You may call it insanity or the pure love; You may call it enmity or some grudge; When such opposing feelings apply in the same bond, as a fun-frustration combo, it is called a Brother-Sister relationship. It feels very surprising to the ones who never experienced it. But it is a bond that someone should be so lucky to have. A brother and sister, whoever maybe elder in them, share the joys and fights equally.

The relationship with your sibling is probably the longest relationship you will share together in life. Siblings are the gifts of god, especially when it’s a brother and sister relationship, it seems like hell and heaven at the same time. When it’s the same gender, like two sisters or two brothers, they have much in common, as sisters could probably play with a Barbie while brothers with a toy-gun. Sisters would love to watch songs or dance on a TV, while both brothers would watch or play cricket together. But what if a sister and brother having differences of opinions in everything have to stay under one roof? Fights are more likely to occur for everything. Most of all, the TV remote!!!

Major Fights

What do you think a Bro-Sis combo is famous for? Fighting!!! From a TV remote to grabbing another’s chocolate, everything will be an issue at home. Sisters are very famous for emotional dramas like, “Mommy!! He’s beating me” or “Daddy!! He’s scolding me”, etc., kind of complaints, whining and cribbing, when they can’t physically win over you. And, brothers are always blamed for making them cry (though many of them are fake complaints) which follows thrashing from one of the parents. This makes a sister feel victorious over her brother. But, brothers are not emotional folks to stay calm, and they have their own plans to trouble the sister. Such opportunities come mostly when she is caught while doing something that she’s not supposed to. Like, from having an ice-cream when she’s cold to roaming with her boyfriend.

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is commonly observed between any two siblings though they are of the same gender or not, and blood-related or not. It could be because of relative competition or animosity between them. Both try to get attention from their parents and win the place to be the apple of the eye to both the parents. It is usually seen that daughters are mostly pampered by fathers while sons by their mothers. It mostly occurs to gain the attention of their parents, but whenever someone pokes into their issues; both become one to fight against the third person. It is mostly observed in kids that when you ask one of the siblings who were fighting till then, that you would take their brother or sister with you to your home permanently, and they would never allow you. Not even in their worst dreams!!

Endless Affection

They hold never-ending affection towards each other. The siblings are bliss. They may be irritating and annoying but if there’s a problem, they would always be in the front to defend you. That’s how a sibling relationship should be. Especially when it is a brother-sister relationship, no brother allows her sister to be in trouble. As they grow up, all the actions start making their meanings and they realize how much love and affection they hold for each other.

All these silly-fights and endless complaints make a strong relationship between them unknowingly, which is found to grow much deeper as they get older. Especially after entering teenage, though they still have silly fights for petty issues, they know how serious they are towards protecting each other. Sisters encourage their brothers in every stupid thing they do. Both become crime partners. She will be your best friend to give suggestions for attracting a girl-friend. She’ll be the one who protects you from the wrath of your parents when you waste their money or when you smoke or booze. In the same way, her brother will always be there to protect her. He’ll be the one who always stands by her side, whenever a problem arises. A brother is a great blessing for any sister when she has to face some social ailments like Eve-teasing or harassments. He stands for her whatever maybe the situation. He might not be a hero when he is in some trouble, but if it is his sister, he’ll definitely be her superhero.

India Celebrates Bro-Sis Bond

A brother and sister relationship is the most endearing relationship ever which contains love, fun, care, fights and a deep sense of belongingness. India is the country rich in its heritage and culture. Celebrating the brother and sister relationship is in its roots. Every year, on the day of “Sraavana Pournami” the full moon day of (Saavan) Sraavana month (comes mostly in August) is the day of “Rakhi pournami” or “Raksha Bandhan”. The sister ties a holy thread to her brother’s hand after putting a pinch of vermilion and rice grains on his forehead (symbolizing a wish that he should be prosperous) and feeds him a sweet. She gives aarti as to ward off all the evil that’s after him and wishes him all the good luck. Tying a Rakhi is like asking her brother to protect her forever. Brothers gift her something in return while promising to be there for her, forever. This is the custom that’s celebrated for ages, in India.

After a few days, comes “Bhai-dooj” or “Bhagini-hasta-bhojan” celebrated mostly during Diwali, on which day the sister invites brother to her home (if married) and cooks for him. He feasts and wishes her great fortune and gifts clothes (mostly) to her. In some parts of Northern India, they apply seven colors of tikha to their brothers. However, it is such a sweet bond that is cherished ever.

Together, Forever

A brother and sister relationship is such that one should experience it, to cherish it. Their affection hides in their silly fights with each other. Though they share fun and talk endlessly, there won’t be any sexual attraction between them. Having grown up together, there is a possibility that they share a higher level of friendship. In case, there occurs any unwanted emotions, psychological struggles or some harmonic effects that are affecting their relationship, it is always better to take the help of an expert. Talking about it reduces the effect of it. Ignoring it, thinking that it would go off all by itself, could create some other problems.

A family becomes stronger when they are mentally stronger and together. Helping each other and being there for each other, requires the effort of everyone. Healthy sibling relationships make families much stronger. Please don’t hesitate to take expert help in case of any such discrepancies and let us help you in this regard. Book your appointment, now.