COVID – 19 Lockdown: What mental health experts say?

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 27, 2021

The world has probably never experienced such a challenge before. The sense of confinement that this pandemic Covid -19 has imposed on us is not only restricting us from going outside, but also affecting our thoughts from going towards good hopes. Many people worldwide are reportedly suffering from mental health issues like stress, anxiety and depression. Those who are already having issues are experiencing the worst conditions. It is highly necessary to maintain sound mental health during this lock down time and the mental health experts are advising some great tips for you to cope with this unprecedented situation.

Technology has provided us with the facility of online counseling that help us make an online video call or a simple phone call to the mental health experts, seeking a balance of our emotional health.

Here, we got messages from our best psychologists to provide you with their expert guidance for balancing your mental health, during this lock down time.

A lady with a mask on
A lady with a mask on

Acceptance is the best way

Here is a message from our renowned Psychologist, Dr. Madhu Kosuri, the former head of the department of Psychology, on how to deal with this. Prof. Madhu says, “Remember that you are not alone during lockdown time. Others are also going through the same emotions, anxieties and fears. The biggest difference is that you can identify with them and learn how to cope with these issues. Also keep in mind that there are others (doctors, nurses, policemen, and sanitary staff) who are selflessly trying their best to keep you away from the disease and death.

One of the biggest wellness take-away from the lockdown is that people are adopting successfully to weeks of being at home and spending time with family members. They are learning to look at situations from different perspectives and making adjustments to accommodate everybody. They are also learning the importance of taking care of oneself both physically and mentally.”

Mindfulness is the Key

Another famous psychologist and counselor, Mrs. Aruna Sri Sikha, advises on the importance of mindfulness. She says, “Take this opportunity to restructure yourself.  Rebuild your health physically and psychologically, rebuild your relationships.  No need to run with time mindfully you can restructure yourself.  Wake up mindfully (to experience freshness), exercise mindfully (to be healthy), Eat mindfully (to manage weight), talk mindfully (to manage relationships), Watch T.V/screens mindfully (to avoid binge watching), sleep mindfully (to restore body & mind).  Live life mindfully for holistic wellness”

Get better with imagination

Our active counseling psychologist Santhoshini, has something to say about your imaginations. She quotes, “If you find yourself going into your imagination and imagining hopeless and scary scenarios then remember that this is your imagination and the best part is that you can choose the content of your imagination. So instead of choosing to imagine anxious situations, try to imagine yourself coping with the stress, imagine things getting better and coming out of this soon.”

Irrecoverable Losses

The weird conditions which this Corona virus has put our lives in, also includes sudden demises of our loved ones. Our health counselor and psychologist, Dr. Manasa Mallavarapu says,“My heart goes out to all the people who have lost their close ones to COVID and to all those who are stuck alone/cannot be with families and to those who do not feel safe at home. I’m glad that online counseling is a possibility in these confusing times. After all, every one of us needs someone who supports us through life’s ifs and buts.”

This too shall pass

It is really necessary to have in mind that this condition is temporary. One of our Psychologists, Sangeeta mentions, “Well, Covid-19 has sent the entire world into a tizzy. A normal person too has been pushed to the verge of doubting his own sanity, what with the n number of times he washes or sanitizes his hands lest he falls victim to the virus. Confusion, anxiety, helplessness, frustration and to top it all the inability to go out.. this has probably become the worst scenario that anyone could find themselves in. Fellow people! Fret not! Worry not! For this too is only temporary and we can come back to leading our normal lives like the way Wuhan has started functioning after 76 days! This too shall pass!”

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