Playful Learning: Help Kids Master Simple Commands at Home

By Rajini D

Last Updated: February 16, 2024


It is important for our kids to understand simple commands in daily life. If a kid cannot understand simple daily commands like, “Give me that”, “Take this bottle”, or “Where is mommy?” the struggle of such parent can never be underestimated. So, here’s our help for you. Introducing ‘Command and Play,’ a simple yet effective activity designed to help young children, including those with Autism and special needs, understand and follow one-step commands. This activity is an excellent way to enhance listening skills and the ability to respond to verbal cues, which is crucial in early language development and cognitive processing.

The Value of Following Simple Commands

The ability to comprehend and act on simple commands is a fundamental skill in a child’s development. It lays the groundwork for more complex instructions and is essential for effective communication. For children with Autism and special needs, mastering this skill can significantly improve their interaction with others and their environment.

Detailed Activity: “Command and Play”

Starting with Simple Commands:

  • Clear Communication: Use concise, straightforward language for commands like ‘Come here’ or ‘Pick up the ball.’
  • Attention: Ensure you have your child’s focused attention before giving a command.

Demonstration and Imitation:

  • Visual Guidance: Perform the command yourself, such as clapping your hands, and encourage your child to imitate the action.
  • Active Learning: This approach helps children understand the command through observation and repetition.

Positive Reinforcement:

  • Encouragement: Praise your child for successfully following a command.
  • Support: If your child struggles, offer gentle guidance to help them complete the action.

Progressing to Two-Step Commands:

  • Advancing Skills: Introduce more complex commands as your child becomes more comfortable, like ‘Pick up the toy and give it to me.’
  • Skill Development: This helps enhance their cognitive ability to process and follow multi-step instructions.

Incorporating Playful Elements:

  • Fun Learning: Turn the activity into a game by integrating commands into a song or rhythm.
  • Engagement: Making the learning process fun can significantly improve your child’s interest and retention.

Addressing Potential Challenges

Difficulty in Understanding Commands:

  • Solution: Break down commands into simpler steps and use more demonstrations.

Limited Attention Span:

Solution: Keep the activity short and engaging, using a variety of simple commands to maintain interest.

Resistance to Commands:

  • Solution: Create a relaxed and positive environment, ensuring that following commands feels like a game rather than a task.

Unlock Communication Skills with Fun Apps

Wellness Hub offers two interactive and engaging apps named Autism Basics and Speech Basics apps, for your child to pick up the basic needs of communication. Speech Basics app helps the child in understanding the commands and executing them. Our engaging way of teaching with child modeling and pictures with examples can increase the interest in learning. Speech Basics app employs a variety of exercises and interactive modules to improve speech clarity, aiding children in expressing themselves with confidence.


Patience and enjoyment are key in ‘Command and Play.’ Celebrate every small success and gradually introduce more complexity as your child progresses. This activity is not just about learning to follow commands; it’s about building confidence, enhancing communication skills, and enjoying the process of learning together.

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