How Can I help Someone if they have Suicide on mind?

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 27, 2021

Life is a mixture of various experiences. Most of them are what we make and some of them are that happen to us. However, the thought of ending such a beautiful life suddenly at some point of time for some reason is the sign of weakness and timidity. If the strength pulled up to commit suicide is acted upon finding a way out of the problem, no one would die. In fact, suicide is a decision mostly made while undergoing an overwhelming sadness.

Professional psychological counselors are trained experts that can help people deal with their emotional issues in their daily life. Taking the help of such an expert can help anyone out of such stupid thoughts. Talking to someone would help the person in need and distress. If you find someone in such a condition, never hesitate to help them. To know how, read ahead.

A man depicting suicide
A man depicting suicide

Reasons Could be Many

The reasons for someone to think about suicide could be many. Even though the world around them disapproves them on moral or religious grounds, they feel that it is the pain that is understood only by them. They feel that the only way to not to let the problem hurt them is to commit suicide. The problems could vary depending upon their age, socio-economic factors, relationship status and other personal and health-related issues.

People having terminal illnesses may choose to end their lives rather than living with that enduring pain or the thought of death haunting them. Some people being unable to fight with their problems, or when they feel that their social status got affected badly, choose to end their lives. Over-thinking, depression, and severe stress can tend people think in that way.

Watch out for Warning signs

If the thoughts of suicide creep into someone’s mind, we can observe some warning signs that could indicate what their thinking is leading them to. These are the signs of them thinking about suicide.

  • Recognize the Danger Signs
  • Statements mentioning that he or she has no strong reasons to live
  • Agitation or excitement followed by a period of calm resignation
  • Sudden efforts to give away valued possessions to others.
  • Statements like, “I don’t want to be a burden anymore”
  • Revival from a deeply depressed state, coupled with apparent leave-taking

These can be the dangerous signs that someone might show when they have suicidal tendencies in mind.

Myths Vs Realities

There are myths about suicides that are popular in the world and not learning the reality could let us end up in a mishap. Let’s have a look at them as many of them are not true. Every suicide threat should be taken seriously. Our assumptions might cost a life!

Myth 1: Those who threaten to kill themselves would rarely do so and those who commit suicide will do it silently.
Reality: It was found that in nearly 70 percent of the suicide cases, they talked about their intentions. If someone mentions about suicide, don’t be afraid to discuss it.

Myth 2: If suicides are discussed, it would only make the situation worse.
Reality: when suicides are discussed, one can realize how foolish decision it could be. Encouraging people to talk about their problems, will lighten their burden and being open to solutions can be really helpful for them.

Myth 3: If someone tries to commit suicide, leave them alone; otherwise that thought would infect you.
Reality: If such someone is left alone, he or she might try to do it again. Instead, supporting them emotionally, showing them a solution or taking them to a professional expert might help them be well.

Unrealistic Goals

Unrealistic goals often make people depressed and feel them to be fit-for-nothing-good. This can provoke suicide tendencies in them. When people get depressed blaming themselves for their failure because of not reaching their unrealistic goals, discourage them from doing so. Many people attempt committing suicide because they feel that they failed in reaching their standards. Help people with such patterns to realize that overly high standards are so unrealistic that no one could hope to measure up to

Suicide is mostly a solitary act that should be identified to stop from happening. Only with vague symptoms do people get to know that someone might be having such thing in mind. If you find any of your friends or relatives in such state, don’t leave them alone. If you cannot stay with the individual, get others to help or bring along the depressed friend or relative along wherever you go.

Though it’s a false alarm, getting alerted at such a thing would be better than missing the chance of saving one life. It’s far better to get worried or concerned to nothing than to look the other way while a tragedy occurs. So, if you are concerned about somebody, get some professional help. Call a local suicide helpline if you feel the danger could so immediate, otherwise it would be better to consult a psychologist nearby.

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