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By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 27, 2021

The importance of employee engagement is widely accepted and its benefits are highly recognized. When the employees of an organization are engaged, it leads to better productivity, increased revenue and reduced staff turnover. When the employees are engaged, they show real commitment towards the work and care about the organization, its values and goals.

But the big question that haunts many organizations is “How do we improve Employee engagement and what are the strategies behind it?” Also, improving Employee engagement is not a one-time quick fix solution. It is something that needs continuous work. Employee engagement is actually caring the holistic wellness of the employees. Attempts to enrich employee wellness require knowledge about their competencies, skills, needs, temperaments and personality.

This knowledge facilitates necessary changes in the work environment, policies and relationships that would support the employees. Support eventually leads to transformation of the employees and help them become fully functional. Here are the best solutions that any company can opt for, when they consider employee engagement, seriously.

A happy employee
A happy employee

Employee Engagement Surveys

Survey is a set of questionnaire sent to a targeted group of employees to have their feedback on a selected topic. Different kinds of surveys can be created for various purposes like work-related surveys, employee wellness-related, and related to the tenure of the employment. Surveys are aimed at getting information about employees at the group, departmental, and organizational levels.

Engagement level of an employee cannot be understood in just one or two questions. A survey can help to get an idea of the holistic employee engagement. Using the best employee engagement survey questions, you can know the accurate level of engagement in your company. You will know where to take action by analyzing the results of a specific survey. Analyzing the outcomes of implementing certain action items, the trend of employee engagement that works for you, is understood.

How it is done?

A survey can be conducted when the needs of the employees should be identified, addressed and then sustained.

  • Collect: Design a survey and send it to collect the information
  • Understand: Analyze the data you receive and deduce the motives of action
  • Act: Take action depending on the results obtained

A survey that is designed for a specific cause contains questions related to it. Once designed, such a survey is sent to collect the required information. The feedback collected shall then be analyzed and some specified action items can be deduced that are needed to be implemented. Actions need not be taken on all the points in the feedback. The management can analyze, think and come to one or two important points as a conclusion. Implementing those would result in a great change. It is important to
get a holistic view on what factors influence employee engagement in your company. The action plan has to be taken based on the whole picture and relevant data. Along with the surveys, assessments are another kind of questionnaire that focuses on employee wellness at individual level pertaining to their personality. Psychometric assessment can be taken up at
the individual, group and organizational level that shall provide an evaluation of the employees’ personality and general skills. With these surveys and assessments, leaders and managers will be able to extract insights that can guide not only employee engagement but also the projects, process, interactions, and the profitability of the company.

A Manager of a company
A Manager of a company

Leaders and Managers

In the hierarchy of the management, the immediate supervisors are expected to have good knowledge of the skills and competencies along with the individual problems of their subordinates. This means, the team leaders can equip their managers with the related information to help the employees and the managers who get clear expectations of all the teams, can conduit between the top management and the lower level employees to make the workplace better.

Such expectations are met when the feedback of the employees is continually monitored by the managers and when the implementation of valuable new methods is made. But when these are done under the supervision of a team of psychologists and the questionnaire for surveys and assessments is framed by such experts, the results would be incredible.

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