Why Suicidal Tendency is high in today’s Youth?

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 26, 2021

From the past few months, we are witnessing many instances where people are unable to take it. Be it a celebrity young chap or a common student, a wealthy brat or a middle-class boy, in fact, a boy or a girl, the thought of suicide doesn’t check for anything. When the mind is depressed and the thinking goes extremely negative, when one cannot take it any longer and wants to escape from all this, suicide could be the next thought. But, why does this happen?

What makes these people take the extreme step and why are youth more in this thought group? Let’s throw some light on the factors that are probing them towards suicide. However, it is highly recommended that any kind of emotional problems should be discussed with an expert such as a psychologist or a counselor to know the ways to deal with it. Online psychological counseling is gaining a huge momentum in these days for the obvious reasons.

Prominent Reasons

Though the thoughts of suicide can cross all ages, genders, and races, today’s youth are finding this as an easy solution. Research shows that 90% of the people who committed suicide were suffering from mental health issues. Among them, the most common mental health issues include stress, anxiety and depression. Depression can be mild, moderate and severe. Severe depression has high chances of leading it to suicide.


A depressed girl
A depressed girl

Depression is a mental illness that doesn’t seem to be, but the affect of it says it all. A depressed person is found to have low mood all the while, loss of interest in activities with severe impairment in daily life. As the name implies, Smiling Depression is the term used for the people who are depressed inside but pretend to be happy and contended outside. This can be mostly observed in celebrities. Smiling depression is considered as a part of major depressive disorders with atypical features that affects how
people think, feel and behave. People with major depressive disorders lose interest in tasks they once enjoyed and find trouble performing their simple daily tasks. They are more prone to suicidal ideation. Usually, though a person is depressed, any positive outcome is likely to elevate the mood for some time, in them. But, if the depression disorder is classic, no such positive outcomes could bring a cheer in them.


You must be wondering what technology has to do with suicides. The modern day life-style that takes a disguise of comfort is also responsible for promoting this kind of attitude in the Youth. The usage of technology has made everything easier that we get everything at our doorstep with just a click. Among all the age groups, people who are in young age are getting highly dependent on technology that they are often misusing it by even replacing their hobbies and relationships with technology.

This ease of making things happen in a jiffy is slowly making people impatient. They want everything to happen in a quicker pace. In the sense, just like instant noodles and instant coffee, they seek instant relationships and like high-speed internet and high-speed vehicles, they want high-speed solutions. But, emotions and relationships don’t work that way. If you think they will, I bet they won’t last long. In that case, what happens when one invests their emotions in them? Without patience and persistence, fruitive results cannot occur. When their instant solutions fail and their impatience takes a toll on them, negativity engulfs them leading them to take an extreme step.

Other reasons

There could be many threads that might end up some people to this road. The results of the exams might disappoint someone, the job-less tension might lead to distress for some. The problems like relationship issues, being victims of cyber crime and sexual assault, substance abuse and addiction etc. make them end their lives. Apart from such things, another natural culprit that triggers depression in youth is the hormonal changes. If one is unable to cope with such things, it would be hard to bear any negative happenings and the mental pressure that unwanted consequences put on them.

A girl trying to smile
A girl trying to smile

What Psychologists say?

Feelings are not permanent and dying is not a solution. Repeated negative thoughts can lead to such decisions. Facing them, going through those problems and trying to think of the solution in different ways, taking various insights would help you better. It’s always a brave step to face the problem, whereas running away proves you a coward.

  • Every problem has a solution. Don’t be aggressive. You need to patiently explore the chances and keep evaluating them to know what’s the right thing to do.
  • Having a “Tunnel vision” narrows your vision, preventing you from seeing other possibilities. So, broader your vision and think peacefully.
  • Seek an advice. Approach someone who can advice you better with empathy, but has no connection with your problem.
  • People who care for you might also suggest you. But they have their own boundaries. Think of what really helps you.
  • There could be solutions you might not like or you might not be comfortable with. Sit and evaluate them to know the ways to make yourself comfortable.
  • Always try to go by the facts. Please don’t validate your thoughts or feelings. Feelings are temporary whereas facts are not.
  • Try to gather the evidences of every fact and the reasons of your feelings and thoughts. By now, you get an idea how foolish the idea of suicide is!!

Thoughts are very powerful motivational tools that can either boost you for something great or can pull you to give up everything. Watch your thoughts, always!! In case, you are still feeling negative, or if someone you know is thinking or talking about suicide, please don’t neglect. Undergoing psychological counseling is the best way to come out of emotional problems. Wellness Hub has a team of experienced professional counselors who are empathetic, friendly and non- judgmental. Log on to Wellness Hub and book an appointment with a psychologist of your choice, right now.

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