Overall Wellness Starts When the Inner Trauma is Healed

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 27, 2021

Is it okay if you are physically fine but mentally sick? Then, how can we make sound decisions? Is it okay if you are mentally strong but physically weak? But, then how can we enjoy what we have? Overall Wellness is what people wish for. Being physically well or mentally well alone is never sufficient. One has to be fit and fine, both physically and mentally. Taking precautions, having good diet and sound sleep, maintaining healthy life-style and having medicines if necessary can heal a person’s physical health.

Now, how to cleanse our mental health? If you are getting worried or anxious for every simple thing, or if no good news or even being with your loved ones is really not making you happy, then you are being more than “just bored”. Life gives us all the happy, sad, worrying, thrilling, joyful, exciting, miserable, embarrassing, and awful experiences. But some haunt us though we intentionally try to forget.

Such thoughts are mostly related the traumatic experiences of our past or the regrets that we have relating to our past. These inner thoughts and feelings occupy a major part of our unconscious memory and make us prone to different kinds of mental health issues. Inner trauma can be completely healed with the help of professional counselors who can listen patiently, and can provide you some friendly piece of advice to come out of it. Online psychological counseling is hence in high demand.

Psychologists and therapists provide tools and advice to the mental health sufferers, who suffer from chronic mental health conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and mental trauma. Mental trauma can affect anyone regardless of age, race, and socio-economic conditions of an individual. If it is left untreated for a longer period of time, such mental trauma can bring drastic changes in our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings, changing our personality and resulting in more serious mental health disorders.

Trauma can have a damaging effect on our physical health resulting in some chronic health conditions like type-II diabetes, high or low blood pressure, digestion-related problems, heart problems, including the damage to immune system.

A happy girl, indicating inner wellness
A happy girl, indicating inner wellness

Why does Trauma Occur?

Researchers say that when an infant doesn’t get enough care from the primary care-giver, insecurity develops in the child and as he/she grows up, there can develop trust issues in developing relationships and bonds. Early childhood abuse and neglect will develop unexplainable mental trauma and also insecure attachments in the individual. Most importantly, the ill-treatments like physical abuse and sexual abuse can develop strong and deep emotional scars that block them from achieving their goals.

Sexual abuse in childhood or early adulthood will make them hesitant or avoid a healthy marital life. Along with them, other unexpected traumatic events in life such as the death of a loved one, witnessing pandemics and violent attacks or wars, abusive relationships or divorce, major accidents, separation from family, or experiencing sudden and worst economic crisis etc. can also result in severe emotional trauma. Trauma can occur through any sudden or unexpected events and the way one deals with the trauma is highly important.

Though people share their experiences like joyful events and threatening events or sad events with their friends and family members, the effect that such traumatic incidents put on us is extremely harsh that such talks cannot pacify them. Neglecting such things can cause a severe damage in the future. Hence the need for talking to a professional psychologist arises.

What does a Psychologist do?

The work of a counseling psychologist focuses more on emotional, social and physical issues that arise from typical life stresses or more serious issues associated with school, work or family settings. Counseling psychologists counsel their clients for relationship issues, substance abuse counseling, career advice, difficulty adapting to life changes and any other related issues.

A Psychologist can advice you on how to get out of those overwhelming thoughts of sadness and remorse, and be on your own. Talking to a psychologist enables you on how you should look at the problem, what points should be considered, and how to put yourself in a safe and comfortable mental condition. This empowers you with freshness of your strengths and enables you to know how to deal with your weaknesses.

The scientific approach of solving issues clears your path to your overall success in life. Though it feels that you can do it on your own or seek support of your friends or family, it might not be always helpful. Because, a psychologist helps you identify what’s blocking your mental gateway of thinking and how you should get over it.

Online Therapy

Online psychological counseling therapy is effective and comfortable as it can be done being at the comfort of your own place. Online counselling is as effective as face-to-face counselling. People choose online counselling because of its advantages. With a simple internet connection and a smart phone or a laptop, a client can get connected with a counsellor from a far off distance. Though you are on a business trip or in the mid of a vacation, connecting with your counsellor becomes easier than coming down to meet in person.

In case, you are facing any kind of hurdles in your personal or professional life and if you are unknown of what is stopping you from achieving your targets, it is time to meet an expert. The traumas are mostly hidden in our memory and we can seldom know the real reason why something is bothering us. Undergoing a psychological counseling session helps. So, meet your favorite psychologist from our team of experts that are friendly, empathetic, and non-judgmental. Log on to Wellness Hub and book an
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