Teach Your Toddler Name Recognition with Easy Home Activities

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Last Updated: February 10, 2024


Did your toddler start calling you? Children usually call people around them from what they hear. You might have heard your toddler call you by what your spouse or elders call you! As parents and caregivers, we understand the significance of a child’s early years in shaping their social and communicative skills. Recognizing and responding to their own name, as well as the names of family members, is a crucial milestone in a child’s development. Our home-based speech therapy activities would guide you to teach them in an actively engaging way.

This skill is particularly essential for children between 1 to 2 years of age, including those experiencing developmental delays. The “Call by Name” activity is designed to nurture these vital connections, providing a foundation for your child’s social and language development.

The Importance of Name Recognition:

Name recognition is more than just learning to respond when called. A name need not be your name, but it could be the relationship the child has with you. It’s the first step in your child’s journey to understanding their identity and their place within the family unit. It also plays a pivotal role in developing listening skills, auditory processing, and social interactions. Starting as early as 1 year old, this activity can be a joyful and bonding experience for both you and your child.

Detailed Activity: “Call by Name”:

For activities, you need to set an encouraging mood for your child to make them learn. Calling their name and repeating it with patience and focus helps.

Creating a Focused Environment:

  • Setup: Choose a calm, distraction-free area. Sit comfortably with your child, gently capturing their attention.
  • Engagement: Maintain eye contact and use a calm, friendly tone.

Calling the Child’s Name:

  • Interaction: Say your child’s name in a clear, upbeat voice. Watch for any sign of recognition.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Respond to their recognition with a warm smile or gentle applause.

Repeating and Encouraging:

  • Consistency: Regularly repeat your child’s name during different times of the day.
  • Atmosphere: Keep the mood light and encouraging, making each repetition a joyful experience.

Introducing Family Members:

  • Expansion: Gradually introduce names of family members. Use photos to help your child associate names with faces.
  • Visual Support: Show pictures from a photo album, pointing and naming each family member.

Name Recognition Game:

  • Interactive Game: Have family members sit in a circle. Take turns calling your child’s name and rewarding their response with a hug or a playful gesture.
  • Variation: Use different tones or sing the names to make it more engaging.

Addressing Potential Concerns

Difficulty in Name Recognition:

  • Solution: Focus on one name at a time. Use frequent repetitions and associate the name with a specific gesture or object.

Limited Attention Span:

  • Solution: Keep the sessions short. Use animated expressions and a variety of tones to hold your child’s interest.

Lack of Response:

  • Solution: Remain patient and positive. Celebrate even the slightest sign of recognition to encourage further responses.

Transform Your Toddler’s Learning with Our Autism and Speech Development Apps

Elevate your toddler’s learning experience with our innovative apps, Autism Basics and Speech Basics. Our Speech Basics app has a section named “Relations,” where family relations are taught in an engaging way with a model. In this section, many relationships are mentioned. Say, for example, if you open the card “brother,” an example picture will be displayed, following the pronunciation of the word by a model of similar age. A few sentences will also be narrated, showing pictures and indicating the relationship mentioned. Seamlessly integrated with engaging activities, these apps provide a delightful way for your child to learn many new things.


Every child’s learning journey is unique. Approach the “Call by Name” activity with patience, adaptability, and joy. Celebrate every response, big or small, and enjoy these moments of connection and growth in your child’s social skills. Happy learning!

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