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By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 27, 2021

This pandemic outbreak has brought many changes in our lives. Thanks to technology for bestowing us with the ease of online classes for our children. On the background of the decision made by some schools to provide online education to their students, let’s focus on some important points to be discussed on this regard. In case, your children are worried about exams or having any attention or concentration or maybe memory issues, our experts are always available for the Online counseling sessions that help you and your children with some helpful tips and techniques.

Online classes for Children
Online classes for Children

With online classes coming into picture, Books are being replaced with laptops and smart phones, teachers who used to teach face-to-face are in the internet, changing homes into schools and colleges. As educational institutions are opting for online classes, in this present day scenario, though some people have mixed feelings about this, it has been inevitable to go for online studies. Parents have now got another important job of making their children excel in online studies.

Dos and Don’ts

Getting them ready and sending to school used to be the main work for the parents till now, but it’s time for some other additional duties. Parents should also take care of the kids who are after online studies. Now they should get ready to cope with this new trend and get their kids ready. Let’s have a look at the dos and don’ts of these online studies.


  • Children should listen to the virtual teacher online. As kids have to concentrate on what the teachers say online, they should be prepared for that. Undergoing a demo session would help them.
  • Time sense and discipline are important for the children whether it’s an online or offline study.
  • There should not be any disturbances in following the timings for having food, bathing, and studying. No laziness should be encouraged as they are at home.
  • Concentration is a must for online classes. The computer or tablet or smart phone that is used for online studies should have high speed access to the internet. Allotting a separate room for them avoids distractions and helps them to concentrate.
  • The gadgets that the children use for online studies should be of good quality. If they are not in good working condition, it affects their concentration. Also, they should be well-charged.
  • There are usually a good number of breaks in the colleges and schools such as for crafts, snacks, leisure, playing games etc. Parents should take care that such breaks are also followed in this home school.
  • Children might feel that these classes will be again taught after the school reopens. This thought might make them take these classes not-so seriously and skip attending them sometimes. Don’t encourage such behavior. Emphasize the importance of online classes.
  • Being with friends, allows children to enjoy chit-chatting, have gala time, and to be naughty.
  • They might feel lonely and dull being at home without friends, all the time. It’s good to let them make a video chat or make phone calls to their friends to avoid such loneliness.


Parents might have enthusiasm in what their kids are learning and might take a sneak-peek into their laptops. Parents’ might feel like checking if their children are listening to the classes properly which could disturb their concentration. Such things should be avoided.

  • Talking to the children while the classes are going-on, or giving those snacks or beverages while the class is going-on, should be avoided.
  • Some of the parents try to push their children to ask questions during the sessions. This might make them feel stressed that their performance is being observed by the parents.
  • Never talk low about online classes before children. They might form a low opinion on the online classes and get discouraged.
  • If your child is using your smart phone or tablet, take care that no phone calls and messages are received at that time. You may put your gadget in “Do not disturb” mode to avoid any disturbance during the class hours.

Environment should be made comfortable

For the children to concentrate on their online classes, environment must be convenient. The lighting of the room should be sufficient so as to be visible and to avoid the ill-effects of the blue light from the gadgets. Place the gadgets like smart phone, tablet, personal computer, or laptop where there is sufficient light and minimum room temperature.

Correct the posture of your kids while sitting before the gadgets so as not to bend too much to the front or to the back. As the duration of the classes will be more, take care that the brightness of the screen is adjusted to the comfortable level. Let them use protective glasses if they have to.

A girl holding a phone
A girl holding a phone

Give them trust

Unlike traditional classroom classes they can’t converse with the kids beside them or cannot talk face-to-face with the teacher during their online sessions. Children should be psychologically prepared for this kind of environment by explaining how this is going to be. The positive aspects of online classes have to be explained to them. Enquiring if they are able to understand the class, and if they are facing any practical issues or technical issues etc. should be done after finishing the class. Keep communicating with the teachers until the children get adapted to this new way of teaching. Know from the teachers if they are able to learn quickly through online classes compared to the traditional classroom teaching. Offer fruit juices and health drinks to the children only during the breaks given by the teachers.

It’s good to wipe their eyes with wet cloth to avoid the problem of dry-eyes. Teenage children are more prone to peer-pressure. They want to compete with co-students and score more than them. This new kind of teaching might make them feel stressed that they won’t be able to compete effectively. Fill their minds with positivity and confidence saying things will be fine soon. Allow them for making group calls if they want to discuss the subject after the completion of the online class.

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