I’m feeling so restless all the while, not knowing what happens next. What shall I do?

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 27, 2021

Whenever uncertainty arises and situations suffocate us with unclear tensions, we feel restless. In fact, we usually know what comes next as we may guess to some extent. But the present conditions like corona virus pandemic outbreak could make us worried a bit more than usual and this could escalate leading to high anxiety in us and our family members.

The compulsory shut down and the prevailing epidemic increasing the number of deaths, the shortage of supplies and the uncertainty of what happens tomorrow haunts us to end up in sleepless nights. People who are worried during such situations are more prone to mental health issues. It is highly recommended to talk to mental health experts to know how to cope with such tough times. Online psychological counseling could be your friend in such needs.

What does it do?

Being restlessness often springs from being exhausted emotionally, going through monotony and physical fatigue. This restlessness is likely to stop your thinking of going forward and makes you to compromise. Restlessness also affects your relationships making you prone to mood swings. This obviously throws you into complications making you further stressful.

A mother scolding the kid
A mother scolding the kid

Make attempts to come out of it by following some simple tips.

Open up

Open up about what’s going on your mind before your friends and family. Share your feelings and ideas to know that you are not alone. Similar thoughts might be experienced by others too. Realize how sharing your thoughts relieve you. Talk to your work colleagues during this time to keep the ball rolling. If you are working from home, set targets for each day and complete them within that certain time period.


Are you having some overwhelming feelings? Does everything that’s going around in the world make you worried much? Are you feeling the need to break down? Then, just cry out loud. Don’t feel embarrassed. Crying out could ease your pressure and tension that could have been tucked in.

You are important

Understand the importance of you being healthy both physically and mentally. For having a healthy lifestyle, do simple exercises at home and eat nutritious food. Maintain perfect sleep timings and food timings. Don’t lead a lethargic life as it would lead to negative thoughts. Spend time with your family and loved ones to make your day more meaningful.

Notice what you feel

Observe how your thinking is going. Are you taking everything in a pessimistic way? Does it feel like the end of the world? Watching the news all day and those escalating numbers can increase your anxiety. Mental health experts are saying that you should concentrate on the number of cases recovered but not on the number of deaths. So, it depends on how we look at it. Petty issues in the house could turn into huge arguments if our mental health affects the family affairs. So, watch your thoughts.

Be with you

Take some time for yourself. Spend some time alone either walking on the terrace on in the balcony, may be morning or evening. Have at least time for yourself and think about the positive happenings in your day. Have the feeling of being blessed when compared with many those who don’t have minimum essentials. Think of any social service you might want to do.

Enjoy Your Time

It is it only this time we all can probably have with family without worrying about the daily rush. So, enjoy every day being together. Celebrate the togetherness with your family and stay home. Don’t go out unless there’s an emergency. Think it as a great opportunity to have a full-fledged personal life. Rekindle your hobbies and try practicing them. Read good books and encourage positive thoughts.

A girl reading a book
A girl reading a book

Mental Health is more Important

Undergoing through uncertainty, leads to anxiousness and stress that might provoke you to be inclined to certain eating disorders like binge eating or emotional eating and the sleeping disorders with disturbance in sleep patterns. In order to deal with the psychological issues during this quarantine period, it is necessary to accept the existing conditions. As the situations around are a bit overwhelming, you cannot expect to have the maximum work capacity during this period. Problems like difficulty concentrating, low motivation and a state of distraction are to be expected while working from home.

Adaptation to the conditions and the ease of working from home, takes time. Give yourself certain time for this instead of doing self-criticism.
In case any of your loved ones is suffering from any kind of emotional disturbances during this quarantine period unknowing how to tackle their mental disturbances, never hesitate to call for help.
Online psychological counseling helps you to maintain sound mental health. Wellness Hub has a curated team of experienced, non-judgmental and empathetic psychologists that offer you professional services at your convenient time.

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