communication is not merely about exchanging information; it’s about understanding the emotion and intentions behind the words. A positive outlook towards each other fosters an environment where both partners feel heard, understood, and valued.

Cultivating a Positive Dialogue

Imagine your relationship as a garden. Just as plants thrive on sunlight and water, your partnership flourishes with positivity and healthy communication. This involves listening not just to respond, but to understand. It’s about expressing your needs and desires in a way that builds bridges, not walls. Remember, it’s not about winning an argument, but understanding each other’s perspectives.

Navigating Conflicts with Emotional Intelligence

Emotionally intelligent couples recognize that conflicts are a part of every healthy relationship. However, it’s how you manage these conflicts that matters. Such couples approach disagreements with a mindset of resolving them together, maintaining a positive regard for each other even in the heat of the moment. They use conflicts as opportunities to understand each other better and to strengthen their bond.

Navigate conflicts with emotional intelligence using Wellness Hub’s resources.

Love, Acceptance, and Commitment

At the heart of a lasting marriage are love, acceptance, and commitment. Loving and accepting your partner wholly includes embracing their strengths as well as their flaws. It’s about seeing the beauty in their imperfections and valuing them for who they are, not who you want them to be.

Embracing Unconditional Love

True love transcends the superficial. It is deep, unconditional, and all-encompassing. It means standing by your partner through the highs and lows, celebrating their successes, and supporting them through their failures. This kind of love fosters a safe space where both partners can grow individually and as a couple.

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The Depth of Commitment

Commitment is the anchor of a strong marriage. It’s the promise to walk through life together, come what may. This deep-seated commitment is what sees couples through the inevitable storms of life. It’s not just about staying together because of a vow but choosing each other every day, again and again.

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Recognizing Red Flags and Dealing with Differences

In the journey of love and partnership, not every moment is filled with sunshine. Sometimes, clouds gather, signaling potential troubles ahead. Recognizing these red flags early can be crucial in navigating the path to a healthy, lasting relationship.

Approach differences with understanding through Wellness Hub’s expert advice.

Identifying Potential Red Flags

Red flags in a relationship can vary widely but often include signs of disrespect, dishonesty, controlling behaviors, or a lack of communication. These warning signs shouldn’t be ignored or brushed aside, as they can escalate into more significant issues down the line. Addressing them early means acknowledging the problem and taking steps to resolve it, ensuring both partners feel respected and valued.

Approaching Differences with Understanding

Differences between partners are natural and to be expected. What matters is how you handle these differences. Open communication, compromise, and discussion are key to working through disagreements and ensuring both parties feel heard. It’s not about changing each other to fit a mold but about finding common ground and appreciating the unique perspectives each partner brings to the relationship.

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Addressing Differences and Red Flags

Red FlagSuggested Action/Consideration
Persistent doubts about the relationshipConsider pre-marital counseling to explore these doubts.
Frequent arguments over the same issuesSeek communication skills workshops or counseling to improve dialogue.
Significant differences in core valuesHave open discussions to find common ground or areas where compromise is possible.
Lack of trust or jealousy issuesWork on building trust through transparency; consider therapy if needed.
Disinterest in each other’s livesMake a conscious effort to engage in each other’s interests and daily activities.
Unresolved issues from past relationshipsAddress these issues individually or with a counselor to prevent them from affecting your current relationship.
Disagreements about financesAttend financial planning sessions together to align on financial goals and budgeting.
Different long-term goalsDiscuss each other’s visions for the future to identify shared objectives and deal-breakers.
Avoidance of conflictLearn healthy conflict resolution strategies to ensure issues are addressed, not ignored.
Feeling unsupported by your partnerCommunicate your needs clearly and consider counseling to strengthen your emotional connection.
Incompatibility in physical intimacyOpenly discuss your needs and expectations; seek professional advice if necessary.
Disrespectful behavior or languageSet clear boundaries on acceptable behavior; consider counseling to address underlying issues.

The Final Verdict: Knowing It’s Right

After navigating through the complexities of compatibility, shared values, and communication, we arrive at a place where the heart and mind converge — the final verdict on knowing you’re marrying the right person. It’s a feeling that transcends logic, yet is affirmed by every thoughtful step you’ve taken in your journey together.

Trusting Your Instincts

There’s a powerful truth in the saying, “When you know, you know.” This isn’t about dismissing the practical aspects of a relationship that we’ve explored; rather, it’s about listening to the quiet, steadfast voice within you. That inner voice is informed by not just your emotions, but by the evidence of your experiences with your partner. It’s about feeling a deep-seated peace and certainty that you are with someone who truly complements your essence.

Feeling the Unique Bond

This unique bond is about more than just love or attraction. It’s about recognizing the presence of a partner who challenges you, supports you, and celebrates you in ways that no one else does. It’s about feeling a sense of completion and harmony when you’re together, a sense that together you are stronger, kinder, and more authentic.

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The Certainty of “Meant to Be”

The feeling of “meant to be” emerges from the depths of this unique bond. It’s a conviction that grows from understanding each other’s flaws and choosing to embrace them, from navigating life’s ups and downs and finding yourselves closer with each challenge. It’s the realization that in this vast and complex world, you’ve found your steadfast partner, your confidant, and your greatest supporter.


Our journey underscored the essence of marriage beyond just the wedding day, highlighting the importance of shared values, the joy of companionship, and the critical role of addressing differences and red flags early in the relationship. Trust, respect, emotional intelligence, and a foundation of friendship emerged as key pillars supporting a lifelong partnership. These insights serve not just as a guide but as a mirror reflecting the depth and complexity of choosing a life partner.

Recognizing the challenges and uncertainties that couples may face, Wellness Hub offers a supportive sanctuary for those seeking clarity and guidance. Our counseling services, designed with your relationship’s health and growth in mind, provide a space for open dialogue and mutual understanding. Whether it’s navigating pre-marital concerns or strengthening the bonds of an existing partnership, Wellness Hub stands as a testament to the belief that informed, conscious decisions pave the way to fulfilling and enduring relationships. In choosing a partner for life, let wisdom, love, and the support of Wellness Hub guide you toward a future woven with happiness and mutual growth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can you be sure you’re marrying the right person?

Knowing you’re marrying the right person involves deep understanding, shared values, effective communication, and mutual respect. It’s about feeling a strong bond, envisioning a future together, and being committed to growing together. Pre-marital counseling, like the services offered by Wellness Hub, can provide further insights and confirmation.

2. What are the signs of compatibility with your partner?

Signs of compatibility include aligned life goals, similar values on key life decisions (like finances, children, and lifestyle), enjoying each other’s company, and being able to resolve conflicts through effective communication. A strong friendship underlying the romantic relationship is also a key indicator.

3. How important is communication in deciding if someone is right for you?

Communication is crucial in determining if someone is right for you. It allows you to express your needs, understand your partner’s perspective, resolve conflicts, and build a deeper emotional connection. Emotionally intelligent couples use positive communication to maintain a healthy relationship

4. Can differences in a relationship be a good sign?

Yes, differences can be beneficial in a relationship as they bring diversity and growth opportunities. The key is how partners address these differences—through compromise, discussion, and mutual respect. It’s important to recognize and tackle any red flags early on.

5. When should couples consider pre-marital counseling?

Couples should consider pre-marital counseling when they are seriously contemplating marriage. Counseling can help partners understand each other better, align their values and expectations, and address any concerns or differences. Wellness Hub offers specialized pre-marital counseling services for this purpose.

6. What role do family and friends play in choosing a life partner?

Family and friends can offer valuable insights and perspectives on your relationship. While the final decision rests with the couple, considering the opinions of those close to you can help highlight any potential issues or affirm the strength of your bond.

7. How do you deal with unresolved issues before getting married?

Dealing with unresolved issues before getting married involves open communication, honesty, and sometimes, professional counseling. Addressing these issues head-on can prevent them from becoming bigger problems in the future. Wellness Hub’s counseling services can assist couples in resolving such matters effectively.

8. How can pre-marital counseling at Wellness Hub help us decide if we’re right for each other?

Pre-marital counseling at Wellness Hub is designed to facilitate open and honest communication between partners. Our sessions help you explore your values, beliefs, and expectations, ensuring you’re both on the same path. By addressing potential issues before they arise, counseling can significantly contribute to making an informed decision about your future together.

9. Can differences in personality affect marital success?

Yes, differences in personality can influence marital success, but they don’t determine it. It’s how couples manage these differences that matters. Through effective communication, understanding, and compromise, many couples find that their differences enrich their relationship rather than detract from it. Wellness Hub offers tools and strategies to help couples navigate their differences positively.

10. What are some signs that we might not be marrying the right person?

Signs you might not be marrying the right person include persistent doubts about the relationship, significant unresolved conflicts, differing life goals and values, and a lack of mutual respect or trust. If these issues feel insurmountable, it might be worth reevaluating the relationship. Wellness Hub’s counseling services can provide support in understanding and addressing these concerns.

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