Marriage And Family Therapists

What They Do

Given the kind of stress and strain that couples are going through in marriage, there is a surge in the demand for marriage and family therapists who become the beacon of light for people in a troublesome marriage. These professionals help people in overcoming emotional and mental disorders that are a result of family and marital relations. The therapist listens to whatever the clients have to say and also helps them develop effective strategies that will help them cope with their existing situation in a better manner.

What are the duties of Marriage and Family Therapist?
Here are the duties that a typical marriage and family therapist would perform:
1. Diagnose the emotional and mental disorders like anxiety and depression that people may fall prey to and come up with a pertinent treatment plan.
2. Facilitate such a situation that the clients are willing to pour out their experiences uninhibited.
3. Show them the right direction in which they could tackle tough situations like layoffs or divorce.
4. Provide adequate support when they are crucial decisions related to their future.
5. Help them develop strategies to cope with tough situations.
6. Refer the troubled individuals to community or self help groups or support groups to get better treatment facilities.

There are numerous tools that these therapists use in order to provide help to the clients. CBT…cognitive behavior therapy is one which gives the patients an insight into what is actually going on with them. It also helps in bringing about more positive and life enhancing feelings. The therapist uses this technique to help his patients overcome damaging behaviors and unwanted thoughts and then replace them successfully with productive thoughts. The marriage and family therapists may work in a government setup or have a private practice.

Mental health counselors and Marriage and family therapists have similar roles to play. Both offer help and treatment to individuals, couples as well as families. Where few of the counselors work with a specific kind of a population, say college students or children a few others may work with couples alone. Whatever be the role these professionals play and whichever group they counsel, they help people deal with a range of issues related to depression, anxiety, self esteem, grief, addiction, substance abuse and suicidal impulses.

These counselors can coordinate their treatment with other professionals like social workers or psychiatrists who will also be able to give a different perspective to the individual case. The role of a counselor therefore is one of great challenge as it involves tackling the psyche of different kinds of people.

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