How to Get Unstuck in any Situation? | Ways to Unstuck Yourself

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 27, 2021

Blank. Absolutely blank on what, how, when, where, etc. to get an idea. Are you feeling immobilized, paralyzed and suffocated to get stuck in an unknown corner of something, unable to think what to do next, and where to go for the solution? Don’t panic. You are not alone.

Every one of us is stuck at some time at some place when things take unexpected turns leaving us wonder what to do next. It could be either resentment for past happenings, disappointment due to failed plans, unable to discover new ways, getting entrenched in same loops, being powerless in situations, or maybe those repeating dynamics. The feeling of getting stuck can arise whenever we feel the loss of control over things happening.

It is a common scenario that we all get stuck with our mentality of being unable to accept whatever is happening around us. Change is what we resist most of the times. And the change that occurs, though sometimes unwelcoming, is what makes us feel stuck. Change in the expected outcomes, change in the situations, change in someone’s decisions, change in today’s weather or change that changes everything. It is very tough for many of us to welcome a sudden change that makes us feel uncomfortable.

Girl feeling stucked
Girl feeling stucked

What can be Done?

Whenever you get stuck, it is needed that you should feel unstuck. It is not about happiness. Though you feel happy or not, for a person who feels stuck, it is more important to get unstuck rather than to feel happy. For example, when a person feels stuck with a problem, gets panicked and anxious on how to get over, it is important to release that panic and make that person feel unstuck. This is the first step towards accepting a change.

Yes, it again leads to change. Accepting a change by surrendering ourselves is the most important step in getting unstuck. Change can be painful, but getting stuck is more painful than it. Initially, accept whatever shall happen by understanding that you cannot control everything. If we can learn to cope with the things, the resistance towards being unable to accept gets low.

We usually jump to quick solutions before feeling the whole suffocation of getting adjusted. We stop taking those unpleasant experiences and immediately look out for a solution, in which haste we step into garbage of bad decisions. But, rather than immediately looking out for a solution, we should focus on the experience of getting stuck.

What’s Obstructing You?

The feeling of hopelessness and suffocation won’t let you think properly. Take some time to make yourself comfortable. Take some deep breaths and let every bothering question to go off. Keep your mind cool.

Change your environment

Try to focus on changing the environment around you. Brighten it up to brighten your thinking. Change in environment affects your thinking process.

Look for the Pattern

Think of the past actions when you have faced a similar problem. Remember how you have acted well and how the problem got fixed. Just recall the moments and the panic you had been through. Realize how the effect got reduced with time. The moments that were then anxious are now just memories. This thought connects you with the fact that nothing is permanent. Not even this problem. Hence, you will be fine soon.

Take Baby steps

If you are stuck with taking decisions on a long process of things, don’t look at your long journey. Break your journey into small chunks, plan accordingly and reach small targets. Break the whole thing into parts and take baby steps towards achieving them. This process builds up your confidence levels. You might be not that good yet, but don’t worry, take time to get set.

Add Others

Add other life goals that might interest you to your bucket list. Assign individual life goals that inspire you to reach new heights, and that show new visions. Focus on what motivates you. Everyone gets motivated by some or the other thing like rewards, punishments, or external goals etc.

Know what you really want

Discover your vision and create habits. Be clear on what you want to achieve and where you want to see yourself after a certain time. This makes you understand what you want. Now, think of different ways of achieving it. Blocking of plan A can sometimes pave way for plan B.

Be clear on goals

Have a clear vision on what you are trying to achieve. Make a list of things. Remove any unnecessary bothering points that might disturb your mental peace. Make your goal clear. Understand the time taken for achieving that. Give yourself a caution of the possible obstacles and get ready with numerous solutions for all them.

A girl smiling confidently
A girl smiling confidently

Who’s Driving

If the driver of a vehicle doesn’t have the idea on where to go, that journey would feel endless. Make sure it is your decision and your willingness that drives you where you want. Stop letting other’s opinions control your actions. Getting control by other’s interests will always create endless pain and pressure that is hard to escape.

Go to Space

Take a look from a great distance. Imagine that you travelled far enough into the space to take a look at your place and problems. But even the earth looks too small form there. When things seem small, so does your problem. This lightens your tension and eases how everything seems so small.

What do you Need?

Recognize your needs. Understand what your needs are and discuss with the potential ones who might affect your emotions. The way you treat yourselves sets standard for others. Hence treat yourself with importance recognizing that you too have needs that are to be attended.

Stretch Yourself

Take a walk or exercise. Walking in a park can reduce your anxiety levels and make you comfortable. Take some deep breaths. Let the nature heal your tension. Meditate for some time to relax yourselves.

Be Mindful

Being mindful of the things you do, also works like meditation. When you eat, drink or do some work, being mindful like the work you do is the worship you make, can give you great benefits. Be confident and never belittle your achievements. A simple deed you did can boost your confidence levels. So, focus on what you are and be contended with what you have.

Comparing the journey of others with you can throw into a trouble of unnecessary competitions. Lessening your anxiety and focus on your goals, can yield better results. In case, you are unable to come out of the pit of getting stuck, let our expert psychologists help you. Book an appointment to have a talk with one of our psychologists, either online or offline.

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