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Physical therapists or physiotherapists are involved in helping people suffering from illness manage with different kinds of pain. The physiotherapists are a part of rehabilitation program, a treatment plan and prevention of painful conditions in patients who are suffering from chronic illnesses, injuries or diseases.

What are the duties of Physical Therapists?
Here are the duties that physical therapists perform:
1. They review the medical history of patients that has come from surgeons, doctors or healthcare professionals or any referrals.
2. They diagnose the functioning and movement of the problem areas of the patients by listening to the details the patients have to share.
3. They understand that each patient is unique and hence come up with individualized plans that will cater to the specific needs of the patients. They will outline the goals of the treatment and the outcome too.
4. They will employ exercises, hands-on therapy, equipment and a few stretching maneuvers which will ease the pain of patients and help them in improving their mobility. These exercises will also prevent any further damage to the problem area and thereby facilitating greater health and wellness.
5. They will keep a close monitoring on the progress that the patient is making with the treatment plan and modify the same if there is a necessity.
6. Their job also includes educating the patient and his family too regarding the expectations of the entire treatment process and recovery. They are informed about how they need to cope with a range of challenges they may face through the process.

Physiotherapists offer their services to all age groups, to people who are having issues relating to functionalities starting from back to neck. They may be suffering from neurological disorders, amputations, arthritis, fractures, sprains and strains, cerebral palsy, injuries that are related to sports and work and a myriad range of other conditions.

These professionals are educated in a range of techniques to apply them while working on the patients. Mostly, the techniques include exercises. Along with that there is training provided in functional movement to the patients and the patients may make use of some equipment like crutches, walkers, canes, and wheelchairs. The exercises also involve movements of muscles and joints and the soft tissue which will help in reduction of pain and improvement of movement.

The work of the physiotherapist differs from patient to patient. A patient who is recovering from mobility issues after suffering a stroke will need different kind of care when compared to a patient who is recovering from work related or sports related injury. There is every chance that a few of the physiotherapists will specialize in a specific type of treatment procedure. Geriatrics and orthopedics are such examples. These professionals also come up with programs that improve fitness and wellness of the patients through exercises and customized treatment plans. Their main duty is to bring in active lifestyles and healthier life styles to the patients.

Physiotherapists are generally a part of a team of healthcare professionals and also have physical therapist assistants whose work they oversee. They also consult with surgeons and physicians to arrive at the perfect treatment plan.

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