Biochemists And Biophysicists

What They Do

These professionals are involved in studying chemical and physical properties and principles in the living things. They concentrate on the various biological and physiological processes that include cell development, growth, disease and heredity.

What are the duties of biochemists and biophysicists?
Here are the typical duties performed by biochemists and biophysicists:
1. Their thrust area is applied research. So, they are actively engaged in planning and conducting complex experiments and projects in both basic as well as applied areas.
2. They are also actively engaged in management of the laboratory teams and monitoring of the same in order to ensure smooth flow of work and also ascertain the quality of work too.
3. Their main job is in the isolation, analysis, and synthesis of proteins, DNA, fats and various other molecules.
4. They are engaged in researching the effects different substances have on the biological processes and the tissues. The substances may be hormones, nutrients or drugs.
5. They also try to keep abreast of the latest research that is ongoing in the current arena. They do so by attending conferences, presenting papers and reviewing others’ research work as well.
6. They are involved actively in writing research papers, preparing technical reports based on the findings they arrive at in their research.
7. The findings in the research are submitted and shared wherever relevant.

These professionals work with advanced technologies in order to conduct their research work, experiments and analysis. They work with fluorescent microscopes, x-rays, lasers, computer modeling software and other instruments in order to ascertain the structures of the molecules and proteins in three dimensional manners. Both the professionals are actively engaged in basic as well as applied research. The former research is conducted without any known application of the research outcome. The main aim of this basic research is only to add more to the human knowledge base. The latter is conducted with a specific goal to find a solution to a problem.

Biochemists are involved in researching the molecular mechanisms which help the cells in feeding, dividing and growing. Some others are involved in understanding the genetic aspects that are carried through generations.

Biophysicists are engaged in conducting research to find out how proteins work and how communication exists between nerve cells. Whether it is a biochemist or a biophysicist, they need to submit their research proposal and grants proposal to the concerned authorities in order to get funding for the research they propose to undertake.

The main aim of these professionals is to better the quality of life of people through development of appropriate products through good scientific research. They concentrate more on coming up with tests that are helpful in detecting genetic disorders, infections and other diseases at the right time. They are also involved in investigating alternative fuels and also come up with means and ways that will help in protecting the environment.

Biochemistry specialization also opens the doors into becoming professors at the college/university levels.

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