Things one should know about a Student’s Mental health

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 26, 2021

The Scenario of studies at schools and colleges has changed a lot in the recent years, globally. From the teaching methods, student-teacher interactions, the punishing methods, the involvement of parents, the goals of students etc., many changes are being witnessed by us, in this present day of life. Awareness about the necessity of new techniques in the educational field, also led to the recognition of importance of mental health issues in students. Mental health issues are being in a rise in the recent years with the advancement of technology and also with decreasing human relations. If you are a student who is undergoing some emotional disturbance, you are not alone.

Many of them having emotional disturbances suppress them or adopt negative coping mechanisms but never discuss because of the hesitation due to the social stigma around mental health. Especially boys are prone to these disturbances that lead to mental illnesses as they bear in mind that age old quotation saying “Real men don’t cry” which is understood as men don’t have any emotions and should never express, though they have. Be it a man or a woman, emotions are common as we are human beings. In fact, every living thing has its emotions, then why don’t we?

Suffering, unknowingly!!

It has been found that one in four students suffer some kind of diagnosable mental illness, while most of them hesitate to discuss or seek help. Students, who are teenagers, suffer a lot due to varied conditions they face.
Being a teenager, while hormones play a major role in making you anxious and causing those mood swings, the actions done in the wave of those hormonal changes lead to some other problems. Facing peer pressure and fulfilling the expectations of parents, could create stress and anxiety in teenage students. Some students try to cope with their daily stress through video gaming, which is getting increased day-by-day with the usage of smart phones. On the context of adopting new trends, they are building up a complete life online, through social networks.

Effect of social media:

These online friendships and online gaming are taking a toll on their mental health, apart from making many of them tech-addicts. Being unable to face rejections and failures in exams and relationships can be potential enough to throw them into depression. When students try to cope with those changes and emotional turbulence, they could fall prey to some negative coping mechanisms like smoking, alcohol consumption and drug abuse that make them addicts. Undergoing such an emotional turmoil, can make some students take extreme steps, ending their lives!!

A depressed teenager
A depressed teenager

So, if we try to enlist the psychological problems that a teenager, a student can face they would be like the following.

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Addictions
  • Eating Disorders
  • Sleep disorders

These could result in a great deal of problems, including hormonal imbalance that could be unending, like exam stress, poor concentration, peer pressure, relationship problems, cultural maladaptations, tech addiction, drug abuse, unhealthy adoptions, etc. Students often get entangled in a web of psychological problems and suffer a lot trying to swim in this ocean without a proper guide. Students usually feel hesitant to speak with their parents or siblings and choose friends instead.

Seek professional help:

Though they take the advice of a friend, the one who is of their same age, undergoing more or less similar problems, having same kind of maturity and hot blood, might not be the perfect person to guide him or her. It is at this stage, taking the help of an expert psychologist will be a great asset. An experienced and expert psychologist can guide you in a right path. At Wellness Hub, we have a team of expert psychologists who are patient, empathetic and non-judgmental to help you deal with your emotional issues.

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