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By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 27, 2021

The employees of an organization can be more productive only when they are engaged. The need for employee engagement arises from the fact that engaged employees feel committed towards the organization. The engaged employees of an organization, stay motivated and motivate others too to work efficiently. They create a positive work environment and keep it vibrant by putting in extra effort for the success of the organization. But for them to be so engaged, their habits at the work place are to be regularized. The work habits of the employees can influence their quality of work, which affects the success of the company.

Two employees discussing something
Two employees discussing something

Here are some important work-habits of successful people which when followed can tame the employees to be motivated towards success.


Time just passes off whether you do something productive or not. Be conscious about how you spend your time during your work hours so as to spend your time productively. Sometimes it’s ok not to be conscious when you take a break. But when you are allotting a considerable amount of time to something, it’s worth has to be verified.

Plan your time

Some people just keep doing things. But they lament that they should have done their works more effectively. For instance, you may plan your next week goals and even daily schedules, at the end of this week. Planning in advance, helps you finish the tasks in time. If you want to plan your working hours, you should first know how long would each task take to complete and how important it is to allot that certain time. Plan well to do well.

Don’t Go for a Bigger Tasks

Setting up big tasks and dreaming big can get you excited about your goal and make you over-ambitious. But it is likely to make you fail soon and that excitement drops. But when you can break your task into discrete sets which are achievable with an average effort then it would keep you going. Such planning allows easy accomplishment of task in simpler steps, which on the whole lets the total task complete in a really easier way than in the before case.

Avoid Wasting Your Time

The unnecessary time-taking things should be avoided. Writing mails is a similar kind of time taking work which captures most of your time if you fail to plan it properly. Meetings are the other time-consuming programs that sometimes are hard to avoid. But planning things in advance to discuss in meetings and wrapping up them quickly or skipping the meetings if unnecessary are the best things to do.

Practice Your Skills

Keep practicing your job skills, with the goal of improving. If practicing your skills can improve you and can save your time from getting wasted, you are using your time productively. This productive time can be used for some other purposes. In the while of practicing, you may also take the opinions of your friends and colleagues so as to minimize the time of presentation and avoid any unnecessary things. For practicing something is building a productive tomorrow.

An employee working at his office desk
An employee working at his office desk

Improve Your Career Capital

Though your job would be there with you someday or not, you will always be there with you. Work to improve your career capital. Along with earning money, make your mark. Your job should also involve your experiences, your knowledge, skills and relationships. Publish your work so that it has some visible and tangible outcomes. Sometimes writing a book or publishing a journal could help share your ideas with the next generation that continues your legacy.

Also, build your own circle and have some friends at work who are loyal to you. Try to help someone in need by providing references or extending some moral support so that you have certain people here too. Implementing all these changes in your life, your work hours become more productive, which fosters employee engagement.

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