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Last Updated: January 10, 2023

Love or relationships can happen anywhere where we find a similar personality of our interest. But in official places, it so happens that the person in authority would be under the impression that they have an idea about it, and maybe approval is also needed. Workplaces are where our skills and hard work make the company benefit. It is where our careers are developed, and our professional life shaped. Globally, some employers are so concerned that they should be informed about any affairs in the workplace, as they affect a person’s performance at work.

As long as your performance doesn’t come down and your behaviour at the workplace doesn’t change from before, it doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship. Any employer doesn’t have anything personal against his employees until they are happy and follow the etiquette. But if there is any deterioration in work performance, it is expected that a wide variety of conflicts will arise.

Are relationships in the workplace forbidden?

It is, of course, a very delicate matter if you want your love to be public or not. Many factors, like the relationship with colleagues and superiors, the kind of work you both do, and their effect on your relationship, are all to be considered. But it is purely a personal issue if you love someone at the workplace or not. Termination without notice due to a relationship with a colleague at the workplace is, of course, not possible.

A Workplace environment
A Workplace environment

Relationships are very likely to happen when you spend at least 8 to 10 hours per day at your workplace. These relationships can range from flirting to crushing or even a lifelong relationships. These relationships are good for secrets rather than getting expressed in different ways. Relationships in the workplace are purely personal affairs, and work should never get disturbed because of such connections.

Should your boss be informed?

If both of you have the same boss and if you know that nothing will be affected, even if he knows, it is good to tell him directly. Because it sometimes puts overstrain on keeping it a secret. If you both are serious about being in a committed relationship, it is good to express it to your boss directly rather than letting know from someone else. Also, remember that you should behave within limits now that an extra pair of eyes will keep watching you. Your professional performance should never go down because of your relationship.

When can you make your relationship public? 

Are you thinking of making your love public? It, of course, gets public when the famous butterflies in your stomach make you wander with an awe-struck face. The first love puts up rose-tinted glasses for you, and you would overlook any flaws in the work, behaviour or anything related to the person. Unfortunately, our first love is noticed by others before we do.

Hence if it is your first love or best crush, you need not tell anyways. If you think you need to confess to your peer group, it is up to you. But before doing that, you need to take enough time to ensure you have serious feelings towards each other and will be committed. There is no hard-core rule that you should make yourself public, even if love happens on your work premises. Also, it doesn’t mean that you can run your emotions free once your affair is out.

Tips for maintaining an effective work-life balance

If you both are working in the same office, it is generally tough to keep the rumours away. But, in order to let everybody focus on their work and not be involved in your personal space, you need to follow some tips.

  • The office etiquettes are to be strictly followed. Any signs of affection or argument should never be displayed on the office premises.
  • Any kind of personal talk or previous arguments, or emotions should never be displayed in the workplace. Everything at work should always be professional.
  • Never try to group with your partner in the office. Office breaks should always be strictly limited to your friends at work and colleagues. If they are forbidden, you will be left alone in the end.
  • Never address your loved one with a nickname or with a soft tone as you usually do at your place or out somewhere. Your behaviour at the office should always be very professional.
  • You should always draw a line between your personal and professional life. No personal matters should be disclosed to your colleagues, especially those in direct professional contact with your partner.
  • Professional remarks or criticism should never intervene in your personal life. You and your partner could be in different hierarchical positions in the office, where criticism could be a part of work validation. But they should never disturb your personal life.
  • Neither of you should use phrases like “Me or office” or “Our life or profession”. Because, though said in the heat of the moment, they will create an everlasting hurt in the minds of the one who faced them.

How to reduce gossip?

How to discourage gossiping
How to discourage gossiping

Especially if the love affair is between people of two different hierarchical levels, there is a lot of scope for gossip. Hence it is important to deal discreetly and refrain from gossip. No sort of favoritism or emotional expression should be there. Any appropriation of advantages is to be avoided. Though it is tough, making such important changes is necessary for both. Outside people should always be given priority in meetings or expressing their fears and opinions. Such behaviour reduces gossip.

Last but not least

Open communication is always necessary. Though you are hierarchically in a higher position, knowing what’s happening at the lower level is advantageous. Let your partner help you in this regard. Though someone tries to pull you or your partner to their side, understand what is happening and discuss it with each other. However, it might show on the outside, but you both are one inside. So, be with each other and support in all ways. Never take your criticism personally. Also, never degrade your partner’s efforts. Be grateful for what you got and make full use of it. If you have any issues in your personal or professional life, make sure you talk to an expert counsellor to resolve them. All in all, a partnership is beautiful if you can back one another, and when you support the profession, too, it can make you two successful.

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