Does your Sleep swing your Moods? | Effect of Sleep on Relationships

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 27, 2021

Have you ever felt that sometimes simple things that are usually fine irritate you like hell? Sometimes we wonder what happened to everyone that they all make us feel angry and restless, suddenly everyone around us behave irresponsibly and leave us in a fit of pique. Well, it’s a common experience that everybody faces one day or the other. But what we fail to observe is that the second show movie that we watched till late night or the presentation you were preparing or taking care of crying child that might have cut short your sleep time could be the main reasons behind your irritability.

Yes, though you might have thought that you had managed your sleep, it wasn’t the case. Some people have sleep problems due to various kinds of health issues or emotional issues. Sleep therapy under the guidance of a consultant psychologist can be of great help for them. Online counseling provides a way to interact with the counselor of your choice.

In case, you are facing sleep problems though you are hale and healthy, reading this can show you some way. Lack of sleep is generally termed as “Sleep deprivation”. But, why are people deprived of sound sleep? Sleeping is the relaxation technique that our mind needs. When we feed our mind with negative thoughts and feelings, it just keeps whirling in that negative mood which in turn results in sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, this condition makes you more depressed and this becomes a vicious cycle.

Having said, on the contrary, having positive thoughts and positive mood, decreases sleep deprivation by calming down your mind and letting it to relax well. Just like any machine, our mind also needs rest to function properly.

A woman sleeping
A woman sleeping

Don’t Mess around

It’s common to feel restless when you are not rested enough. Restlessness results in bad mood. When you’re deprived of sleep, as you cannot concentrate enough with a cool mind, don’t do the following.

  • Don’t take up frustrating tasks
  • Avoid interacting with irritating people
  • Reduce social interaction
  • Don’t address on any controversial issues
  • Avoid dealing crucial tasks

To put short, avoid things that you can’t do unless you have a cool mind. In the sense, don’t talk with your boss about that promotion or try solving those complex problems that needs your full attention and don’t go for any arguments. Apart from the disturbed mind, people experience some sleep problems like insomnia and sleep apnea that result in disturbed sleep.

Sleep apnea is a condition in which an individual though sleeps fine, experiences shortage of breath in the middle of sleep and thus gets disturbed from the sleep. Though he sleeps again, such disturbances keep you from experiencing a full-fledged sound sleep for continuous 8 hours, which affects our mood. This sleeplessness takes a toll on both our thinking and behavior.

Depression and low mood also results in sleeplessness. When we think of what’s happening around or worry about the uncertainty that we could be facing, that gives a lot of mind work and makes you sleep deprived. When you are having endless thoughts and you feel depressed, it’s hard for you to have a peaceful sleep. If you haven’t slept enough, your mood is sure to play a role in your thinking and behavior. But what should you do in order to experience a sound sleep? For that, you actually need to get ready to sleep.

Are you ready to Sleep?

Are you tossing and turning with anxious thoughts in your brain? Then it might be that you are not ready to sleep. How well are you getting ready to sleep? Confused? Just read the tips below to know how it is done.

  • Maintain sleep and food timings perfectly
  • No-gadget at least one hour before going to bed
  • Read a book instead, if you want
  • Avoid the consumption of caffeine late in the evening
  • Reduce intake of sugars before your sleep time
  • Bathe well and put on fresh clothes before going to sleep
  • Maintain low light with curtains closed
  • Use clean and fresh bed sheets in the bedroom
  • Use a mild floral fragranced room spray

It is not just about our physical willingness, but we should also be mentally ready to sleep.

A man watching TV at night
A man watching TV at night

For being mentally ready, one needs to do the following.

  • Put off your worries before coming into bedroom
  • Don’t sleep without solving an argument in head
  • Try getting temporary solutions that won’t bother you
  • Tell yourself that you will think about it tomorrow if you really have to
  • Try doing meditation for 15 minutes before sleeping
  • Practice relaxation techniques like breathing exercises
  • Listen to some slow and pleasant music that relaxes you
  • Remember only pleasant things that bring you a smile
  • Stop tossing and turning in bed when you lie down to sleep

Follow the tips for a peaceful sleep to keep your mind active and to feel refreshed. Relaxing well helps your mind rejuvenate and refresh that keeps you going.

The problems like anxiety, depression and low mood are treatable. The quality of sleep can be improved when such issues are treated. Talk to your psychologist about your sleep issues and get a sleeping therapy done. Having a sound sleep not only helps you in lessening your mental health issues but also keeps you active all day long. Wellness hub has a team of experienced professionals who are friendly, empathetic and non-judgmental that guides you through those emotional hurdles and makes you fully-functional.

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