Why do we Seek Pleasures? | Chemistry Behind Happiness and Pleasure Seeking

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 26, 2021

The Human body needs food, air, and water to survive. While to live a happy and comfortable life, we need to satisfy our pleasures too. Watching a flower bloom, a rainbow after a good rain, the smell of first rain showers, the beauty of this nature gives pleasure to our senses. Satisfying the needs of human body and seeking out for pleasures is there in the human DNA itself. It is the way we seek out pleasure and happiness defines who we are!!
With the advent of science, man has come to know how the hormones play an important role in achieving happiness. An interesting fact is that we can stimulate these hormones with the acts that make us happy. Great, isn’t it?

Happy Hormones

Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin and Endorphins are the happy hormones that get triggered when we are happy and that get released to make us happy too. So it is always beneficial to focus on those events that trigger these neurotransmitters.

A happy lady
A happy lady


Dopamine motivates us to act on our goals, needs and our desires giving reinforcement of pleasures while achieving them. If the levels of dopamine are low, we are likely to experience procrastination, self-doubt and lack of enthusiasm. Setting small goals and celebrating for little happiness when you meet them would increase the levels of dopamine. Ensuring about your next goal before finishing this and congratulating yourself at each level will release the dopamine thrusts. For example, incentives are given by managers which would show similar effect on the employees.


The hormone that flows when you feel significant and important is called Serotonin. You may find to have it in low levels when you feel disappointed, depressed and alone. Hence, it makes sense why anti-depressants focus on the production of Serotonin in our body. Having exposure to sun, while having a good walk or sipping some coffee, like for some 20 minutes, boosts the production of vitamin D and serotonin too. Practicing gratitude makes us feel so valued which also increases the levels of serotonin.


The person who tries to increase the levels of intimacy, tries to build trust and acts to have healthy relationships is understood to have good levels of Oxytocin hormone. Oxytocin is released when mothers breast feed their babies and also during the child birth. For creating strong bonds and improving social interactions, the production of oxytocin hormone is a must. It also gets released when someone receives a gift. Oxytocin is also called as “Cuddle Hormone” as it gets produced, when you cuddle someone fondly. It is said that giving hugs, like at least eight warm hugs a day, can keep cardiovascular stress away and will improve our immune system. During intercourse, Oxytocin hormone is released for both men and women while having orgasm.


Endorphins are released in response to stress and anxiety in order to alleviate the pain. It acts as an analgesic or sedative that reduces the perception of pain. Having a piece of dark chocolate can release Endorphins. Interestingly, these endorphins that can reduce pain are released in generous amounts when a person laughs, heartily. Some scented oils or incense sticks also release endorphins.

Why do we Seek Extra Pleasures?

With the advancement of technology, we are having everything in hand. Our smart phones are making us lazy to the extent that we tend to skip cook scrumptious food at home but order something online or just grab-on the-go to fill the crying tummies. Though we turn out to be lazy bones, our thoughts of pleasure won’t stop, right? So, they instantly remind you of something at your fingertips, your smartphone or a tab!! Viewing virtual sex has been a common thing now-a-days which is actually hampering your chances of seeking the real pleasures!!! Read to know how and why.

Is Watching Porn Harmful?

It is no wonder to know that there are a very little percentage of people in this world who don’t watch porn, especially those who are between 18 and 40. Watching porn has been a common thing these days, as this would actually rationalize our thinking by manipulating it like “not cheating” their spouse or that potential someone. But, there’s a lot more to it. The more you watch it, the more you get addicted. This is nothing but a luring trap that ensnares you.

What happens while having sex

Indication of couple sex
Indication of couple sex

Rather than watching porn, if you can have real sex, there are a numerous benefits that happen to our body, apart from the physical benefits that you are already aware of. The release of certain hormones in your brain helps you in many ways. Let’s just have a glimpse of those hormones that get released during intercourse.

  • Dopamine is released creating a state of tension and focus
  • Norepinephrine is released creating alertness
  • During Orgasm – oxytocin and vasopressin are released, creating an emotional bond with the person or the object causing arousal.
  • Opiates are released getting you a sense of euphoria and release
  • Then serotonin is released after climax, creating a sense of calmness, well-being and satisfaction.

So, all these hormones help you involve in a completely pleasurable journey, refreshing you to the core. Are you facing a lot of stress out there? Make some naughty plans to get yourself active, naturally.

What happens while watching porn?

While watching porn, neurotransmitters are released creating a bond between us and with those pornographic experiences. The more you consume porn getting these constant sparks of dopamine into your body, it builds “DeltaFosB” which is a molecular switch for addiction, cravings and compulsions.
Overtime, a person’s brain then becomes super sensitized to porn. This usage of porn makes your brain completely addicted to get stimulated only while watching porn, but lowers the chances of responding to real sex.
Now, it’s up to you, to decide if watching porn is really beneficial. In case, you are experiencing difficulties in avoiding watching porn, it is highly recommended that you contact an expert. Undergoing an online counseling provides you immense benefits like not revealing yourself while having counseling, unlike to a face-to-face counseling. Through audio counseling, you can have a talk with a professional therapist and can share your darkest secrets and sought help so as to come out of it, comfortably. Act now and help yourself. Book an appointment or call instantly. We are here to help you.

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