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By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 26, 2021

A father and daughter relationship has an inexplicable magic between both of them. From rough-housing and being crime-partners, to developing a magical bond with strong communication, dad-daughter duo stays together. From her childhood, to bringing up her to be a stronger woman, her dad plays great role in her life. For a daughter, he is the first role model of a man, while for a dad she is his little angel straight from the heaven who could also play a role as his mother-in-need.

What role does he hold?

A Father is the first and strong male impression a daughter gets in her life. Having a positive father-daughter relationship can have a great impact on your young girl’s life whether she will become a confident and strong woman in future or would be timid with low self-esteem. The father treats his little princess with love and delicacy, while the daughter forms an image of a man, under the strong influence of her father as her role model.

Daughters have their father’s influence in many areas such as in

  • Achieving success in her career
  • Creating trustful relationships with Men
  • Dealing well with authoritative figures
  • Becoming independent and self-confident
  • Being open to challenges
  • Maintaining good mental health
  • Expressing her anger appropriately
  • Treating others with kindness
  • Being good to fellow beings etc.

Since childhood, her dad inspires her, teachers her and makes her follow him, through his actions. A dad’s direct involvement and encouragement in both verbal and non-verbal terms, being alert and sensitive to her feelings, listening to her thoughts and participating in her hobbies, can improve self-image of his daughter and curb any signs of low self-esteem. Hence the role of a father in a daughter’s life clearly determines how her attitude towards life, men and many other aspects, is going to be built.

Girl waiting for her parents
Girl waiting for her parents

The image her father builds in that young girl’s heart makes her form opinions on men in either positive or negative way. Researches prove that women, who enjoy supportive and close relationships with their fathers, tend to be less stressed and more confident.

He teaches her by living it

Dad and daughter duo is the most entertaining and lovable relationship. Believe it or not, the father’s behavior is thoroughly observed by his daughter and she learns it all through him.

  • If a dad lives life with integrity and honesty, avoiding hypocrisy and admitting his own shortcomings, it means he is teaching his daughter by setting a realistic example of how to deal with the world.
  • If he is patient enough to bear other’s mistakes and work hard for maintaining relationships, she grows up to be a true loving heart.
  • If he doesn’t care for the family and is being gratuitous and stingy, the daughter could hang out with really obnoxious and distrustful jerks, as she understands that it is what love means to be.
  • If he treats the women around him, especially his mother and wife in a careless and ruthless manner, she believes that she deserves the same treatment and could grow believing that she is worthless.

Hence, the nicer the father behaves, the better his child is ought to be. One should keep in mind as this could be either a great blessing or a great threat to her future. A daughter grows learning the true meaning of men and love from the behavior of her father. All the men that she faces in her life, like teachers, coaches, friends, boyfriends, colleagues, bosses, fathers-in-law, sons and grandsons etc. are visualized in the template that her father creates. A father’s influence on his daughter’s life shapes her confidence, self-image, self-esteem and an image of men.

How can you treat a grown-up daughter?

Entering into tweens, girls become shy and feel withdrawn from their fathers. When she enters into her teen years, the daughter gets fraught with complications and issues that she will struggle fighting with. Daughters observe their fathers completely on how they treat the loved ones, how they treat their colleagues and strangers, how they manage their emotions and all. Most importantly, they tend to observe on how they treat the girl’s mother at home. With this they form opinions on how men treat women, on how much they value and respect. She compares her mother to her and forms an idea on how much respect she deserves in future.

Hence this affects her self-esteem a lot. A father can show what a relationship looks like, only by loving her mother unconditionally. Say nice things to your daughter and let her know how beautiful and intelligent she is. With this, she feels loved and valued and her self-esteem and sense of confidence increases. Help her admire people around her through kind gestures. Give her all your attention and enjoy things that she feels important, along with her.

How is a Dad supposed to be with his Daughter?

As the daughter goes through different stages of her life, her father keeps learning new ways of communication with her. With each age she passes by both the parents need to change their parenting skills and dad plays an important role in maintaining that affection while being strict to her if she turns out to be ill-disciplined.

If you are a father or a going-to-be dad, these parenting tips are for you.

During Infancy

When the daughter is still an infant, you can do activities like bathing her, playing some peek-a-boo with her, petting and talking with her, and cuddling her, which means expressing your love with your touch.

Being a toddler

When she is still a toddler with 1-4yrs of age, petting her, playing simple games like hide and seek, playing with a ball, rough-housing, introducing learning with play, and engaging her in little things can make her active and strengthen your bond too. Playing with toddlers, could reduce your stress levels to a great extent in no time.

During Childhood

If she is in her childhood, like between some 5-9yrs, you can play with her, make her learn some activities, engage her actively in physical exercises, mix learning with play, compliment her and teach her little things like fixing a bulb, gardening, and how to do little things on her own. All these activities increase confidence in her and strengthen the idea of being an independent person in her.

Tween age

When she is getting older, like some 10-12yrs old, you can speak to her like a friend, giving enough private space to her. At this age, most of the girls tend to be withdrawn from their parents, especially fathers. During such age, you can maintain your relationship by talking sensibly with her, giving compliments for her work and appreciating her intelligence, giving tasks that improve her thinking, treating others sensibly around and making her understand how she should treat and behave with others in the society.

Teen age

A dad should support her, by maintaining that discipline. You should always send her a message that it is her home and thatshe can tell him, for whatever could go wrong. Always tell her that you are there for her, guide her, be available for her, tell her that she’s beautiful as she is and doesn’t need a perfect mold to fit in. Assure your daughter that she should never be dependent on anyone. Appreciate her intelligence and support her in every way you can.

A teenage girl
A teenage girl

When your daughter discusses personal issues with you, treat them with respect and confidence. She needs to trust you as a confidante. Such issues should never be discussed among others. Keep up your word for her and be her strongest support. A dad should uphold the idea that women are of equal value to men and should inspire your daughter to reach her goals. Teach her that she is worthy of a respectful partner by treating her mother well. It is with your behavior that you send a message that women are deserved to be treated well.

Respect Your Father

If you are a beloved daughter to your father, respect him for the love he shows. Make sure you keep up his name and that his smile never fades away.

  • Mostly, men tend to hide their emotions and feel tougher. But truth is that they are like tender coconuts that seem so stronger outer side but have soft and tender heart with warm affection
  • inside.
  • Never ever hurt him. In case, he doesn’t understand your feelings, take time to let the situations cool down, go to a calm place with him, sit and explain what has happened and what you feel with strong points in a soft way.
  • Never take his love for granted and shout or show your arrogance and aggressiveness on him.
  • He is a bundle of love; treat him with the respect he deserves.
  • Fathers are the greatest blessings that daughters can have. Always cherish the love of your parents feeling gratitude for what you are blessed with.

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