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By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 27, 2021

Online counselling is a distant but effective help to the individuals suffering from various psychological issues. Women now-a-days are facing a lot of issues in regard with the change in living style. Our daily activities are being filled with a lot of stress, tension and anxiety which sometimes lead to depression and other mental illness.

From the basic needs of a house to the emergency needs, everything has to be filled in time, which otherwise would lead to tension in many of us. All the needs such as financial, household, medical emergency, relationship needs, marital issues, problems in family etc. could lead to stress and anxiety. It is really tough to swim through these daily waves of stressful situations without getting wet with mental illness.

Any psychological issue needs to be attended. In general, it is a common thing that a physical bruise or illness can be seen clearly and is immediately attended, but a mental bruise and illness are neglected. The only difference between both of them is that one is clearly visible while the other might be camouflaged under a smile. But the hurt is same.

In most cases, the mental bruise gets more severe compared to any physical problem, that actually compels the person to take a drastic decision like committing suicides or killing someone. Before your mental condition gets worse, it is highly recommended that you see a counsellor. A stitch in time saves nine.

Need of counselling

Counseling is an activity that takes place when someone who is troubled (the client) invites and allows another person (the counselor) to enter into a particular kind of relationship with them. The client seeks such a relationship when they encounter a ‘problem in living’ that they have not been able to resolve through their everyday resources.

This has resulted in their exclusion from some aspect of full participation in social life. Such persons would benefit from counseling as it helps them become active in social life and become fully functional. The basic foundation for counseling to become effective is that it can happen only if the client wants it to happen.

A confident lady smiling
A confident lady smiling

Things women face:

Women has to face a numerous issues since they start entering into the real face of the society. While being a child, a baby girl is taken care of her parents, she starts encountering all the weird kinds of problems once she enters puberty. With the changes in hormones and the body growth, the main issues will be handling attraction, balancing herself, combating sexual assaults, facing stares of strangers through her clothes and all.

All the way growing up to a woman, fate makes her face the real shit of society which she has to fight in many steps. Once married, the issues with husband, in-laws, relatives and then kids, makes her life full of puzzles to solve. Elderly people say this is how they grow up and that women are the backbone of a family. A strong woman will obviously support her family psychologically counseling herself and her family too. She is actually the pillar of a family being a wife and mother.

But it is a common thing that even a strong woman has to face some difficulties in life. From everyday issues to life threatening struggles, every scenario affects the mental health of a person in a way that they experience stress and anxiety. When the expected results don’t occur in spite of severe hard work, people face depression.

The degrees of depression vary on how strongly they are affected. Stress is actually a reaction to sudden change we face. Such stress when gets harder, could result in severe mental illness. Anxiety is a prolonged form of such stress. All these mental ailments can be reduced when a professional help is taken to solve them.

Women and Emotion

Women are the replicates of the Nature. Every natural emotion like love, affection, warmth, care, empathy, compassion etc. is a natural gift for women. Women tend to be kind and soft towards any being and get emotionally attached. Disturbance of such tender emotions creates much mental stress.

The mental disorders such as stress, depression, tension, anxiety, panicking, OCD, PTSD etc. are all the ones which could encounter because of the pressure experienced by women in our daily lives. Managing work both at home and at work place, maintaining family relations, keeping the homely ambience intact, having strong interpersonal skills, being a good mom, wife, home maker, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, friend, colleague, neighbor etc. are some of the many roles a woman plays in her daily life.

All these unspoken responsibilities are tied to us since ages. In the eagerness of playing a perfect role, a woman just forgets about herself. She is tending to believe that she is there to look after her family giving least preference to herself. Then, what about the psychological turmoil that she’s been through all this while?

Stress from Society

The most common stress women face from society is sexual abuse. While the thought of inferiority towards women is a major issue that is being encountered all around the world, this new age problem of sexual abuse has been on a raise.

With the advent of technology, every person has an access to internet where the sex-related stuff is attracting people at a tender age. This has no limits on its influence that from an adolescent to an elderly man, lots of men are being sexual addicts and are harassing women for this pleasure. Though this points to a particular group of men who are growing up to be morons, there lies the responsibility of family members also to teach them good lesson.

Why don’t women report sexual assault?

This has been a common topic of discussion, but still as the reasons are substantial, many problems are not exposed to light. The most common reason is the fear of the name society would give judging by the dress of the lady. It’s a shame that a lady, even in this 21st century is being categorized by her dress. This is a great problem persisting in the society that needs to be changed immediately.

The common reasons are the following.

  • Shame: Feeling shame for reporting an abuse is a common reason. But why should a lady feel shame for getting abused while the guy who abused feels great about his masculinity? This should be changed and it can be done only when women stop feeling so.
  • Denial: Many women fail to report because of having no proof of abuse most of the times.
  • Fear of consequences: Women fear of the consequences that they should go to police station, which doesn’t seem good and the enquiries about the assault could be so embarrassing and the reputation of her family would come down.
  • Low self-esteem: Some women have very low self-esteem that they give up believing that it happens to them usually and that they should not speak about it.
  • Feelings of Hopelessness and Helplessness: Many of them don’t report feeling reporting wouldn’t help them and that they are helpless. They don’t have any hope that justice would be done at the end.
  • History of being sexually assaulted: As it has been common for them to face such things, many women accept that it is a social stigma which can’t be fight back.
  • Lack of information: Some women from remote areas don’t have information that reports on assault are taken care of and the dealt.
  • Disassociated or drugged: Some women are disassociated with the scene when it happens may be due to the reasons like intoxication or being under the influence of anesthesia.

Effect of sexual assault

A woman after facing a sexual assault, goes through a lot of turmoil. It affects her mentally. The feeling of stress and tension runs through the mind, whenever she steps out. Her sexual desires and passion get drastically affected and her relation with husband in sexual matters gets deteriorated. This is a sign of mental distress, which needs to be attended. Speak to a psychologist or a psychological counselor to get the required help dealing with such cases. Undergoing a therapy helps a lot for the women facing such issues.

Anxious woman
Anxious woman

Other Problems

There are numerous problems such as facing issues like harassments at home, office or somewhere else in the form of verbal abuse or physical attack being faced by women in many areas of the world. All these are to be exposed and the women should be protected. It is a crime to torture someone physically or mentally, whether it is a woman or a man. Such people who have extreme behaviors should be treated.

Online counseling helps you book an session being far away to know if the treatment is needed and how it should be. Online counseling for women is provided for letting women have a way to acquire mental peace.

Gift yourself some mental peace with new techniques of solving all the issues and disorders that are internally affecting you. The stress, depression and anxiety that crept unknowingly under the covers of responsibilities are already ruling your mind to their full extent. Get a control over your emotional world with the help of an expert counsellor.

Wellness Hub has a group of talented and experienced psychologists who help you come out of your psychological issues. Women those who don’t get enough support from spouses can have solutions to make their life fully functional through our online counseling sessions which enables you to connect from your own room.

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