How to Care for Your Kids’ Mental health during Pandemic Outbreak?

By Prapoorna M

Last Updated: November 27, 2021

A never experienced compulsory shut down of all the offices, schools, parks, hotels, malls and what not every center that we all used to roam with much freedom, has already started developing some tension running all through the day. But, how would kids cope up with such situations and how are they going to understand all the tension prevailing in the world? What effect will this put on their mental health status and how long will it impact them?

These are the main concerns the central health and family welfare department is throwing some light on. Let’s see what can be done to help kids go through this phase without their mental health getting affected. However, it’s always a great idea to consult your psychologist at such tough times. Opting for online counselling would help you fulfil your need while being at remote access.

Know how to deal with your kids

“A kid is not a vase to be filled but a fire to be lit” says a famous quote. They are active thinkers. They have numerous thought running in their head during these tough situations the world is facing. Have patience and face them with calm mind. Never disappoint them when they approach you.

A lady teaching Abacus to a child
A lady teaching Abacus to a child

Answer them patiently

Answer to your kid’s unlimited twisted questions so patiently by letting they speak up their mind. Give relevant and clear answers but do not to tease them. Their questions could seem silly to you, but they might have some serious thoughts inside their heads. So, never disappoint them.

Observe them

Observe their emotions while they express their doubts and concerns. Understand their delicate feelings to know what they must be going through. There could be a hell lot of confusions, questions, concerns, worries, and expressions in their little brains which must be affecting their mental health. Studies say that children who have unexplained worries during childhood can have anxiety disorders when they grow up.

Keep them Worry-free

At the same time, don’t narrate the number of raising cases and deaths to them and don’t even discuss such issues seriously when kids are around. Also, watching news all the while makes everyone in the home anxious. If you feel it is important, just watch for ten minutes a day and spend the remaining time worry-free. In fact, knowing the number of deaths increases negativity inside you, while discussing the cases recovered, increases positive thoughts that it can be healed. The anxiousness that parents feel due to such negative thoughts, gets induced in children. This is not at all good for their psychological health.

Know what to do

Knowing what to do when kids are around all the time helps you to take care of their mental health. Spread positivity in the house with your words and deeds. Make them involve in cleaning the house. Explain the importance of cleanliness and washing the hands. Sanitize your house and let them do their part.

Explain the Situations

Explain the prevailing situations to them. Tell them about the corona virus and how it spreads. Explain its protein form and the need to wash hands frequently. Take the help of pictures, if needed. They will take necessary precautions and follow instructions if they understand the importance of situation. Explain why they can’t go out Tell them what happens if they go out. Explain about social distancing. Let them know the consequences of getting close to the people outside, transfer of virus and the problems they could encounter, thereafter. Once they understand, they won’t go out.

Be With Them

Being with them for most of the time makes them have a secure feeling that a family provides. This builds the positive vibes and improves communication and connection between your family members. Spend quality and focus on their needs Spend some quality time with your kids. They might have wished so long for being with you, playing with you, and learning new things from you. Give them all the time you can, for you may again fall into your busy schedule once this time passes.

Stories and lullabies help them sleep better

Children could become restless because of all that’s happening in the world. Let them sleep for more time than usual. Try to tell them nice moral stories or sing lullabies to put them to sleep that give them a soothing sound sleep.

A little girl sleeping
A little girl sleeping

Focus on their Needs

Children have varied needs and they may not always explain them. Some children hesitate while children don’t know what they really need. Think and act appropriately. Listen to them patiently.

Never be impatient with them

This pandemic outbreak might be bringing you tensions and you might be already worried with a lot of things that needs your attention. But still, try to have a smooth talk with your kids. Never be harsh with them, especially during this period. Never lose your patience and shout on them. Such things could affect their mental health.

Help them have a better time

Make them talk with friends and relatives thru video or phone calls. Make arrangements for kids to play at home. You may give small puzzles for them to solve. Introducing new crafts, yoga or dance would also be good. Encouraging them to learn new things would divert their mind. Also, don’t let them stop their studies as schools are shut down. Ask them to practice old textbooks by giving them surprise tests. Let them brush up on their basics, for example, tables and formulae in Mathematics.

Be with them and help them to complete their assignments, if any, given by the school online or by phone. Don’t let them forget their studies in the heat of all this.

If you are still worried on what to do and how to manage your kids’ mental health, opting for online counseling with expert psychologists could help you and your family to a great extent. Wellness Hub has a curated list of experienced psychologists that are empathetic, non-judgmental and friendly. Log on to Wellness Hub to book an appointment, today.

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