Tired all the time | Why does cleaning and washing make me feel more than just tired?

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 27, 2021

“Keep your surroundings clean, wash your hands, cover your nose mouth with a face mask, maintain social distance, and use tissues or handkerchiefs if you cough or sneeze” are the words the world has been hearing since this year has begun. It’s no exaggeration if I could bet that you can write an exam on that. While we are usually doing our cleaning and washing, this extra care we had been taking to sanitize our homes, furniture, and things is really driving us crazy.

It’s no wonder if you are thinking that you might develop some obsessive-compulsion disorder upon this new habit of washing hands frequently and sanitizing things all the day. The tension of getting infected by the deadly corona virus is haunting us day and night. This is not only giving nightmares but is also developing mental illness in many people. In case, you feel that might develop one, it’s better to take precautions by interacting with a psychologist through online counseling, being at your convenience.

An online conversation with psychologist
An online conversation with psychologist

Apart from the physical tiredness that people usually experience doing mechanical tasks, it is the mental strain that takes a toll us on special circumstances like the present scenario. This compulsory cleanliness which has been making us to check on our health is actually affecting our mental wellness. Experts say that it could be the underlying anxiety that is the actual reason behind this fatigue. When uncertainty arises and situations suffocate us with unclear tensions, we feel restless. This could turn into anxiety in many of us.

Corona Depression

A new term called Corona Depression has come into existence since the advent of this new pandemic into our lives. People are feeling dull, depressed and sad all the while not knowing when this tension would end. This depressed state that most people are facing right now due to the conditions of epidemic and corona lockdown, is termed as Corona depression.

The feeling of exhaustion could be because we need to work more on our cleanliness. Does your house look messy and you feel depressed? Does this washing and cleaning all the while make you more uncomfortable that feel a lot more than just being tired? Is this depression that you are unable to identify? Experts refer it to the same. This is not just laziness as it might seem so. There are high chances that it could actually be the depression that you could be undergoing.

What does Depression do to you?

Depression has the ability to suck you inside it like sinking quick-sand. Depression wrecks your focus and distracts you to get pre-occupied with other things. This will neither let you complete the task in hand nor that one on your mind. You will again feel nasty for being lazy, while not knowing the actual reason for such procrastination. Pathetic, isn’t it?

Depression leaves you feel down and you just leave the things as they are. This makes your house messy which can add to those feelings of depression. This creates a vicious cycle that feeds on itself. In short, depression lingers in a messy house. So, let’s focus on how to come out of this messy depression.

  • Studies say that at least 20 minutes of daily physical activity, including house work can help in reducing the mental health issues. So, try cleaning as you do.
  • Don’t do all at once. You can start by making it simple like one room a day and do it willingly which would otherwise seems like a daunting task.
  • Tell yourself that you won’t make it messy from now. Clean vessels as immediate as you had food. Don’t let them sit in the sink waiting for hours. To prevent further cluttering, you should not let it happen in the first place.
  • Postponing the work is the common thing when you feel depressed. But you should fight that urge to sit back. You should understand that it doesn’t give you peace. Cleaning the spill immediately is easier rather than scrubbing a hard dried crusty stain, later. When you try keeping the house clean by acting as early as possible, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and a fresh feeling of peace.
  • Keep your cleaning material handy. Place your vacuum cleaner in the room where your carpets, sofas and curtains are more. Keeping bathroom cleaners in the bathroom and kitchen cleaners in the kitchen, helps you to work proactively.
  • Your hall, visitors area should be always cleaned. Dust your bedrooms a little more often than the other rooms. Kitchen must be cleaned every night so as to have a fresh morning, the next day.
  • Make your family part of the cleaning crew. Why should only you have all the fun? Allot some responsibilities to your family members according to their age and praise them if done well. Let them know that is everyone’s duty to keep the house clean.

Causes of fatigue

A depressed lady
A depressed lady

While the present scenario is responsible for our mental health, there could be some more reasons if you generally feeling fatigue. Check if any one of the below list of reasons is responsible for your tiredness.

  • Not having enough sleep
  • Sleep apnea
  • Not having nutritious meal
  • Anemia (iron deficiency)
  • Depression
  • Hypothyroidism
  • High caffeine in-take
  • Urinary-tract infections
  • Diabetes
  • Dehydration
  • Heart diseases
  • Shift-working
  • Food allergies
  • CFS and fibromyalgia

Please keep a check on both your physical and mental health to be fit and fine. If you know that you are not having any physical health problem, but still feel like having some issue, it could be mostly related to your emotional health. Psychologists are there for our own good to interact with us and help us find what is bothering us and how to come out of it.

Online counseling has made our lives easier providing a simple way to interact with our choice of psychologist through a video call or a phone call. Avail the opportunity and be healthy. Log on to Wellness Hub and book an appointment, today.

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