What They Do

The main job of the sociologists is to study the social behaviour and society in which people live by way of examining cultures, groups, social institutions, organizations and various processes which develop when the individuals interact and work with one another.

What are the duties performed by Sociologists?
1. As the name indicates, sociologists are involved in designing research projects that will help in testing theories related to social issues and matters.
2. They are actively engaged in collection of data by way of interviews, observations and survey methods.
3. They then are actively involved in the analysis of the data and drawing conclusions from the same.
4. They then prepare presentations, reports as well as articles wherein they detail all their research findings.
5. Sometimes, they collaborate with fellow sociologists or social scientists and policymakers to tackle different sociological matters and issues.

Sociologists are involved in studying the human interactions and behaviors in smaller context as well as larger contexts. These contexts involve economic, social and political forces. They keenly observe the activities of the people in all these groups; identify their origin and the growth path too. They employ qualitative and quantitative methods while they are conducting research and make use of statistical analysis programs too in the process.

Sociological research is used by social workers, lawmakers, educators and administrators in order to solve a myriad range of social issues and also come up with the ideal public policies. That is why the sociologists specialize in a gamut range of topics pertaining to the society and they encompass health, population, poverty, gender, education, crime, aging, and families, ethnic and racial relations.

Those sociologists who undergo specialization in crime are called penologists or criminologist. These professionals put all their sociological knowledge into conducting research and analyzing the penal systems. They are also involved in studying the etiology of crime and the effects it brings about.

People who have done their master’s in sociology generally become high school teachers or post-secondary teachers. They also become good demographers, statisticians, survey researchers or policy analysts.

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