Deleted all Social Media Last Night and felt like a Huge Weight Lifted off | Social Media Detox

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 27, 2021

If you have ever tried to delete all your social media accounts, very much willingly, I’m sure you would savor that lighter feeling of having lots of weight off your head. That’s really relaxing, which just can’t be explained! Of course, it happens to anyone who really tries doing so. Are you the one who’s struggling to unplug and experience that freeness but are unable to stop yourself from jumping on every petty notification you get? Well, Psychologists say that online counselling could be your one-stop solution to help you cope up with the challenge of social media detoxing that you might want to take. Give it a try for yourself.

There could be many reasons or maybe no reason but buying some peace, for keeping yourself away from social media. While it is this digital world that dictates our interests and choices, it is also the same that makes us addicts to those unseen shackles. You might be thinking that you have all the control over yourself and you can quit using your smartphone whenever you want. But it’s nothing like that. It has crept long way and occupied a larger space in your mind, already.

What is Social media doing to you?

Just think on how your day starts and what you do when you are free and what you usually do before you close your eyes to sleep. The most probable answer shall be like looking at your phone and checking for notifications, right? Well, that’s what most of the young generation, in fact a kind-of-addicts do. Are you thinking on what else can be done other than that? Hmm, it depends on what best thing you choose to do. Yes, of course.

It mostly becomes a routine to think what others might say before you act according to your will. Giving importance to others opinions could bother you a lot. Building up a social image and maintaining will be your highest challenge, each and every day. Emotional problems are faced when you encounter trolls, unnecessary exposure through media and face comments. It takes a toll on your mental health.

Being unable to face as you are and struggling to fit in the mould others see you in could be a big task. It sometimes could also result in self-hatred when validation through social media is taken seriously, and this highly affects your self-confidence.

An anxious frustrated woman
An anxious frustrated woman

Anxiety and stress increase a lot because of this vicious web. Eating problems like eating too much or too little and lack of sleep are the additional gifts of this habit. If you ready to see what can be done without it, take a challenge of digital detox.

In that Case, What happens?

Are you worried on who says what and what you need to answer on the need to stay away from social media? People like friends and connections start to question if there’s something wrong with your digital life. “What happened?” “Was it by accident?” “Something must have happened tell me” “Did they delete your account?” “When will you start over again?” “C’mon, it’s fun. Why are you doing this?” “Are you disturbed by any trolls or comments?” etc. etc. are the questions you might hear. But if you really want to stay away from social media and experience real life, make a standard line ready to explain your social media absence and avoid long conversations on that.

Know how to deal with this gap

The dopamine boost that the social media offers you is hard to get off and you might also have paranoia that there’s much that is happening all over the world, without you knowing anything about it. But try to keep your calm and understand the “friends” you lose when you delete your social media accounts are just online versions or the real ones. Be prepared that the numerous connections that you have online will be plummeted to just a few numbers when you get offline by deleting. At the same time, try to identify that difference by analyzing what is really needed for you. Some might appreciate your decision and might follow you and do the same.

Without social media accounts, you may still have access to news, to read content on other sites that allow, and to pick what is really necessary for you, by limiting your screen time. Are you missing your friend’s vacation pictures or your cousin’s wedding pictures shared on social media? Give your email id and see how they care to make sure those pictures reach to you. Feels special, right? Try making a call and have meaningful conversations rather than “attendance-like” participation in group chats. Find solutions that are convenient to both the parties.

When you are currently not in search of a job, those job postings are also of no use, for you are missing nothing literally. In case, your job work demands your social media presence, try to cut down the social media commitments that you have been taking up till now. If you are reconsidering entering into social media again after a good gap, you know where to stop this as you already know what made you over-whelming, previously.

What do you get?

In case, you are wondering what you can gain if you keep yourself away from social media, try for a week to know. Also, check if you are doing well in keeping yourself away from scrolling through that feed, while having conversations. Instead of maintaining eye-contact with the person you are speaking to, if you are doing it with your phone, you are unknowingly conveying a message that the phone is more important for you than that person.

It takes a lot to cut the cords! You never how much real life you are missing, if you cannot ever dare to stay away from your smart phone. By doing so, you need not watch or read stories from people and react to them, nor need you to compare yourself to your bestie who’s enjoying a vacation or envy those pics. After a certain time, doing without social media will no longer make you feel like a challenge but a choice.
Are you struggling to take such step though you wish to? Do you need help in getting detox of social media life? Wellness Hub has a curated list of experienced professionals that are ready to offer you professional psychological help to make a better you. Log on to Wellness hub and book an appointment to have a holistic wellness of your mental health, today.

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