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Embark on a counting journey with ‘Number Fun,’ a delightful activity designed to introduce young children, including those with Autism and special needs, to the basics of numbers and counting. This home-based educational activity is crafted to be enjoyable and visually engaging, combining learning with play.

The Role of Numbers in Early Development

Understanding numbers and learning to count are fundamental skills in a child’s cognitive development. These early math skills lay the groundwork for more complex mathematical concepts and encourage logical thinking. Counting also enhances memory and concentration, making it a vital part of early education.

Learning numbers during early education is crucial for several reasons, as it forms the basis for various cognitive and practical skills that children will use throughout their lives. Numeracy skills are closely linked to problem-solving abilities. Learning numbers helps children develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills as they learn to analyze situations that involve quantities and patterns. Associating numbers with words and symbols enhances a child’s language development. Learning to count and name numbers supports the growth of their vocabulary and strengthens their communication skills.

Detailed Activity: “Number Fun”

Gathering Countable Objects:

Preparation: Choose objects that can be easily counted, like blocks, toy cars, or fruits.

Visibility: Arrange a small number of items in front of your child for easy interaction.

Counting Out Loud:

Demonstration: Count each item out loud, and encourage your child to repeat after you.

Visual Aids: Use your fingers to represent numbers as you count, providing a helpful visual cue.

Interactive Counting Game:

Playful Learning: Turn counting into a game. Ask your child to find and bring a specific number of objects.

Engagement: This approach encourages active participation and understanding of quantity.

Using Number-Themed Books:

Book Exploration: Employ picture books with numbers. Ask your child to point to the numbers as you name them.

Visual Reinforcement: This method strengthens number recognition through visual and auditory stimulation.

Addressing Potential Challenges:

Difficulty in Understanding Numbers:

Solution: Start with small numbers and gradually increase as your child becomes more comfortable.

Limited Attention Span:

Solution: Keep sessions short and dynamic. Use a variety of countable items to maintain interest.

Number Recognition:

Solution: Use clear and large-numbered objects or books to help your child recognize and differentiate numbers.

Leveraging Speech Therapy Activities with Autism Basics

Our delightful educational app Autism Basics, is crafted to transform the way children learn numbers. Autism Basics is not just an educational tool; it’s a playful companion that turns the often-dreaded task of learning numbers into an engaging and joyous adventure. Through interactive activities, vibrant visuals, and age-appropriate challenges, Autism Basics captures the imagination of young learners, making the process of counting and number recognition an absolute delight.

Our journey begins with ‘Pre-Math Concepts.’ In this level, your child will explore fundamental ideas like big and small, tall and short, long and short, and more. The child will be presented with two options and asked to choose the bigger, longer, or taller object. Another engaging activity involves arranging three objects from smallest to largest. These exercises help in developing comparative reasoning and understanding of basic dimensions. 

In the “Math concepts,” basics like counting and additions will be introduced, using the number of objects. Choosing the correct answers would be reinforced with encouragement. Our visual approach helps in understanding the concept of addition in a tangible and fun way. In the following levels, the difficulty increases from one-digit level to two-digit level which is then followed by subtraction of which both one-digit level and two-digit level are introduced. Your child will not only grasp mathematical concepts but also enjoy the journey of discovery and problem-solving.

The “Memory” and “Spinners” sections in Autism Basics app help the kid recall the learnt numbers. Autism Basics app goes beyond traditional methods, seamlessly integrating fun and education to ensure that every child’s journey with numbers is not only successful but also filled with laughter and excitement. Watch as your little one discovers the magic of numbers, turning learning into a lifelong love for mathematics.


Ensure that ‘Number Fun’ remains a light-hearted and enjoyable activity. Celebrate your child’s efforts in counting and recognizing numbers. Repetition with different objects can help reinforce their understanding of basic numeracy. Dive into this counting adventure and enjoy the playful side of learning numbers together.

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