10 Employee Engagement Initiatives Used by Top Companies

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 27, 2021

Employee engagement has been a concern for companies in recent years. Sending surveys and getting feedback is the usual thing the managements do in order to get feedback from the employees regarding the work environment, issues related to the job, management and their performance. But just the collection of feedback doesn’t fulfil the requirement. Even after collecting the feedback, if nothing has been done, then the employees tend to disconnect from the feedback process. They even would stop believing in the management.

Hence, just taking a survey alone is not important, but the response of the management counts. Implementing some targeted employee engagement initiatives is the best way to respond directly to feedback. Deciding on how to respond to actions for the feedback got from the employees, would be a tough task. We are here to help you. Wellness Hub offers EWA, the Employee Wellness Audit to get you the list of actions to be done according to the feedback given. Our group of psychologists is there to advice on that. Meanwhile, let’s have a look at the list of employee engagement initiatives that are successful in most of the cases.

Employee Engagement Initiatives

For any organization, its team leaders and managers are the ones who impact the employees to great extent. To enhance the value of leadership, a monthly review session with the leader, can be conducted in the organizations. The leader shall take the initiation on speaking about challenges and successes in the market positions, after which the other team members can raise their queries and concerns about them helping meet the organizational goals.

Employees working together
Employees working together

An innovative idea by an organization was to implement a ‘book of signs’ where the newly appointed employees are asked to reach the existing employees asking them to explain one value each and take their sign on the book. This method turns out to be a win-win situation, as it enables the employees to refresh their values and the newcomer gets to interact with everyone in the office, benefitting both.

Transparency in financial reports about the initiatives offered in the company, gives the employees an idea on how concerned is the management and how dedicated they should be. The financial figures, like how much is being spent on salaries and employee benefits, motivates them to be a part of producing profits for the company.

Let the consumers using your products and services be heard. Conducting a customer panel and allowing them to share their opinions on how your products or services have positively impacted their businesses and addressing the negative aspects they felt lacking can be discussed there.

When such a discussion is made involving your employees, they feel more responsible and connected. Such factors increase employee engagement in the organization.

Employees should feel that their abilities are well-matched with their roles. Hence, setting realistic expectations and meeting them are important. The new employees can be expected to write their job description and expectations. After two months, they are again asked to write on the same and these two sheets are compared. Any misalignments can be discussed with the managers on one-to-one interaction form.

The team leaders should be available online to the employees throughout their work timings, for gathering any suggestions from the employees.

Conducting events and celebrating festivals improves office culture. Encouraging the employees to conduct workshops on their specialized topics helps others to gain some knowledge.

Surprising the employees with small gifts and thank you cards upon the completion of a tough project work on time, would make them feel so special. Maintaining a ‘wow’ wall appreciating the employees’ efforts in the office, where the office staff walk by, would inspire others too.

For the employees who lack skills to excel in their performance, a brush-up training session for a short term can be offered by the management. This makes the employees realize the concern the office have for them.

Employee helping another employee
Employee helping another employee

When an employee plans to leave the company, a ‘stay interview’ has to be conducted to discuss the points on what should be done to retain the employee. This helps the management to learn any hidden issues going on in the office. Knowing what needs to be done, prevents further damage and taking action helps in employee retention.

Tremendous results are obtained when the feedback of the employees is continually monitored by the managers and when the implementation of valuable new methods is made. But when these are done under the supervision of a team of psychologists and the questionnaire for surveys and assessments is framed by such experts, the results would be incredible. Wellness Hub provides its flag ship product named EWA, meaning Employee Wellness Audit, specifically for this purpose. EWA helps your company achieve a greater degree of employee engagement. Log on or call us for a demo.

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