Home Based Speech Therapy Activity: Fun Turn Taking Games

By Rajini D

Last Updated: April 5, 2024

Welcome to Turn Taking Playtime, where learning meets laughter in a delightful adventure of social development. In this carefully curated activity, designed with young children in mind, including those with developmental delays or special needs, we embark on a journey to foster essential turn-taking skills through the magic of play. Join us as we explore the transformative power of cooperative play and its profound impact on your child’s social interactions and communication abilities.

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Creating the Perfect Play Environment:

Set the stage for exploration and interaction by creating a comfortable and inviting play space filled with an assortment of toys and games. This diverse array of playthings serves as the canvas for learning, providing ample opportunities for your child to engage in turn-taking activities.

Start Simple, Dream Big:

Begin your adventure with simple yet engaging activities that lay the foundation for turn-taking. Roll a ball back and forth, uttering those magical words, “It’s your turn,” and “Now it’s my turn,” as you introduce the concept of sharing and cooperation. This playful exchange not only teaches turn-taking but also cultivates a sense of reciprocity and mutual respect.

Building Blocks of Cooperation:

Transition into more structured play with board games or activities that offer clear turns, such as building blocks or assembling puzzle pieces. Verbalize each step of the turn-taking process, reinforcing the concept through repetition and interactive engagement. As your child takes their turn, celebrate their participation and encourage them to embrace the joy of shared experiences.

Imagination Knows No Bounds:

Unleash the power of imagination as you dive into imaginative play scenarios where turn-taking takes on a whole new dimension. Take turns being the ‘customer’ and the ‘shopkeeper’ in a pretend store, or explore roles in a make-believe world where cooperation reigns supreme. Through imaginative play, children not only practice turn-taking but also develop empathy and perspective-taking skills essential for social harmony.

Addressing Potential Concerns:

Resistance to Turn-Taking:

If your child displays resistance, start with short turns and gradually increase the duration, using positive reinforcement such as praise or small rewards to motivate participation. Patience and encouragement are key as your child learns to navigate the world of turn-taking at their own pace.

Difficulty Understanding Turn-Taking:

Simplify the concept by incorporating visual cues, such as tokens or markers, to represent turns. These tangible representations provide clarity and structure, aiding your child in understanding when it’s their turn to shine.

Overstimulation or Distraction:

Remain attuned to your child’s sensory needs, providing calm breaks when necessary to prevent overstimulation. Create a conducive environment by minimizing distractions, allowing your child to focus fully on the joyous task of turn-taking.

Objective of the Activity:

“Turn-Taking Playtime” is designed to help your child learn how to share and take turns with others. This is important for playing together and building friendships. By playing these games, kids understand how to work together, care for each other’s feelings, and respect one another, which are key for getting along well with others.

Closing and Additional Tips:

As you embark on this enchanting journey of turn-taking playtime, celebrate each successful turn as a milestone in your child’s social development. Consistently integrate turn-taking into various activities, infusing every moment with the spirit of cooperation and shared joy. Embrace the magic of play and cooperation, and revel in the precious moments of connection and camaraderie with your child.

Embark on the adventure of Turn Taking Playtime, where every turn is a step towards social harmony and shared delight! 

About the Author:

Rajini Darugupally

M.Sc., Speech-Language Pathologist (9+ years of experience)

Rajini is a passionate and dedicated Speech-Language Pathologist with over 9+ years of experience, specializing in both developmental speech and language disorders in children and rehabilitation in adults.

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