Side-Effects of Coronavirus on the Mental health

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 27, 2021

The whole world has been undergoing the havoc that Coronavirus has created for us. This pandemic has not only created that dreaded effect on us, but it has also crept in our minds leading to some side-effects that most of us are unaware of. During the times of Pandemics such as Corona Virus outbreak, people are more likely to undergo a lot of emotional issues. It is such a brutal test for our mental strengths. Having a talk with professional mental health experts through online counseling can help you overcome the emotional issues you could be facing at such tough times.


An anxious girl

These conditions take a toll on our mental health especially for the people suffering with anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions. The fear of impending doom, not only over a family, or over a city, but over the whole world, can leave us overwhelmed with tension. The problems such as loss of routine, uncertainty of having a safe life, loss of a sense of protection and healthy existence makes them anxious. Along with them, the problems such as threat of free movement in the society, other citizens having discussions on the same issue, that kind of tension in the air, the unavailability of medicine etc., can also make people feel stressed about the spread of the disease.

Emotional Eating

Being anxious can lead us to a situation where we tend to eat more than necessary. Emotional eating, binge eating or the stress eating, as the name implies, refers to eating over a mood, rather than for being hungry. Being anxious with the escalating number of cases in our city and in our vicinity makes us tense and to calm down ourselves, we feel like having something. Usually people prefer to have sweets, chocolates or something they like, that they believe help lessen their stress.


Along with the stress that Pandemic creates, the economic crisis that our country faces also affects us. Many of the jobs and businesses out there are running low on income and some of them have already lost a career! Making arrangements for the family to be on the run and to cover the economic disparities, to let the ends meet, and to lead a normal life, the stress that a normal human goes through during these tough times in incomparable.

No Socializing

Besides all these, as the pandemic is known to be wide-spreading with people meeting others, the concept of socializing is now being restricted only to virtual meetings. Though the restrictions of lockdown are loosened people cannot go and meet their friends and relatives so easily without much hesitation, like before. We got our boundaries with our socializing freedom and hence following those social-distancing procedures can trigger tension in our minds. No handshaking and no hugging, which means no freedom of expression of our love and concern for others.

Being Lethargic

Avoiding social contacts and trying to be away from people, we are practicing to stay home so as to stay safe. But, being at home, binge eating on our moods, and being just couch potatoes, makes us lethargic. Lack of full-fledged physical routine makes our body dull and we tend to gain weight, with which follow all the other illnesses related to over-weight, like high cholesterol, heart diseases, digestion problems, metabolic disorders etc. Hence, it is important to know how to keep good mental health during
Pandemic while staying physically fit because keeping up our spirits high, keeps ourselves physically active.

Corona Depression

Depression is the mood disorder characterized by the feelings of sadness, loss or anger that can interfere with a person’s daily life. This depressed state that most people are facing right now due to the conditions of epidemic and corona lockdown, is termed as Corona depression. Depression has the ability to suck you inside it like sinking quick-sand. Depression wrecks your focus and distracts you to get pre-occupied with other things. Many of people out there are suffering from corona depression due to lack of opportunities in either job or business, having dull career, undergoing economic losses, and are ending up their lives in suicide.

Previous Health Conditions

People who are already having compromised immune systems and chronic diseases are suffering a lot during these tough times. As a sense of insecurity is spread all over the world, the tension on how our lives would be hereafter, the livelihood, the future of our kids, and the questionable progression of all countries is there all over. Patients with any kind of mental illnesses are highly affected as all that’s going on around the world would take a toll on them.

Psychosomatic Disorders

When the mental health gets affected, it is likely that the existing physical health conditions can get worsen which is termed as psychosomatic disorder. The chronic health conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure, cholesterol, kidney problems, arthritis, or others that are existing for longer periods can get even worse with the mental health getting deteriorated.

Disturbed Families

People can also be affected by insomnia, increased substance abuse or alcoholic abuse, due to which the cases of domestic violence shoot up. Children, who are being help up at home all the time, get hooked up online and can get addicted to gadgets. In-house fights between family members, like elders and children or the fights between siblings may also grow. All these lead to disturbances in families, screwing up the mental peace of everybody home.

Left Souls

Apart from these, in case, someone that we know passes away due to the novel corona virus or maybe due to some other reason, the mourning is also getting truncated. We are not even allowed to be there with them for more time. People feel like having a ration even on the expression of their feelings. The thought of close relatives or friends getting infected and suffering, leaves us in a stifle. Getting over such thoughts sometimes requires a lot of strength.

Cleanliness Fatigue

Cleaning home
Cleaning home

Apart from the physical tiredness that people usually experience doing mechanical tasks, it is the mental strain that takes a toll us on special circumstances like the present scenario. This compulsory cleanliness which has been making us to check on our health is actually affecting our mental wellness. Wearing masks, sanitizing the house, cleaning those vegetables and things brought home, moping the floor daily, usage of gloves and washing hands often etc. have been our new habits that this pandemic taught us.

Experts say that it could be the underlying anxiety that is the actual reason behind this fatigue. When uncertainty arises and situations suffocate us with unclear tensions, we feel restless. This could turn into anxiety in many of us and can lead to OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) Having said all that, our mental health during lockdown is already fragile and social media is bombarding it with the updates that can affect our emotional well-being. The news of escalating number of cases and deaths is bothering us on the other hand. Under these circumstances, it is really important to be away from unnecessary stressors and to live peacefully.

In case any of your loved ones is suffering from any kind of emotional disturbances during this tough period unknowing how to tackle their mental disturbances, never hesitate to call for help. Online psychological counseling helps you to maintain sound mental health. Wellness Hub has a curated team of experienced, non-judgmental and empathetic psychologists that offer you professional services at your convenient time.

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