Is he going to break up with me? Signs that indicate a break-up

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 16, 2022

Are you recently worried about breaking up? Would you face this? It is never good to let ourselves stay bewildered. Some signs help you determine if your boyfriend will soon break up with you.

Signs that indicate a break up

Broken heart - indicating break up
Broken heart – indicating break up

He stops telling you important things.

Did you learn a piece of good news about him from someone else, which he didn’t tell you yet though it has been days? Your boyfriend gets a promotion that he’s been waiting for a long time, and all the others know it, but not you? You can take it as a warning sign if this is the case.

He gets annoyed easily.

Is he reacting aggressively, recently, to even the smallest mistakes you make and does he then seek unnecessary arguments? Initially, it might seem that you might have done something wrong, but gradually you understand that his behaviour has changed. Yes, such reactions are common when you realize it just doesn’t work anymore.

Your plans get cancelled.

You might have planned a great holiday, spent a few bucks and booked rooms. But, there has been an unavoidable break, and he cancels it. Next time, it gets repeated. The third time, you understand that there’s something fishy. But, after that, neither you nor he would plan an outing. This is a clear indication.

He demands more space.

It is an important point that every person needs some personal space. But have you observed that he is demanding more space these days? Anyways, you should worry if he keeps moving away so that you can hardly see him and he doesn’t speak to you. If you had some intimate moments previously, you could see how he has been moving physically away too.

He has someone else.

He starts to see someone else, who could be a colleague, friend, or relative. If he tries to build up his relationship or seems to flirt with someone, it could mean he loses interest in your relationship.

He lacks respect for you.

When you try to communicate something or emphasize a point, he is not listening anymore, like before. He might also mimic or make fun of you in front of others. You can sense a lack of respect for yourself.
If a person is unhappy in a relationship, he criticizes his partner whenever he can. Everything from how she behaves, what she wears, and what opinion she represents.

Are you heading towards a break up?
Are you heading towards a break up?

He has some secrets.

No! We are talking about those personal freedom spaces that everyone needs. If your man doesn’t leave his phone and receives mysterious messages, or if he is with friends you are unaware of, it means he has secrets.

He contacts you less.

Have you observed that the good morning and good night texts you used to receive often previously are missing these days? Were those messages to check how you have been doing or if you had a good day missing? Well, you can understand that he is trying to drift away.

He rarely has time.

Initially, he used to cancel all appointments for togetherness, but now everything else seems more important. You can know if you’re begging for his time, but he is turning a deaf ear.

He forgets important days.

Did you receive a great surprise for your birthday last time, but he doesn’t even remember it now? If he no longer remembers the anniversaries, birthdays, or special occasions. You may consider that you are off his radar now.

He hardly speaks.

Studies say that the communication between couples deteriorates if the day of break up approaches. Even if a conversation happens, it ends up in an argument, leaving their moods irritated.

What can you do?

Instead of apologizing to him for his criticism, answer with humour or impertinence. Live your life as you wish. Take everything positively. Don’t rely on your intuition to get closer to him. For a fulfilling life as a couple, avoid putting pressure on your partner. It is high time to discuss to find out what the problem is and to know the future of your relationship.
Don’t hesitate to talk to a relationship counsellor if you think it is tough to have a good conversation in this situation. The relationship therapist helps to identify the root of the problem by analyzing the love languages of the individuals.

Is it your fault?

It is always good to introspect if there are mistakes on our part. Here are a few points that you can compare to analyze the same. Recall the incidents of your behaviour and attitude without any partiality. It helps to know if what you did, has led the relationship to this point.

Having relationship issues?
Having relationship issues?
  • Have you ever looked down upon your partner? Though they seem to neglect it at that point, it could hurt a man so deep inside. Rolling your eyes, pouting in disgust, and sarcasm are just some expressions of contempt you shower on your partner.
  • Check if you’re being manipulative. In this case, you have a secret and don’t disclose information, lie about it, and then manipulate the other into believing that he is causing the problem. If this is the case, you are a great cause of this breakup.
  • Are you playing the role of a destroyer, unknowingly? Your possessiveness or fear of getting abandoned can come into your analysis. A simple hug or a slight kiss from your partner to someone he likes can create emotional chaos in you. If you act out of such emotional disturbance, you will surely face a breakup with your partner.
  • If your words, actions, and attitude signal your partner that you would break up if something not happens, then you are spoiling it on your own. Blackmailing or Gas-lighting will trigger a person’s insecurities, making the relationship weaker. If you’re constantly threatening breakups, you don’t value the relationship.
  • If you have a short fuse, you are prone to use sharp words, make disparaging remarks, and be in attack mode for the slightest thing. Such an attitude could make the other person go into defence or guilt mode all the time. It is tough to handle such relationships, so a breakup could be on the way.

If you find some faults, you know what and which incidents could have caused the trouble. If you want to work on your issues, please talk to a professional today, as it helps. It is always a brave step to take support during tough times. Book an appointment today.

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