Corona virus: How to protect your mental health?

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 27, 2021

Corona virus pandemic has already extended its clutches all over the world not leaving even the higher officials of various countries. Knowing that it has no boundaries and the pace with which it is conquering the global health is making people anxious already. It is taking a toll on the mental health of those who have been suffering from anxiety disorders and other mental illnesses. Hence, the number of people facing psychological illnesses are also increasing day-by-day. On this background, it is important to discuss on how to protect your mental health. Governments and various organizations have already started providing online counseling services for those in need.

Why should you?

Some of you might think that looking after physical health is more than enough while mental health is actually not a big concern. But, this is a misconception. Our mind is like an engine to the vehicle. It is necessary to have a sound mental health for the overall well-being. Similarly, any disturbance in mental health of an individual would affect the physical health. Such disturbances in physical health because of emotional issues could result in disorders known as Psycho physiological disorders or psychosomatic disorders.

A lady feeling low
A lady feeling low

If someone is already having some physical health problem, the amount of tension, stress, anxiety, or other emotional conditions are sure to elevate the existing physical conditions. Otherwise if someone has a weakness in their physical health, like having blood pressure issues or nervous weakness or maybe back pain, those symptoms are most likely to get increased because of the negative thoughts or bad emotional health.

Are you feeling Anxious?

Being out of control and unable to tolerate uncertainty can act as triggers for anxiety disorders. People with pre-existing anxiety face problems during such tough times. Hence it is necessary to stay away from those triggers probably like reading and watching things, which are not making you feel better. Muting the social media notifications would also benefit you if you notice yourself jumping for every beep sound on your mobile. Being quarantined and staying at home, doesn’t mean to stay away from natural heat and light. Be in a fully-ventilated room though you are in self-isolation.

Do exercise, eat well and stay hydrated

Acknowledge the uncertainty as it comes to mind, but don’t deny it and hide it. Accept that you are united with the world in facing this. Notice that acceptance and reduce the feeling of rush to do something. Whenever you feel like reacting to the something related to this pandemic, just pause and take a deep breath. Tell yourself that whatever you are going through is just common and that you need to calm down first. This emergency need for being certain is just another unnecessary thought. These thoughts or feelings are just what come out of your mind based on what you hear or read. All that you know need not be correct. There is actually no hurry or emergency for you to react like what you are thinking.

Try to sit calmly in a corner of the room and visualize those bothering thoughts as some clouds wandering outside you. Imagine them coming and going but not affecting you. Visualize yourself as a sane person sitting there in the corner and being a spectator of what’s going on. This kind of thinking is necessary as you really cannot do anything by getting anxious. Understand how you are feeling when you are not worried, maybe like the present moment, while reading this. Feel the air, your breathing and the ground beneath you. This pleasantness is what you miss when you are worried. Identify the triggers that create such bout of anxiety in you.

Tips to protect your mental health

Here are some tips to protect your mental health during this tough time of Corona virus pandemic outbreak. Doing these things would make you feel active and optimistic.

Couple supporting each other to be happy
Couple supporting each other to be happy
  • Help and support others – There are many people who are in need of essentials for their daily survival. Think how you can help them, plan and work accordingly to your potential. It would mean a lot to them.
  • Talk about what you feel – Everyone is feeling worried and anxious at this point of time. So, try to share your feelings with your friends and family
  • Physical wellbeing is important – Eat immunity boosting foods and do exercises every day. Choose simple activities that keep you busy and moving while being at home.
  • Sleep timings are also crucial – Timely food and sleep are highly important for one to maintain good physical health. Don’t have caffeine before going to bed and avoid screening at night.
  • Managing difficulties – Work on managing your anxiety levels. Try meditation or focusing on something for longer periods of time.
  • Daily dose of news – Limit your daily in-take of news on corona. Allowing too much of news to occupy your mind would severely affect your mental health.
  • Daily routine – Maintain a daily routine and be active in following that schedule. Do things in a sequence and follow certain timings.
  • Things you enjoy – Allot some time daily for the things you enjoy doing like drawing, singing, gardening etc. to keep up your spirit. It keeps you active all day long.
  • Set goals – Set some goals for a week or so. Adjust some time to work on them. For example, you may cook the recipes you never tried or learn some new art.
  • Keep your mind active – Don’t be dull and lazy. Be physically active and keep yourself mentally active by solving some puzzles, doing some creative writing etc.
  • Relax and focus – Try relaxation techniques and mindfulness techniques. You can do these things only when you have time to spare. Being always in a hurry won’t let you focus on anything or improve in any genre.

Taking the help of experts in reducing your anxiety levels is a better decision in these tough times. Wellness Hub has a curated list of psychologists who are well-experienced, empathetic and non-judgmental. Log on to Wellness Hub and book an appointment for your online counseling session, to equip you with the skills of dealing with your anxiety.

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