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By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 26, 2021

Teens have many crazy feelings as they get into their world of dominant hormones. Is it very commonly observed that teens are influenced by their peers, get into relationships, plan for romantic dates, have crushes, just go crazy on some brands or sports etc. when they find themselves as some grownups. Everything of such sort could sound so fun, thrilling and exciting for them as they experience them for the first time. This excitement interests them so much that they prefer to join the bandwagon of their
peers as soon as possible.

With such eagerness, they are more likely to get into unhealthy relationships that are defined by their social status, physical appearance or some other trivial things that won’t help any relation last long. After the realization of the truth, they feel shattered and devastated many a times. Hence, teenagers need help throughout their phases of relationships as a professional guidance helps them to make good

Why do Teens Move Out of Relationships?

Teens constantly grow and develop physically by discovering themselves more with each day. This discovery leads them to new wants and ideas that interest them more by each passing day. Hence they are observed to be constantly in search of their perfect romantic partner. Just when they get to know about the opposite sex and their tastes, ideas and fantasies, they just slowly try to figure out what it is like being in any relationship.

Teenagers go through a lot in this phase as they get emotionally attached to some people quickly, be it the opposite gender or the same, maybe younger, older or of the same age group. Sometimes, it is easier for them while sometimes it is a bit hard for them to get out of that relationship as they find themselves stuck in an unwanted or not-a-match relationship. This is why a teenager is often found to move from one relationship to another as they try to understand what they want.

Teenage love relationships
Teenage love relationships

Handling Rejections

In order to avoid heart-breaks that are often at this age, build your relationship slowly. Make yourself clear at every step that just going out for a coffee or going out on a date or just having some conversation doesn’t mean that you love the person or doesn’t convey any kind of commitment. These things often happen in teenage and that’s when they sometimes could not cope up.

When a teenager was brought up as a highly pampered child who had never been denied for any wish, there is a great chance that he/she could grow into a stubborn teenager who would not give up. When this stubborn nature is appended to having a relationship with the person they like, it could create a lot of trouble.

Such people when get their feelings hurt, could take some extreme steps in hurting themselves or the others for what they wish to have. They take it as a prestige issue, but not something related to heart. These extreme emotions are often observed in teenagers. Actual relationships always happen when there’s real love, care and concern towards each other, but not threat, violence or force.

Role of Hormones

The release of Oxytocin, also known as “Love Chemical” is the main factor that makes a person get interested in the other. To put simple, intense attraction towards someone is always lust or crush, but not love. The problem is that the Oxytocin chemical is released in both the conditions whether the person we are with, is just a casual fling or the marriage material. It tends to make us have a soft corner for the person or maybe some instant affection.

Hence it is tough to decide within a short time, if he/she is the right person for your life. Teenage is the age of magic played by hormones, in a high swing. As the feelings toward the person that a teenager is attracted to, include a mixture of attraction, jealousy, friendship, confusion, eagerness and the strong urge to have sex etc. teenagers have a lot to handle. All of them are dictated by the gush of hormones in your body and make you worried, excited, and even feel pain and pleasure at the same time. Many teenagers mistake this to be the love. Hence, there a numerous chances that their first love might hurt them.

Take Some Time

It’s true that many factors such as hormones, peer pressure and the feeling of loneliness could affect you much, but try to remain calm and never be eager to make decisions, especially the long term ones. Take ample amount of time to think, judge and decide whether it’s love and if he/she should be there in your life. After spending some more time in a relationship and going through various instances and emotions, you will get to know each other better. When things seem to be wrong, understand that both are not completely matured enough to take life decisions right now.
Give it some time. Let things settle. Study hard, get a job and reach your goals. Make a living and try to gain a good name in the society. In the way of working through your goals, you will get to know about yourself more clearly and hence will be able to figure out how you want your partner to be. After journeying through a good amount of time, you both will be able to decide if you can take this relationship forward. Such a relationship has the higher chances of sustainability for a longer duration of time, mostly throughout the life. All the best!!

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