Writers And Authors

What They Do

The main duty of writers and authors is to come up with content for books, serials, magazines, television scripts, movie scripts, advertisements, songs and various other platforms.

What are the duties of Writers and Authors?
1. Identify those topics that would captivate the interest of readers.
2. Come up with perfect scripts, biographies and novels and other fictional items.
3. Research on topics to arrive at factual and authentic details.
4. Present the drafts to clients and editors to gain feedback.
5. Work along with clients and editors to make the material ready for publishing.
6. Come up with engaging advertising copies for broadcasts, magazines, newspapers and the web.

Writers need to make a niche for themselves with the readers as well as the editors by way of their work. They need to provide the right citations and sources. They need to intelligently put across the point to the readers and make an emphatic impression on their minds through their writings.

With writing for the web on the rise, there are quite a number of writers who are working as freelance writers. They are basically self employed and work for different organizations, news agencies or advertising agencies or television producers. Freelance writers are also in popular demand as they can be hired only for specific projects and if their work is considered good, they get recurring assignments.

Here are the various roles that the writers and authors fit into:
1. Biographers: They are adept at writing intense accounts of any specific person’s life. They do so by gathering all the relevant information about the person from reliable sources and compile all the details to make an interesting read.
2. Copywriters: They work towards preparing ads that help in sales promotions of products, services or goods. They work in conjunction with the clients in order to come up with the perfect content like jingles, slogans and ad themes.
3. Bloggers: These writers write for the blogs on the web on specific topics or niche.
4. Novelists: These writers engage in writing fiction and also create plots and characters that are either based on real events or imaginary events.
5. Playwrights: These writers come up with scripts exclusively for theatrical productions. The writers come up with a concept and then get the entire play enacted on the stage with the appropriate theatre set designs.
6. Journalists: These writers are mostly into writing reports on a range of current events and they are attached to a few news agencies to deliver write-ups from time to time.
7. Screenwriters: These writers are actively engaged in providing scripts for television serials and movies. They may lift the idea from a book and write it as a movie script or serial script. Sometimes, they may also write for radio broadcasts.
8. Songwriters: These writers work exclusively on writing lyrics as per the music for serials and films. They also work with ad agencies to come up with the right slogans and jingles to create the right ad campaign for a business.

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