Knowing the Household Items: Home Based Speech Therapy Activity for Toddlers

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Last Updated: February 9, 2024


Welcoming the world of discovery within the walls of your home can be a magical journey for your toddler. ‘Home Item Hunt,’ tailored for children aged 1 to 2, is a delightful activity that merges fun with learning, aiding in the development of vocabulary and recognition skills. In a child’s eyes, everyday household items are treasures waiting to be discovered, and this activity capitalizes on that natural curiosity. Our home-based activities would guide you to teach them in an actively engaging way.

Why Household Item Recognition Matters?

The ability to identify and name household items is a key step in a child’s cognitive development. It not only enriches their vocabulary but also deepens their understanding of their environment. For example, knowing that a cooker cooks food helps the child to understand how the word is derived. It fosters a way of understanding the functioning of the item, like the cooker. This also helps in enhancing the memory. Such recognition is crucial for young minds, helping them to make sense of their daily surroundings. It builds the foundation for more complex learning tasks.

Detailed Activity: “Home Item Hunt”

Introduce the names of some items that are seen by your child in their day-to-day activities. Learning that these items have names would add more fun to their growing vocabulary!

Choosing the Right Environment:

  • Setup: Begin in a familiar room, such as the living room or kitchen.
  • Comfort: Ensure the space is safe and inviting for your child.

Introduction to Items:

  • Demonstration: Pick up common items, like a spoon or cushion, and pronounce their names clearly.
  • Encouragement: Motivate your child to repeat the names.

Exploration and Participation:

  • Engagement: Guide your child to explore various items in the room, naming each.
  • Interactive Learning: Ask your child to find and bring specific items to you.

Game Variations:

  • ‘Seek and Find’: Turn the activity into a game by asking your child to search for particular items, like a ‘blue cup’ or a ‘soft pillow.’
  • Matching Game: Use images or drawings of household items and have your child match these to real objects.

Addressing Potential Concerns:

Difficulty in Object Recognition:

  • Solution: Start with very familiar objects and gradually introduce new ones.

Limited Engagement or Focus:

  • Solution: Use short activities and incorporate brightly colored or textured items to maintain interest.

Confusion with Items:

  • Solution: Reinforce learning with repetition and use simple cues like item functions or locations.

App help:

Enhance your little one’s learning journey with our special apps, Autism Basics and Speech Basics. These apps are like magical playmates that make learning super fun! Imagine your child exploring exciting activities that help them learn more.

The “Home” section of our Speech Basics App introduces your toddler to the essential items seen in daily life. This section helps the kid learn the pronunciation of those items along with some basic information about them. With the model-based teaching, the Speech Basics app makes learning engaging and fun! 


Ensuring a safe environment for exploration is paramount. Celebrate every effort your child makes, keeping the experience enjoyable and stress-free. ‘Home Item Hunt’ is more than an activity; it’s a journey of discovery and joy in the comfort of your home. Happy exploring!

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